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After lots of requests from children at both schools, I have this page for writing produced at home. This writing is not the place for homework or any other task set by teachers. This page is for you to share your fantastic writing with others! Why not read some of the things that Roald Dahl said about reading and writing before you begin?

A few rules before posting:

  • Make sure that you don’t offend anyone in your writing.
  • Check your writing carefully before posting, if there are too many mistakes it might not appear on the blog 🙁
  • Check your punctuation.
  • Include your name at the bottom.

I look forward to reading what you have written at home.
From Mr McCann 😎

34 thoughts on “Writer’s World

  1. I have nearly finished writing my own fantasy story at home and I hope that when I post it every one will enjoy reading it! Can’t wait to read more work that has been posted on the blog. From Tiffany 🙂

    1. Mr McCann I’ve made a story from home for you to read. From Joseph.s

      chapter one the dickinsons

      once lived a family called the dickinsons(a kined but inpatient family)was moveing house Electra normally loved moveing house but this was different this house was old and dusty there was a hole in the roof that all ways leaked but her mum and dad just said that they would patch it up later but that is what all mum’s and dad’s are like.

      Chapter two the urge go down the basement

      After a few weeks, Electra new the hole house the kitchen, the bedrooms even the loft but there was a paticular place she was afraid of the basement. She is so scared of the basement she never go’s near it. But today she got the urge to go down to the basement. She walked up and down the corridor until saying “I can do this”

      Chapter three some thing caught her eye

      as she started to walk down the old and dusty stairs. Every time a stair creeked
      was like a cry help. She was really scared of is one of the stairs breaking her heart was pounding and there was cobwebs every were. She finally she was at the bottom she wanted to go up stairs but some thing caught her eye…

      Chapter four fall through portal

      She started to walk to the dark object. What is it? she thought. As she got near and nearer her heart started to pouned. She was geting really stressed she didn’t know what to do. Until she finally got there. She tugged the covers that was over it as she was inpatient. It was a mirror she couled see her reflection smiling but she was frowning she touched the glass hoping it would be glassbut it was liquid Electra fell through it.

      Chapter five in a magical world

      After a few minutes, Electra awoke. “Were am I” Electra said. She was sitting in a magical world. the trees were danceing like they were having the time of their lives. All the leaves on the snowy grownd were as colourful as a butterfly. The ground was like a blanket of snow. She turned around to see if the mirror was there but it had mysterious vanished so she ventured more though the forest and at this point she started to miss her family alot.

      Chapter six see a figer

      After a long time, Electra was deep in the forest. Suddenly she heard a twig snap so she ran torwords the sound of snapping twigs in the distance she could see a larg dark figure she hid behind a snapped and broken shrub hoping the figure hadent seen soon anuf the figure was next to her. “Who are you?”
      “Chester, who are you?”
      “Electra I thought you were bad”
      “No I’m not bad hay you look hungrylet me takeyou to get some food”
      “Thank you”

      Chapter seven taken away

      they were nearly there but suddenly the ground started to shake.
      “What’s happening”
      “Hide behind a tree now”
      Electra hade no idea what was going on.
      “Were is she”
      “That girl oh never mind I see her your coming with me”
      “Chesteeeeeeeer help”

      chapter eight asking for a challenge

      After a few weeks, Electra was working for ubaba the snow witch. “I want to go home to my family”
      “We are your family now”
      “How about we have a challenge if you win I am allowed to go home if I lose I have to work for you all eternity.”
      “Fine but what is your challenge”
      “A game of chess”

      Chapter nine the day of the challenge

      “The game comens in 3 2 1 go”
      later that day, Electra was winning and she won.
      “I’m victorious”she said excitedly. Fine adeal is a deal.

