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We’ve been very busy in Class 3 recently, especially with our writing. From myths and legends to adventure stories.  We are proud of the work we do and decided that it would be best if we shared these stories with the world on our blog. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Mr Churchward and Class 3

The Ancient Mayans – Spring Term 1 Focus 2016

The Ancient Mayans were one of the most incredible early civilisations and discovered something very exciting with a little help from the Aztecs. Can you guess what they discovered? It’s something delicious we all like today!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Spring Term 2 Focus 2016

 What happens when you win a golden ticket to one of the most exciting places in the world? You end up in a world of pure imagination. Our focus in the second spring term will be on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We will be looking at the story of Charlie and how he gets on in a fascinating land of chocolate.

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  1. He followed the map to the swamps, when he was almost there a pigeon hit him in the head, he dropped a piece of crinkled paper.
    “What’s this?” He said. He picked it up and read aloud. “Dear Danny my dear sweet love I miss dearly and um I’ve been thinking and um will you marry me?” From Emma.
    “Are you crazy,” thought Danny, “of course I’ll marry you!” he said. Anyway back to destroying Laura. He ran into the swamps where he saw Laura’s equally evil twin sister Imogen.
    “So we meet again.”
    “Uh do we know each other?” he replied.
    “Oh I’ve heard so much about you!” She said in a high devious voice.
    By Jess

  2. “Who, who, who’s there?” Asked Matthew anxiously. As he looked up, he saw this long bendy tree trunk. Suddenly, he had an idea I will tickle him he thought. Slowly and carefully, Matthew tickled the tall tree. Then quickly escaped and carefully jumped on his trusty horse.
    By Lauren

    1. Great but next time try and add more description and if you want to try and add personification ! From Mercedes 🙂

  3. He seemed to be walking everywhere,but then he found his 1st danger,the Golden River(but he didn’t know it)Just as he was about to walk through it the dagger given from the pig started trying to point at the River and Jay had no idea what was going on, but just to be safe he took some wary steps back then he remembered when he was a kid the town Crier yelled people found as gold Statues in Golden River!
    By George H

    1. Hi George H, I really like your story about the Golden River. Next time you could read through and check your punctuation. 😀
      From Evie L (Walcott class three)

  4. Suddenly Chelsea got to the dragon and saw it was very scary. She could see that the great red dragon was hurt. “What is your name?” Said Chelsea nervously. The red dragon said his name was Leo, though Chelsea thought he was scary. She carried on with her journey, but Leo follow her. Chelsea was fed up but she carried on with her dangerous expedition. By Chloe H

  5. Then she started kicking the slimy monster and swam as fast as her legs could carry her to the charming prince. Then pulled the charming prince and suddenly realised that she had to kill the most evil monster of all.
    By Ella

  6. Back at home the worried queen was thinking in her head.”I hope Jade is alright”she whispered to her self. Meanwhile Jade came to a bubbling volcano,suddenly she saw a big scary shadow in a massive gap in the boiling volcano.Jade quickly ran to the crumbly edge of the the fiery volcano and got her sparkly bag out.
    by Bethan

  7. A long time ago on a beautiful island lived lots of happy people, but on the island of Samthersiscom lived the Stickmen! They sailed to the island on a boat they stole from some pirates and they came and took all of the little kids and locked them in a dungeon and ate them when they were hungry, and then went back to The wild wood and the next day they came back and did it again. Everyone was scared of them especially the little kids. Someone decided that every child that was born should sail to another island but they did not risk it because they were too scared because they might bump into the Stickmen on the way.
    By Alice

  8. He went into the mountain and met the hydra and battled him like he never battled before he went boom bash bong and cast a magical spell on the hydra
    and killed him. Then a mystical wizard took over then Pegasus cast the exact same spell and he blocked it then the magical horse cast a talking spell on himself then he said ” abracadabra !” Then the wizard died.

