Spirited Away Film Reviews

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Class 3’s Literacy Activity

For today’s Literacy lesson, you will be writing a review of Spirited Away for other children who visit this blog. Spirited Away isn’t a very well known film, so it would be great for people to be able to read your reviews of this film.

Parrots – Steps to success:

  • Include a paragraph about: the storyline, your favourite part, your favourite character and a recommendation with score.
  • Make your review interesting and lively for the reader.
  • It may be written in a chatty style and include some humour.
  • Include figurative language for the descriptions of exciting parts in the film. (Metaphors, similes and personification)
  • Include complex sentences. (however, although, despite)
  • Write in paragraphs.

Snow Leopards & Rabbits – Steps to success:

  • Include a paragraph about the storyline and your favourite part.
  • Include information about your favourite character and who you would recommend it for.  You could include a score for the film too!
  • Make your review interesting for the reader.
  • Include exciting descriptions of the parts that you enjoyed. (Use adjectives and similes)
  • Include some compound sentences (You could include one complex sentences using the word however, although or despite).
  • Write in paragraphs.

Golden Eagles & Dogs- Steps to success:

  • Include a paragraph about: the storyline, your favourite part, your favourite character and a recommendation with score.
  • Make your review interesting for the reader
  • Use capital letters and full stops.
  • Use connectives to link your ideas.
  • Try to group your writing into paragraphs.

24 thoughts on “Spirited Away Film Reviews

  1. Good morning Class 3! I cannot wait to read your film reviews of Spirited Away. Remember to show off with your writing. Have a great day! 😎

  2. I tried to include good vocabulary Mr McCann and I hope you enjoy reading it.
    P.S: I can’t wait to hear what our class is doing for literacy today!

  3. Mr.mcCann sorry to bother you but please may you put a link for are ‘Spirited away reviews!’ I have been wondering were they are meant to go? Thank you ever so much -Mercedes 🙂

    1. Hi Mercedes. The spirited away reviews will go on the home page in the spirited away post. You will see it has a slideshow. Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Once a girl called chihro was moveing house but chihro didn’t like to move house . Chihro felt miserable because she was missing her friends meanwhile her parents were loveing it. Chihro’s dad took what he thought was a shortcut. Suddenly they came to a stop because of a small stachu in the middle of the short road. They saw a tunnel chihro was scared of the tunnel on the other hand her parents wanted to go in. Amazingly when they go through the tunnel every thing changes.

    After a few seconds, Chihro’s parents were speeding ahead of her. Soon her dad was smelling something. Thanks to her dad’s incredible smelling they were next to a food shack. She explored more. She found a boy and he told her to go. She went to go check on her parents but they had turned into something unimaginable.

  5. Film review on ‘ Spirited Away!’
    A young shy girl called Chihiro was moving house, her dad finds a mysterious passageway to a theam park. When it turns night time, Chihiro finds a young boy called Haku he tells her to go straight back home immediately, with her parents. Chihiro runs back to her parents and finds out they are pigs! Chihiro runs to were she once stood with her parents, but it had turned into plain water, so she couldn’t go back home… When Chihiro see’s some black and dark figures she then relises that she is in a fantasy world! Throughout, this film Chihiro and Haku are best of friends. Chihiro has to solve a tricky challenge to get back home… When Chihiro finds a job from ubab, ubab a changes her name to Sine, Chihiro doesn’t like this name, as she soon finds out it changes her life dramaticly!
    By Mercedes!

    1. Great review Mercedes! 2tp. You have explained the storyline, although try not to give too much away about the film.

        1. Well done Mercadies I liked the part when you said that her new name changed her life dramatically. From Pollyanna

  6. A film review of Spirited Away by Evie L.

    A girl named Chihiro and her family are moving house. They passed Chihiro’s new school and she stuck her tongue out. Soon they came across a tunnel and they decided to go through. It took them into a fantasy world.
    Chihiro’s parents found some cafes and sat down at one. Meanwhile, Chihiro wandered off and met a boy called Haku. He warned her to go home. When Chihiro returned to her parents, they had been turned into pigs by the witch Yubaba. Chihiro was trapped in this strange place.
    Finally, she had to play a game and guess which pigs were her parents. She guessed that none of them were, and so Yubaba changed her parents back into humans. Then they went home.
    My favourite part was when the sister of Yubaba, Zaniba, says to No face “well done,” in a kind voice. I didn’t like when Yubaba turned Chihiro’s parents into pigs. My favourite character is Chihiro.
    I would recommend this film for 7 year olds and above. This is about 89% out of 100.

  7. A film review of spirited away by Tiffany.

    Storyline: This film is about a young girl called Chihiro who lived With her family. Throughout the film you will discover that Chihiro comes across life changing obstacles. However there is one challenge that only a miracle would solve the problem. Chihiro meets good and bad characters, some help her and some make things worse.

    What I liked best: I liked the part when all chihiro’s problems are solved.
    What I didn’t like: there is not much in this film that I didn’t enjoy.

    Favourite character: Chihiro because she inspires me with her bravery!

    1. Hello class 3, just want to wish you a very happy Easter and hope you are enjoying stuffing Easter eggs in your mouth as much as I am! I am having a great time and so far my day has been filled with surprises! 😎

  8. My film review of spirited away by Evie.p

    Chihiro a young shy girl was moving house but wanted to stay at her old school and she is very sad. Her parents take the wrong route and find a entrance to a abandoned theam park. At night a boy named haku tells her to go home, Once Chihiro had ran to her parents she found out they were pigs. She also finds out she is trapped in a world full of spirits and magic. Chihiro finds a lot of friends on her way like haku and a spirit called no face. Ubaba (the evil one ) wants to stop Chihiro saving her parents. Even though Ubaba steals Chihiros name and turns int into Sen, she is still brave enough to save her parents. Through the film you will find out that Chihiro changes from being shy to really brave.

    I liked all of the film because it was humorous. My favourite part was when no face was sick in the hall way and then went excuse me. Also I liked the bit when Chihiro was on the steps going slowly and the went flying down then she smacked her face on the wall. My favourite character is Chihiro because she is very funny in almost all the film. I would give it a score of 100% because I like it so much. I would recommend it for 6 years and over.

  9. There was once a shy little girl called chihiro, herself and her family were moving house. She had to move school although she liked her old school.Then her dad had spotted a track that led them somewhere. It was a small track but they went on the track and when they had got to the end of this mysterious track… they had spotted a tunnel so they went through and it led them to an abandon theme park then they smelt some food and then they went to see where the smell was coming from and they had found where that lovely smell was coming from and the mum was eating some chicken. Then her mum said”chihiro you have to have some come on chihiro.” Then chihiro said ” no we’re going to get in trouble.

    Then there adventure begins.

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