      1. Sorry Mr McCann my time on the tablet was finished but you can read the ending 😎

        Chapter ten back home

        with a snap of the snow witches finger she was back home lying on the bed thinking about Maxi.
        “tea time Electra!” Her mum shouted
        “Comeing mum”
        “Were have you been I was worried sick”
        “To a magical world mummy”
        “You watch to many movies” her mum laughed. 🙂

        THE END

      2. Brilliant fantasy story Joseph! You’ve done very well to write this at home on your tablet. 5tp. Remember your capitals, particularly at the start of speech.

        1. Wow Joseph I didn’t knew you could write so good, like Mr.McCann said you are defiantly going to be a level four soon! From Mercedes! 🙂

  2. A glittering heart. By Mercedes!

    One beautiful morning, there lived a small girl called Mary. Mary was a only child so she had no one to play with at home. Mary was only nine and she had made no friends in the past, she though that she was going to be lonely for the rest of her school days, and every morning she always dreaded getting up to go to school. Her parents paid no attention to Mary and always said,
    ” Use your imagination, Mary, go out side and play!” ,
    Mary never paid any attention to this, because she always knew she had nobody to use her imagination with, so she was always stuck inside looking at all the other children in the street out side the window. She never wanted to go out and ask if she could play, because she was to afraid to talk to them and knew they would say,
    ” No!”

    The next day, Mary was to fed up to moan and groan about having no body to play with, so she decided she would sit in her bedroom thinking how she could make a friend, and how to pluck up the courage to ask if she could play. Now this all sounded terrifying to Mary that she felt like she could cry any minute thinking. After a hour of thinking and deciding she finally made up who would she would ask first.

    Now as you read through you can almost imagine Mary at home being lonely and fed up, not far away their also was a girl called Sara and she had no friends and nobody to play with at home. Like Mary Sara was a shy and a confident sort of girl, she never moaned about anything exempt for she always asked for a friend. Nobody knew that Sara was lonely and had no friends, they always paid no attention to her, like Mary Sara was fed up. She didn’t knew what to do, to tell a teacher or to stay quiet all day and not be a nuisance, Sara chose the second one as she didn’t like to pasture people when they were bizzy and to add to that to that Sara was a little shy and didn’t stand out of the rest. Every day at school she saw how the elder boys pastured the teacher every day, and she could see how stressful they were. Above all ( like I said ) Sara was lonely, she too didn’t knew that somebody lived not far away that was exactly the same to herself.

    Another day passed and Mary was,again, fed up. She didn’t have enough guts to ask a friend, she said to herself that she would defiantly ask her today. When she was getting dressed Mary’s mum walked in and said to Mary that she had planned a little play date with a girl not far away, Mary was exited, to exited even, she then asked quickly,
    ” when is she coming? It must be soon, is it? ” asked Mary excitedly.
    ” she is going to be here at two O’ clock so you must be ready, her mother would not thing of us good if not,get ready as quick as you can it is already one thirty you have got half – a hour.”
    ” thank you mama, I love you! ” shouted Mary as her mother left the room.
    ” yippee! I am finally going to have a friend! ” Mary said over and over again.

    This was a very special moment for Mary, talking about Mary let’s talk about Sara. Sara had only just heard this spectacular news and was jumping up and down excitedly!
    ” yippee I have finally got a friend! ” Sara shouted again and again like Mary did when she first heard the great news.

    Finally it was two O’ Clock, and Mary was as smiley as smiley, as for Sara she was singing in happiness all the way to Mary’s house. The two girls couldn’t be more happier, now I knew you alway, well maybe, have your friends round all the time but for Mary and Sara this was their first friend that they have ever had! So as the days passed by Mary and Sara were best friends and they always played with each other ,every day! And I think as you will guess they both had a happy ending.
    The end!

    1. Wow Mercedes! Can’t believe you wrote this story all by yourself at home! This is superb and you have structured it really well. 5tp! 😎

      1. Thank you Mr.McCann I only did it a couple of days ago! From Mercedes 🙂
        P.S. I must remember to put them on after the Easter holidays!

