A fantasy begins for a new group…

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Children from Mrs Palmer’s class have been selected to take part in an exciting project linked to the fantastic app called Tengami. Their first task was to write a fantasy story opening, using ideas from exploring the incredible world of Tengami.

14 thoughts on “A fantasy begins for a new group…

  1. Once in a eery home, sat an ordinary pop up book but all of that was about to change. When no one is about the book seems magical like its real. As time goes by, it seems like it concealing something from the world. Then the book opens…

    The bright light,was blinding. Then there sat under a beautiful blossoming cherry blossom tree was a man just watching as the trees beautifulness disappeared. The blossoms were vanishing in seconds. Then all of a sudden they all disappeared. So the man now was on a mission to collect the blossoms.

    That very day, the man set off in the dark, gloomy ,paper woods. It didn’t take long for him to hear a quiet howl. Then he heard a chime like a wind chime then a snore so he assumed the wolf was asleep. But for all he knows danger may be around the corner. As he walked down the stony path he then thought he was being watched. That’s when he realised he was surrounded by wolfs.

  2. Tengami writing Mr McCann

    Kneeling under an almost lifeless tree, I watch the last flowers of confetti falling to the floor. Rising to my feet, I stealthily creep down the stairs.

    Venturing further, I see a wolf howling in the eerie darkness. Its noise is like a fog horn controlling the land. As quiet as a mouse, I sneak past the wolf and on into the dark night sky.

    Another four wolves howl in front of me, as if trying to awake the morning sun. Lonely trees dance in time to the howls, as though they are using it as music. Chimes sway in the breeze, the wolves seem as if they are about to sleep.

    By Victoria

  3. Once upon a time, a dusty ancient pop up book lay in silence beneath a cupboard for many years… Until one day a young girl (about size of a Labrador standing on its hind legs) dropped her I pad and bent over to get it. Just then out of the corner of her eye she spotted it. Tengami. After a minute of scrutinising at the tiny writing, curiosity began to get the better of her. She opened the book. Inside was a pop up peice of paper the shape of a person in front of a mysterious woodland background. She dropped the book. In a flash, she dissapeared threw thin air…

  4. Once the pop up book opened the paper character, made from origami, stirred to life acting out his part. The character, a man, wearing a blue paper kimono, was he kneeling under a tree with only one pink spring blossom left. As the last blossom fell to the ground, the man sprung to life.

    The man, started to walk towards a cliff, which the moonlight turned a magical silvery grey, where a wolf sat. He didn’t see that wolf follow him in the misty light of the moon and carried on walking towards an old wind chime. The man came to the old wind chime and out of curiosity he hit it to as he walked past see what noise it made. Behind him the wolf howled! It dropped to the ground as if dead! But the man knew that it wasn’t dead because he could see it breathing heavily. He came to a conclusion that the wolf was just in a very deep sleep and started to run on before it awoke.

    This time he did see the wolf start to follow as he ran on. He quickened his pace when he saw yet another wolf start to follow him. He came to a tree with four wind chimes in surrounded by four wolfs.

  5. Resting in the peaceful silence under
    a lifeless tree I watch the last of the
    flowers drift down and settle on the ground.

    I venture forwards through the eerie woods it’s looks as though
    It’s been made out of paper so delicate, yet it looks as though it’s hiding something from me. A sudden howl of a wolf nearby makes me jump. I sneak past it trying hard not to disturb it.

    I creep past more trees swaying in the sweet breeze, as if being
    Controlled by the moon staring down at me. Suddenly a large
    Howl made the whole forest stand in silence,as I sneak forward
    I can see 4 figures standing there swimming in and out of my vision. Wolves…

  6. The page flicked open. The wind gusted through the darkened bedroom and that was when it all began. The inanimate man was awoken by a deep sleep. He glared dizzily at the sky then hopped happily to his feet. His dream was becoming true. It is a miracle. Momentarily he glanced around until he came face to face with a large blossom tree. But then he realised that the tree had no leaves. He once again looked around to make sure nothing helpful was around, then galloped off into the sight of the moonlit sky.

    The sky was gloomy and the grass pricked up as the rough wind blew throughout them. Sounds of unimaginable creatures could be heard from miles away. That was when he heard a long unexpected howl. Then from behind him a wolf pounced around circling him. He knew if he ran he would be even more of a prey. Another wolf jumped into the scene and started to fight with the “deadly king” as he called it. The relieved man skipped away into the trees listening to the sound of sorrow.

    He walked on and saw a large tree blocking his path. Then made out a sort of figure. That was when he ran as fast as he could away. As he turned back he saw them clearly.
    4 black wolves
    By Lauren

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