    He set of on a journey back and told the island that he killed the hydra and the wizard then they all cast a human spell on him and he was human and king.
    By Josh

  9. Late one misty evening Amanda was coming back from her work when all of a sudden she saw a slime trail. She sneakily followed the slime trail. It led to the queens castle. Amanda slowly stepped inside and followed the slime trail. It led to the rainbow Crown Jewels. Amanda looked inside the shiny box. They were gone. She went out of the dark castle and saw the monster. She had to do something! She ran home quickly and got her invisible cloak that her kind friend had gave her. Then she slowly headed off to the swampy flats. By Chloe

  10. Jake was walking along the sandy bay (that was his home) and discovered some mossy driftwood. He decided to build a raft to go fishing up the Golden river. He packed some lunch and a bottle of water. But while he was fishing a golden fish was polishing his gold. Then he saw the silver hook and bit it. Jake was so exited he had hooked a golden fish. By Kieran

  11. A long, long time ago, there was an Island called Frasgo near Australia. On that island lived a monster called Centaur, who was the king of Island Frasgo. Whenever somebody goes to visit the Island, they will never Ever come Back! By Annie

  12. She found the dark mirror lake. She was scared but she was doing it for her brother. As she dived she heard blob grumble. She started to fight, as the monster recovered she grabbed her baby brother and swam off. As soon as her family had heard, they had a gigantic party and they lived very happily. By Rebecca

  13. When he got there eventually he found the gruesome cave.But Lorear was guarding Bataclops. So he killed Lorear. That just left Bataclops. He got his dagger out and slayed Bataclops and returned back to his village. By Tom

  14. On her way back home, she felt more safe, but she came face to face with the king of monsters, the Girantasauraus. Unfortunately she couldn’t defeat it with the ring of Souron, but when hope was gone,she saw a pocket knife,and fought back. When she returned, she gave her parents a big hug and when she went back to school the bullies never dared bully her again.

  15. A long time ago there was a happy village on a happy island called Dangerisousy. It got its name by being haunted by spirits and a monster was there, it’s name was Meddrasant. It was a ferocious blood thirsty beast, born to terrorise the village. The scared people tried to escape the island but Meddrasant called for more evil spirits to haunt the island and trap the terrified people there.
    By Toby

  16. Suddenly there he was, colossal, covered in poisonous scales, shooting fire balls from his mouth and nose. As Ruby stood beneath him drool dripped all over her. Ruby staggered and in darkness she accidentally touched the dragon’s scales with the tip of her finger. Immediately she shrank to the size of a stag beetle. Then she had a brilliant idea. She knew that if she could stab the dragon inside his ear with her magic Sword she could kill him. Bravely, she began to climb up the dragons body, until shy reached his ear. With all her might, Ruby plunged her sword into the dragons ear. He toppled over, groaning and finally was silent. Immediately Ruby returned to her normal size. There behind the dragon was a huge bag of gold. Ruby grabbed the bag and the magic sword which carried her through the magic portal and took her home.

  17. Tengami was a town that existed far back as anyone remembered it was a grim place yet had a very peaceful atmosphere.He was a man who was trying to chase his dreams but his were unfortunately fading miserably,however ,he did not give up.without hesitation he got up from a wrinkled dull blossom tree and slowly walked along, eventually he speeded his pace up. He saw a fluffy looking wolf who was not so friendly after all ,the wolf was howling as loud as a lion at the full pure white moon. The man was feeling very scared but soon he felt a little bit of bravery crawl into his warm blood and he sprinted like lightning across the jewelled grass. He soon came to a gently flowing river with a short water fall. The bravery immediately faded ,but out of nowhere a bridge appeared. Nervously he stepped one foot onto the bridge.thinking it would collapse he took its foot off ,what he didn’t know was that the wolf was slowly stalking him. Each time the cold blooded wolf howled the bridge disappeared into the water. Suddenly the wind chimes started to ring which lured the creature to a deep sleep and he took the bridge to the other side.he walked along the cobbled path and needed the steps and the wolf was still stalking him and he stopped and disappeared.The wolf started slowly walking away the man mysteriously followed the wolf until he came to a younger looking tree surrounded by more wolves in fact four wolves with four golden charms twinkling in the moonlight on each branch.
    by Jess.

    1. Super work Jess, you have used some great vocabulary for description, I particularly like the line that says ‘He was a man who was trying to chase his dreams but his were unfortunately fading miserably’ and the line ‘soon he felt a little bit of bravery crawl into his warm blood’
      Well done Jess

  18. Warily,moving through what had to be one of the worst places to find your dreams he stepped clumsily on a branch and fell backwards making a crunch.He scurried back to his feet trying
    not to make a sound or attracting any attention.Suddenly he heard a howl which sounded like
    a crying baby calling for its
    mum.He sprinted rapidly trying to get away to somewhere safe.
    Carrying on with his journey he sat against a tree asking himself what had he done?
    Unexpectedly a mysterious bridge travelled itself out of the dull ground so he sprinted across hoping for
    it not to disappear.He carried on his journey not knowing what to expect.While he was travelling
    he found a missing piece of land.He dreamed of chimes settling the land
    and the wolf across the other side.Out of nowhere land appeared mystically and the wolf dozed off.
    Could his dreams really come back to him this suddenly?He carried on with his surprising journey.
    As he was wandering oddly through this land he never wanted to he saw some ancient steps,just
    as he was about to walk up them a wolf howled and caused the steps to mould back into flat surface.By George H

