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Walcott Class 3 -Tengami Homework

Walcott Class 3 – Literacy Homework
As part of our visual literacy, Class 3 at Walcott have been exploring a virtual world on the iPads. Recently, we came across a mysterious house surrounded by woods. Can you write a description of this house, as part of the fantasy story? Try to remember what people told you to improve, from your last piece of writing. You may post your new writing on the blog or write it below.

Steps to success:

  • Use similes, metaphors and personification.
  • Write in the 3rd person.
  • Write in the past tense.



Encounter with … (Sword & Sworcery Task)

Task is due in on Monday 3rd March

Firstly, well done my groups at Walcott & Martin. Your first blog entries are now on here, which I have commented on too! (So has Mr Sewell on some of them) As we discussed, your task is to write a description of the ‘Deathless Spectre’ that we encountered in the cave. Your word limit is 150 words, so use your words wisely. Think about how to get the most powerful descriptions.

Things to remember:

  • Write in the 3rd person
  • Make it exciting for the reader
  • Use simple sentences to add drama
  • Use personification, similes and metaphors to add more interesting descriptions

Good luck! I may have prizes for those who put the best effort into their descriptions! Remember, those people who do these tasks will be allowed more time on the game 🙂
Here’s what the word spectre means:

1. (Alternative Belief Systems) a ghost; phantom; apparition
2. a mental image of something unpleasant or menacing: the


On the edge of a perilous precipice…

** NEW – 85 Comments so far! **

Read the children’s first attempts at story writing based on this game.

The children at Walcott & Martin have been enjoying a new iPad project. As part of this special project, groups of children will be writing about a mesmerising fantasy game on the iPad called Sword & Sworcery! Each week the children taking part will be blogging about their experiences. We’d love to hear what you think about their writing!

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A Quick Short Film Review

During golden time, some children watched a Pixar Short named ‘For All  The Birds’

“I really liked the film because it was really funny. My favourite part was where all of the baby birds flew up in the air!” Lucas

“I liked the part where the birds were all fighting because it made me laugh. I think my brother would like this film too!” Joseph

“I thought it was great because the little birds lost their feathers and it was funny!” Sasha


Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Walcott Primary School & Mrs Mary King’s Primary School Blog!

We are very excited to have a blogging site set up for both schools. It will be an opportunity for children at Walcott and Martin to share their work, in a safe and monitored place. It will also allow the children from both schools to comment on each other’s work.

In our internet safety assembly, we came up with the following rules:

  1. Only use your first name – no surnames
  2. Keep safe – don’t reveal any personal information.
  3. Write in good English – including grammar and punctuation.
  4. Be polite – Don’t post anything that could hurt anyone.
  5. Always show respect – be positive if you are going to comment.
  6. If parents comment, please sign comments in the following way: first name of child + mum/dad e.g. ‘Tracy’s Mum’
  7. Remember, all posts and comments are checked by a teacher before they are published.

We’d love to know what you think about our blogging rules! Please comment below. If you have any questions or concerns about the blog, please speak to Mr McCann.