Fantasy Journey Stories – October 2014

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  1. The last poppy

    Once upon a time in a land far far away a group of people lived in a rain forest, but one of their number wasn’t there…

    Flip and her companion, a tiger called Tigger were making their way across colossal grasslands, where dangerous snakes meander looking for prey and fierce lions prowl protecting their pride. Flip and Tigger were setting out on a dangerous mission to the high mountain. It had all started when…

    Their precious friends and family were getting ill, very ill. A dangerous life threatening illness had spread through the forest striking its victims whenever and wherever it could. Flip had volunteered at once to go to the high mountain to fetch the only antidote, the last red poppy. So here she was venturing on a dangerous quest.

    First thing the next morning, Flip and Tigger continued across the vast rustling brown and dying grass as they hadn’t had rain in a long time. Flip felt something around her ankles and froze. She stood stone still thinking of what it could be. “It must be a grass snake!” Flip wondered as they saw it meander its way through the grass. She took a deep breath and sighed. With that she swung up on to Tigger’s back, but little did she know that that wasn’t a grass snake and it wasn’t the last time they would come across one. Tigger trotted on through the empty grassland.

    Half a days travel later, Flip and Tigger reached the edge of the grassland. They had covered one third of their travel to the high mountain and had reached the vast lake (A.K.A the black lake.) Everyone knew that a great sea monster dwelled in its murky depths. Fletch ( the sea monster ) hadn’t been seen for many years as no-one had crossed the lake in a thousand years. People had heard rumours, that Fletch would rise, in a thousand years, to the surface to await his prey. Flip made up her mind that they should chance it and swim to the other side as it would take some time off their journey and could one more life if they survived. Half way across the lake they found out the rumour was true and Fletch emerged from the depths of the black lake and lunged at them. Flip screamed and shouted ” Faster Tigger!” Tigger pulled with all his might and escaped the terrible lunge. A ferocious wave washed them ashore but to the east they needed to be on the north. They were cornered in a cove the only way out was to sneak past Fletch and make a run for it, as Flip had know idea if it could walk on land. Tigger pulled with all his might. They had almost made it. “Almost there,” Flip thought out loud. She clambered on to Tigger as they leapt over the ground towards the high mountain.
    As they reached the foot of the mountain, excitement eclipsed Flip’s fear and she and Tigger carried on, with Flip now on foot, up the steep mountain. Flip’s clothes had at least started to dry and Tigger was now completely dry.

    A short while later disaster struck again. As they came face to face with a pride of lions. Flip was dumb struck with fear, but strangely Tigger seemed to know what to do and he strolled between Flip and the lions and growled an apology and the lions parted to let them through. Cautiously, Flip followed Tigger’s lead and carried up the mountain, as Flip’s fear diminished. They were near their destination! Anxiously, Flip mounted Tigger and he bound on with Flip praising him. The lions disappeared from sight, as they reached the last red poppy.

    Two days later they returned home with their adventure still in their minds and every one was cured.

    By Niamh

    1. A superb story Niamh. I really enjoyed reading it. The descriptive sentences built a clear picture of events in my mind.

  2. Pegasus’ journey

    Once upon a time, there was a girl called Leena a boy called Joel and a Pegasus . These three lived in a magical land called Olympus. Olympus was an amazing place marble statues blue skies but there was only one problem. Nirads! Nirads, came from the Titan years. They were destroyed or that’s what everyone thought. Apparently the Olympians didn’t destroy all of them. Now they were about to attack them the only thing to destroy them was the golden bridle. It’s now up to Leena,Joel and Pegasus to reclaim it back from the CRU lab.

    So they set of to New York to find the golden bridle as they flew through the force field,Leena fell asleep and dreamt of horrible things. She dreamt of the Nirads taking over Olympus in ruins and then she remembered agent T torturing her. Then she also remembered when she was about to be the flame of Olympus.she’s the heart of Olympus if she dies Olympus dies with her.

    A moment later, she was awoken by Joel saying they were there, when she was fully awake she found herself in a sinister looking forest. Feeling slightly nervous, she edged towards Pegasus for his security. Pegasus knew Leena was a bit frighted so he nudged her which told her it’s ok I’m here to protect you. Every step was nerve racking a snapping twig was deafening and also the roots were dangerously hidden beneath the mud. Petrified by the reaching branches, Leena cuddled up to Pegasus. Joel cautiously crept ready for something to jump out instead all he found was some mysterious swirling mist. Half a days travel later, they neared to the edge of the wood and decided to camp for the night and ready for the next day ahead.

    First thing the next morning, they ate some food and set off to the edge of the forest. The forest didn’t look half as scary as last night. Finally, they had reached the edge of the woods. Leena then stated ” Joel we’re going to have to cover Pegasus in mud to disguise him.”
    “Good idea Leena,” stated Joel. So the two friends set to work on Pegasus. When they were satisfied, they trudged across to the brink of the lake. They could hear the business of New York, the Empire State Building was visible for miles. Then an island came into view it was the CRU lab. So they swam across. Half way across the lake, Leena thought to herself that all that work on Pegasus wasted. Soon enough,they had reached the island and cautiously opened the door like someone was about to leap onto them. But no one was there.

    So they crept down the corridors, and still nothing. Confused by the silence, they stopped and waited for someone to come out. When they reached the
    5th floor down,they smelt a terrible smell when they followed it they came to a glass room with a four armed creature. A blue and green colour which told them it was a Nirads. Then all of a sudden a siren went off “run!” shouted Joel. They ran up the flight of stairs to the top. Guards jumped out and Joel slashed them with his sword. Then Pegasus stumbled. Guards flung ropes around him. “No!” Cried Leena “Pegasus!”.
    “No,” shouted Joel “keep running.” So as they ran to the top they hid behind a door and waited until it was clear. Then Joel whispered ” I’ll get Pegasus no buts you’re the flame you can’t die.”
    All that Leena could say was “ok.”

    So as Joel set off he dodged guards whilst listening out for Pegasus’ whinny. Finally, he had found Pegasus’ chamber and went in and comforted him. All was quiet until he heard footsteps. Then a man jumped out it was Agent T. “Remember me,” asked Agent T.
    “Pegasus run!” Joel yelled. Pegasus bolted down the corridor. Then all of a sudden, Agent T leapt on Joel and pinned him down. “Bye bye Joel,” whispered Agent T. Then Joel blacked out.

    Leena, was wondering where Joel was he had been gone for half an hour. Then she heard hooves pattering down the corridor.” Pegasus!” shouted Leena. But Pegasus didn’t stop. He barged straight into her, which caused Leena to fly onto Pegasus’ back. With the golden bridle on his head, they barged through the doors and Pegasus opened his wings ready for flight. They flew into the clouds and Leena asked “Where’s Joel?” From the silence that Pegasus gave her she knew Joel had been captured by the CRU.

    Seconds later, they had reached Olympus just in time. The Nirads were just about to erupt the most hugest war in history. They ran to Zeus and he struck the bridle with his lightning and a bright light captured the Olympus sky and killed every last Nirad that lived. So Olympus celebrated their win and thanked Leena and asked her to join them but she had one thing on her mind . How to get Joel back…..

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