    1. This is a super piece of descriptive writing George, you have used some excellent adverbs and adjectives for description, I really like your use of a rhetorical question towards the end of the passage, well done

  19. Tengami

    Tengami was a beautiful place ,especially the pink dream tree.But then one night all the dreams floated off the tree.The man wanted to find the dreams and went to find them.The man walked very carefully because of the terrifying wolves that might eat him up.”What can I do”said the man
    very quietly,but then a bridge came from nowhere ,the man was quite surprised.He took one very nervous step on the delicate bridge and the man overcame his fear and so the man sprinted like lightning to the other side of the bridge. While the man was sprinting like lightning to look for the dreams the terrifying wolves were following the man all the way to a mysterious place that had some set of stairs.But when one of the horrible wolves started to howl the stairs went away.The very brave man just went around it.Suddenly more scary wolves ganged up on the scared man so the man had to cope with four ferocious wolves that were going to eat him up. By Bethan

    1. Well done Bethan I can see you are trying hard to include adverbs and adjectives in your work. Try not to use but to start sentences, instead think about all the different sentence starters we have used in class.

  20. Slowly the man walked out into the winters night,he came to a dark grey terrifying wolf. He heard the sound of a wind chime. He gently fell asleep and an old bridge slowly came out of the water. Slowly he put one foot onto the bridge and ran extremely fast to the other side. He quietly walked past the deadly wolf and went on. Then he went through some rough trees and came to another bridge. It suddenly collapsed. A hairy wolf loudly howled and a tough tree slowly fell to the hard ground. He quickly carried on. Then he came to a rough tree. There were four hairy wolves and four gold wind chimes.
    By Chloe d

  21. The man started to awake and saw before him,Tengami. Then he started to walk slowly.First he saw the wolf and heard it too. He also heard the delicate trickling water and a deafening howl again, he ran anxiously to the waterfall. Then the man heard a big crasssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh bang wallop! That is what the man heard. There in front of him was a beautiful rope bridge over the waterfall.Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr went the wolf Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the man carried on around Tengami. Now the man heard that the sound of water was just a distant sound by now. By James

    1. Well done James, I can see you are trying hard to use adverbs and adjectives to improve the descriptive part of your stories.

  22. Waking slowly the tall man stood up sleepily and looked at the world about him. Then he slowly started his journey through Tengami. At first he walked as slowly as a snail but then he started speeding up searching for his dreams. Above him he saw a terrifying wolf which began to howl like a baby crying. In front of him he came across a barrier of stones but the wind chimes started tinkling and the stones fell down with a huge amount of noise. So the man continued his journey until the wolf reappeared mysteriously and began howling again at the silver moon. There were steps that he needed to climb but every time he got close they started collapsing so he couldn’t get up them. Then he decided to just walk round them instead. He then started walking a bit faster than before. After that he came across a beautiful tree that had wind chimes on it and then they gloriously started ringing softly which put the cheeky wolf to sleep slowly. So then he could carry on with his journey to find his dreams. By Paige.

  23. Tengami

    A man walked cautiously as the rain fell heavily on the his drooping head.Eventualy after a long while he came to a halt as he heard an angry wolf that was as loud as a girl screaming. After a few hours,he slowly escaped the wolf.At last he came to a small stream and then out of nowhere came a tiny Chinese style bridge.The man cautiously stepped along the modern day bridge.After he crossed the bridge,he came to another stream, Suddenly he heard a deafening creak and then a massive tree fell and by the tip of his thin fingers he did not get his fingers chopped off!.Eventually he came to four more hungry wolves glaring at him.
    By Maddy.

