500 Words

Class 4 have been writing their own ‘500 word’ stories.Β  Please tell us what you think.

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  1. Lone Warrior

    I’m lonely. I’m scared. I feel pretty much dead. Even though my life is a living hell, I carry on because in my heart there is hope. Where there is hope there is always happiness somewhere nearby. My mum and dad disappeared when I was only 6 years old, I’ve been alone in the forest ever since. I’m packing up my things getting ready to move camp again, although I like this one I can feel it coming closer.

    As I walked through the forest I heard a weak, feeble bark coming from close by. Behind a tree, I spotted a silver husky puppy. I looked around to see if I could find it’s owners. No one came… I called out. No one came. I couldn’t just leave him there could I? Undeterred by my presence, he jumped into my rucksack and begged me for food so I gave him a strip of pig meat. He looked at me with gratitude and licked my face. It tickled. “I’m sorry, I can’t keep you, you belong to some one else so good bye and live long,” I told him. He followed me. “I said go away! Why won’t you listen. Look, I suppose I can keep you, but what will your owners say when they come back for you and discover your not here!” He still followed. “Ok you can come,” I exclaimed.

    Suddenly, an extremely huge bear, lumbered past just missing our faces. “Why would a bear be so scared?” I thought. As we walked past the trees, Silver (that’s what I’m calling him now) discovered a girl, lying stone still, on the floor. She was dead. Silver barked at her asking her why she wouldn’t wake up and play. She was still holding her bronze bow and a glistening gold battle axe. She must have been killed by the bear that came past. An eerie silence hung around me. I felt like I was being watched. Stalked.

    In a flash, a monkey with fangs like a vampire attacked me and then ran off. It would have killed me if it wanted to. It did want to. Where the monkey had been stood, a colossal, half man, half lizard stared at me then sprinted away.

    After hours on end, I luckily reached a small settlement on the edge of a river bank shimmering in the sun. I told the settlement owners about what I had encountered on my journey. “What was it?” I asked anxiously.
    “What you saw was a ManLizard, the most terrifying beast in the forest, we thought it was a myth until now,” they explained.
    “You are lucky to be alive, one blow from that beast would transform you into vulture’s lunch,”another man added. After a luxurious long rest, I continued on my quest searching for a new camp. At the side of a cliff my eyes caught sight of it. I saw the one they call the most terrible one of all. The ManLizard. He looked at me with fiery eyes. Is this the end?

    By Joe Allen

    1. We’ll done joe I like the first bit ‘ I’m lonely I’m scared I’m pretty much dead’. Well done from milly.

  2. Rainbow the unicorn

    In a cottage two girls sat by a warm fire trying to get warmth into their fingers, the two girls were called Susan and Lucy, they were sisters, and hated being so. They had moved from London to this lonely cottage in the countryside. One sunny day, something they hadn’t seen for a while, they decided to go and explore the woods behind the miniature cottage. They asked their mum (Poppy) if they could. Poppy said yes as long as they stick together, and stay safe.

    When they got into the forest it was dark and eerie, they wished they had brought a torch. Suddenly, they heard a long howl, they turned to the path and ran for their lives. Well, they thought it was for their lives, but it was only their dog howling for someone to play with him, but of course they didn’t know that!

    As they ventured on they slowed down to a walk, Susan had a pain in her side and Lucy had a pain in her leg. As they stepped into a grassy clearing a magnificent unicorn jumped gracefully into the same clearing. When the unicorn saw them he turned around and started to gallop back into the forest, before it could disappear the two girls shouted “STOP.” The unicorn stopped and stared.
    “You promise you won’t hurt me?” it said.
    “How come you can speak?” Asked Lucy.
    “You have to promise me or I’ll go.”
    “We promise,” Susan and Lucy chorused
    The unicorn turned to them and said “I’ve always been able to speak, I don’t know why.”
    “What is your name?” said Lucy. “Mine is Lucy and this is my sister Susan.”
    “My name is Rainbow, but please can we go now, hunters are after me?”

    As she spoke a group of men burst through the trees, “Step to the side and no one gets hurt!” said one of them. Reluctantly they moved away from Rainbow whilst whispering to her reassuringly that they had an idea. After the hunters were sure that the girls weren’t going to stop them, the hunters secured a thick rope around Rainbow’s pure white neck. She whinnied loudly in pain.
    “We’ve got to help her,” whispered Lucy to Susan.
    “I know,”Susan replied.”But how.”
    “Susan, you said to let them take her!”
    “Let’s at least follow them so we know where she is,” said Susan. After a while they spotted the hunters in a copse of trees, they darted behind a withered old oak tree. Suddenly Lucy had a plan. “Why don’t you distract them, I’ll untie Rainbow?!”

    Susan cleverly distracted the hunters by creeping around the trees and making a menacing howling sound. At the same time Lucy crept around the other side to undo the rope binding Rainbow to the stake. As she silently crept up to the rope she trod on a stick. The hunters turned, Lucy ran like the wind to Rainbow and set her free.
    “Run!” She shouted to them both.

    By Niamh

    1. Nice 500 word story it really drawed me in and made a picture in my head. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      From George H

    2. Liked your cliff hanger Niamh you should really become a writer some day you would by amazing! You better make the second book for it. From Tiana

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