    2. Wow Mercedes, that is really good. Hope you will like mine when it is on the blog, and hope you have a happy Easter. From Chloe. 🙂

  3. I love the quotes from Rold Dahl. Here Is one I made up:

    If you work hard you will be able to achieve your expectations, whereas if you don’t you will be caught in the waves of the sea, and you won’t live your life the way you want to!

      1. Mr McCann I’ve made a description of Mr gum

        Mr gum was a nasty old blister who only cared about his self. All the children was scared of him. If he saw a child not a sleep he will put goo all over them. What he hated the most was careing, sharing, children, happyness and dogs. And that is all about Mr gum.

        By Joseph.s 😎

  4. I hope you enjoy my story.
    Sabrina the teenage bully. By Milly

    I walked downstairs , to find out my mum has passed out on the couch and my dad nowhere to be seen. Then I walked into the kitchen to find my little sister sat on the floor covered in coco pops. As soon as I help my sister I heard my younger brother crying because he has fallen out of his bed. I sat in his bed for a while then I thought I should go to school. So I left a note for my mum, and rushed out the door.

    I met my friend, at the top of the street, but she was with someone else. Her name was Sabrina and she was in a upper year then herself and Chole. I wanted to impress Sabrina but she took no notice of me.

    When we got to school Sabrina ran of to her other friends and chole went with her. As I walked into my first class I saw Sabrina and Chole sitting next to each other, so I went to sit at the back. Sabrina keeped looking back at me and giving me evils. What have I done wrong?

    All day I sat alone, Chole was my only friend. I walked home alone. I made tea for my younger siblings, I checked my phone only to find no texts or calls from Chole. I went to sleep hoping the it would all be alright tomorrow…

    But it wasn’t. All of Sabrina friends were shouting things at me. Horrible things, and Chole to stood there. Again I sat alone, all day. But the next day it got worse. They surrounded, me kicking me and punching me. It hut yeah but what hurt me most was Chole. She joined in.

    The next morning I woke up and walked to the mirror only to see bruses all over my body. I didn’t go to school that day. I spent all day scared about what’s going to happen tomorrow.

    Tomorrow came, I started my long drag to school. I walked through the school gates. I couldn’t see Sabrina and her mates but everyone was staring at me and then I saw her sat by the water fountain. She looked at me. I walked away, feeling humiliated

    The next lesson came, Mrs Palmer said bullying it’s a horrible thing. Sabrina looked at me thinging I told the teacher. No she just trying to pretend she did nothin so I’m going to tell the teacher right this second. Sabrina left the school for bulling.

    From Milly 🙂

    1. My monster has changed because I’m on my brothers iPad and I can’t remember what my login code is until I get my iPad back! 🙂

      1. I’ll sort them out Tiffany. Make sure you write your name as ‘TIffany wc3’, leaving a space between your name and class.

  5. hi Mr McCann this is my story ending by Matthew

    in just two hours Yanis was already wining. ” do you give up” he said
    “NO” said the fire Queen.
    ” Well you should because I’ve just won” said Yanis
    ” WHAT” said the fire queen
    “I’ve just won so i get to go home”
    so in two minutes yanis was home



    One sunny day Millie and Ashly went out to play. Suddenly Ashly said you see that mirror I as
    They went closer and closer Millie saw an arm poke though, and took Millie straight away. It led her to a magical land where dreams can come true. Then Ashly went though and they found a palace and danced,with a boy they heard there mum call. So that ment that they had to go home. But they were especially tired so they went to bed. As they were sleeping the trees were rustling and the wind whistled.as the trees were rustling and the wind whistled the queen came in with the princess and said”come to are land please “. So they did and met there boyfriend again

    Then they said ” do you now ballet ” yes,said the boys. So they did ballet, till dawn then there mum shouted for them to go but they were extremely tired.dad said strictlys on. Then they ran but it wasn’t really on. Then they went to the wood again but the men were not there so they went inside. Then they spotted there boy friends again the dad said strictlys on.

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