  24. A man slowly stood up and traveled through the woods and found a terrifying howling wolf! He sprinted as the speed of lightning and speeded through the wolf’s path. He entered a ledge and a wolf on the other side and wind chimes above the wolf. The wind chimes worked and put the wolf to sleep Then a piece of the ground collapsed and made a bridge. He carried on his journey to get his dream back, he went on and found a wolf above him sneakily chasing him. He thought he lost the wolf but the wolf was still following him.Then he saw some stairs but when he tried to go up the stairs they were destroyed. The man started to walk and found four wolves and then he chimed the wind chimes and the wolves were all asleep…

  25. Waking slowly, the man stood up tiredly yawning like a lion roaring wildly.Then he trotted of on his mind blowing journey around Tengami and on his way along the jewelled grass,he saw a blood thirsty wolf.It followed him on his journey then he came across a bridge.The bridge majestically popped up out of the wavy river.He crept cautiously over the wooden bridge,leaving the bridge slowly he carried on silently with the fluffy wolf following him,as soon as he moved silently the creepy and ferocious wolf moved with him.”Why do you have to follow me”said the man,he carried on then he came across a bridge, the man tried to climb quietly up the bridge and when the wolf howled the bridge disappeared.
    By Jamie.

  26. The man was asleep next to a massive tree, he had a load of dreams and they started to fade and then went. He walked quite fast to a long bridge which had appeared from the water. He walked confidently across the long bridge. Then he came to a different bridge that was brown,suddenly the brown bridge collapsed. Next the man came to some steep steps,a grey wolf started to howling when he was walking towards them and the steps disappeared.So he decided that he should have another go and the same happened again. All of a sudden a rough tree collapsed. After the man came to a tall tree with some wind chimes on it and there were more grey wolves.
    By George C

  27. Waking slowly the man stood up tiredly yawning and stretching, then he started on his journey through Tengami. Then he saw a wolf howling at the moon and it started to follow the man on his journey. He came across a river and he wondered how to got across, then a tree collapsed down on the river so he could get across. Then he came across another river,so he could not get across. Suddenly a bridge opened like a crocodiles mouth,nervously he walked across the bridge to get to the other side. Then he saw some stairs and every time the wolf howled the stairs went away,so he could not get up so he had to go the long way across. Then he came across 4 wolves this time they were terrifying because they were enormous and scary.
    By Kyle

  28. Under a magical tree a man was searching for his dreams,above him was a wolf howling to a 100 per cent white moon as the wind chime chimed the wolf fell asleep.He was going at an extremely slow pace but he soon hurried along the dirty mud path. As the moon was shining over Tengami the man came to a tree it was in the way. EEEK down the tree went.
    By Rebecca

  29. Quickly moving through the gentle winds blowing from the gushing river he was after his lovely dreams.As he was anxiously going through the deadly woods he found a fierce wolf,but it was the other side of a river. He thought “how am I going to get across it?”but just then a massive tree fell down with a big crash! Then he could carry on with his journey. On the way he found two other wolves.Luckily there were things on the trees that put the wolves to sleep. So he carried on… by Tom

  30. Tengami was a village that existed long ago and in that village there was a beautiful blossom tree with the sweetest scent and under that tree was a Japanese man that watched his dreams fading away like a bike falling apart. But one day a blossom fell on his lap and gave him all the courage to save his dreams. He started his forage quite slow and next to a river and after a while he came to a wolf growling like a car at the moon on top of a heap of rubble. Then he came to a wolf with a wind chime and the wolf fell to sleep because of the wind chime and a tree fell down so he could cross. Then he came to a river and out of nowhere and he slowly crossed one step at a time.then he came to a wolf that started to follow him, he came to some steps and every time a wolf growled they disappear so he set of again then he came to a huge tree with 4 wind chimes and 4 wolves to make them go to sleep

  31. The heavy rain poured down on him as he began his journey to find his dreams. He heard the creepy sound of the bloodcurdling wolves howling like a baby screaming. He passed the charred trees,the winding path seemed to go on for ever on the path was covered in jet black leafs. On the the way he saw a enormous bolder
    blocking the thin path there was no way pass,to make it worse the was a vision wolf. On the tree there was a charm it had golden strings that held the charm to the tree.He punched the charm that hung on the tree the charm made the smelly wolf go to sleep the tree that he punched fell on the bolder and docked the bolder down into the toxic river.

    He walked on for a wile when he saw a solid gold bridge appear out of no where. He nervously put one foot on the gold bridge it was okay he sprinted across the bridge,and on to the other side. Now the trees were reaching out to him and the grass was as burnt as a guy who burnt his bottom.

    He came to a staircase but as soon as he stepped on the first step it disappeared,he tried again the same thing happened again. After lots of goes he decided to move on and miss the steps. He walked down the mucky path until he saw a pack of scary wolves.

