Dragon Adventures!

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Enter into our Viking world of adventure, where you can learn the secrets of dragon taming and training.

Read our exciting stories and you will enter a world of Vikings, dragons and adventures….if you dare!

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    Millions of miles from any sort of civilisation, stood an inhospitable island. Where rocks jutted out and just looked like they wanted to kill you. Nothing was friendly about this island and the people who lived there were no exception. They were called the Vikings and they were the most fearsome, violent and cold blooded people you will ever meet. The island just so happened to be called Berk.

    Every once in a while they were visited by what they called enemies (dragons)- yes dragons. Vikings would pull out all the stops- just for a dragon kill. Except for one, Aurther, he was one of those puny Vikings who would much rather run and scream for his life.

    One day Aurther was so fed up of working in the Blacksmiths that he set out on a quest to find a … Hellnight. The Hellnight is the most feared dragon of all and it is so rare that no form of mankind has ever seen it. Until Aurther stumbled through the dense wood and the knarled roots of the moss screaming trees and he SHOUTED So loud with joy that his voice box nearly exploded (of course no one would believe him).

    “It must have been abandoned by the other dragons,” muttered Aurther. So he took it home and the dragon didn’t really care, in fact he liked it and their friendship formed instantly. Aurther started to train the dragon for battle, and like all good trainers would do he put a target in front of the beast and expected it to breath out fire but instead through gaps on its back spikes ascended into place. And the dragon went full steam ahead like a battering ram into the target. Now Aurther had discovered his secret weapon he invited Harston over to show off his fine catch.
    Then Harston showed up and noted,” Have you named him yet?”.
    “No” replied Aurther
    Harston said, “I’ve got a name spiky”
    And Aurther being clumsy he said
    “I’ve got an even better name Spiky!”.
    Harston sighed.
    Later they were both riding Spiky and in amongst the dagger like mountain the evil dragons were stirring up one of their twisted plans. Like a fortuitous beast, Spiky stalked the dragons finding out that they were going to ambush during the night because they usually attacked broad daylight. They hurried back and told Stewic The Strong the leader of the tribe. He didn’t believe them.

    However as expected the dragons did come and veils of fire were covering everything as far as the eye could see. A thick blanket of smoke covered the village. Spiky then used his spikes on the evil dragons; the same way as he did on the target. It was like a hole punch but on the dragons skin.

    With one final throw of a sword Aurther’s sword flew and dug right into the evil king dragon’s heart. The others went wild with celebration. And that was the last of the fighting because soon after that dragons became man’s best friend.


  2. How to Train Your Dragon

    Thousands of miles from the mainland a remote island sits ominously. There were never old houses here only new; the reason for this is… DRAGONS!
    These mighty airborne pests …not so much visit but attack, daily! If you’re thinking about new land don’t come to the island of Berk.

    To live on the island of Berk you must be as fearless as the dragons themselves. All of the dragons on this island are fearless; they would always go in for the kill. All except one puny Viking: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third. This island is destined for destruction, even though it is heavily protected. Hiccup is the worst Viking known to Viking kind.

    Bored of standing around sharpening swords all night, Hiccup suddenly raced out of the door with his ‘latest contraption’ the dragon trapper 2000; he built during his hundreds of days at the boring blacksmiths.
    It was a stormy night so Hiccup thought the night fury would show … After a while he noticed a sudden flash so he clumsily fired.
    Missing he screamed, “I can’t have missed!”
    “Well you did!” Boulder (who was Hiccup’s idle) murmured.
    After that tragic fail, the next night he had another go…
    “I succeeded … Yes!” screeched Hiccup.

    After all that bellowing, Hiccup caught the attention of some not so friendly airborne pests. When Gobber, the head of Blacksmiths, noticed he was gone he told Stoak the leader, who just managed to save him from a ferocious dragon.

    The next day, Hiccup returned with two fish, oh and of course Boulder. He explained one was a night fury and the other a monstrous nightmare. Boulder snatched a fish swiftly and headed for the nightmare. This left Hiccup with the night-fury! As he stepped up he noticed it was in fact Toothless so that’s what he decided to call it.

    The next day, after naming and training both dragons they set off on a test flight. During this amazing adventure the temperature, as they entered a dingy cave. Toothless suddenly stopped! In the centre of the cave lay an enormous dragon. As they stepped forward, Boulder mentioned it was in fact a ‘screaming death.’ Scared by the mentioning of a rare species of dragon, Hiccup unsheathed his dagger. Before he had finished unsheathing his dagger both dragons were flying as fast as lightning towards the exit. Boulder screamed…

    Just managing to escape, they both went back to the village casually. The next day hiccup woke to Toothless missing so he used the monstrous nightmare called Spartacus to get to wherever his dad was. In the end Hiccup found his dad attacking the Screaming death. By the time he had reached the beach the battle was taking place Toothless had escaped. Knowing he could use Toothless, Hiccup jumped onto toothless’ back leaving Spartacus for Boulder.

    Taking hundreds of shots Toothless was becoming tired. “Come on Toothless,” encouraged Hiccup. Too worn out to avoid a shot Toothless got hit taking down Hiccup. Every, Viking knew Hiccup so they all stood in tears because of Hiccups tragic last appearance.
    Suddenly Toothless shook and lifted his wing to reveal Hiccup resting with only bruises and scratches.

    Since then dragons haven’t been enemies, only friends.

    The End

    By Liam Slesser

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