    By Louis

  32. Long long ago before time began there live a man in a town called Tengami,In this town there was a man who was an owner of a tree full of his dreams.This tree was a blossom tree that held his most precious dreams but one day all his dreams blew away.He is now going on the journey of his life- time.
    He courageously walked for ages and then he suddenly realised that a wolf was cautiously following him.He kept on going and found that the wolf lay down and then a chime’s noise travelled through the air and then amazingly the wolf fell asleep.
    Then a tree fell and he nervously travelled across it to the other side of the river.He anxiously carried on.The man walked further and he saw FOUR WOLVE’S!!!!He looked further on and suddenly spotted four chime’s.He stared at them gladly.
    By Olivia

  33. Moving slowly a long time ago in the centre times there was a man who wanted to chase his dreams suddenly he heard a howling noise that sounded like a screaming lion. Then he came to a dirty,mossy river which was a horrid slimy frog moving wildly. Next on his journey the gentle chimes made the wolf close his eyes and gracefully fall asleep. He carried on with his dangerous expedition. Suddenly after a few minutes later he came to magical Bridge so enthusiastically, slowly he walked across. When he got across the magical bridge he carried on with his adventure soon he came to a gloomy tunnel and he wanted to see what was the other side of it so he adventurously went through. Eventually he came to the other side and saw a light pink blossom tree with four wolves and four wind chimes to gently send the wolf’s to sleep. By Chloe H

  34. Waking slowly the man stood up sleepily rubbing his eyes crossly thinking about his brilliant dreams in Tengami looking around him and he saw a strong wolf that kept following him he remembered quickly that he had a quest to find his wonderful dreams as he’s coming to a golden river he wondered how he would get across then a giant tree fell down CRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!! He used it as a bridge to get across amassed after there was some stairs that kept on vanishing in to thin air then he discovered a way past then he came across another wolf and another and another inti’l he was ambushed by life stealing male wolves what are hunting wildly with killer teeth made for cutting whipping through animals and humans delicious flesh and bones. By Will.

  35. Many years ago in a strange,dull and old place called Tengami came a man. He slowly moved out from behind a grey old tree and first came across a really creepy howling wolf. At first he was a little anxious but there was more to come. Continuing his journey across the silent land he heard the howling wind gathering pace behind him. After that he saw that there was water rushing down a long beautiful stream. He thought and thought but nothing could help him. Suddenly a mysterious brown wooden bridge came onto the rushing waterfall, he just took one step onto the bridge to check it was safe. So he just went across bridge.

    Next he saw some stair’s with some lovely flowers around it. It was leading to a bright place but just when he was going to even take one step onto the stair’s, the scary wolf howled and suddenly the stair’s dropped into the ground he tried and tried but he just had to give up. Then he started walking on and on until he found some wolfs roaring like a race car. And then he saw some golden chimes hanging on a tall old tree.

    By Alice

  36. A man slowly stood up and traveled through the woods and found a terrifying howling wolf! He sprinted as the speed of lightning and speeded through the wolf’s path. He entered a ledge and a wolf on the other side and wind chimes above the wolf. The wind chimes worked and put the wolf to sleep Then a piece of the ground collapsed and made a bridge. He carried on his journey to get his dream back, he went on and found a wolf above him sneakily chasing him. He thought he lost the wolf but the wolf was still following him.Then he saw some stairs but when he tried to go up the stairs they were destroyed. The man started to walk and found four wolves and then he chimed the wind chimes and the wolves were all asleep… By josh

  37. Tengami is a beautiful town where a man lives.The man slowly walked before him from a blossom tree into the dark winter night.He heard sounds of a terrifying wolf howling.Bringing is horrified feeling with him he quickly sprinted for a very long time and saw that the noisy wolf had bursted into sleep as the wind chimes noise spread across the beautiful land.He then continued to walk and came to a river but there was no way across, suddenly he heard a big CRASH!!!! and a tree fell across the moving river.The man slowly walked across the tree and carried on walking.He eventually came across FOUR WOLVES!!! and they all howled together.There were four more wind chimes and the man spotted them and started to look at them for a long time and the wolves were still howling and the wind chimes noise spread across the land once again.All four of the wolves fell asleep and the man watched them for a while. By Finn

  38. As the moon was set a tired man woke up and his dreams were gone as he set of on his journey through the land he stopped and listened, he could hear howling wolves and the water streaming through the lake. He continued quickly on his journey. And to the same wolf to the stairs and it was not letting me go up the stairs so I kept on walking

    Oh my goodness 3 wolves Good gracious me blimey more wolves I will pass out few they did not attack me that’s good gracious me I hate wolves few on the journey oh wait o can not go further by Luke

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