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    Are you ready to hear a fascinating story? Would you like to hear it? When I was little, I was playing nicely in a fun extraordinary playground and I tripped over something strange. I whispered “this is amazing.” Upsettingly, I sadly tripped over it but then suddenly something started to tap on the shell. It was very spotty. I couldn’t believe my tired eyes! An emerald green, cheeky dragon curiously popped her head out cutely from the broken shell.

    I wanted to take her home but I couldn’t, my sister always cleans my room. Suddenly, I spotted something next to me, a sign that said storeroom. After I had ran up the loud echoey stairs ( I was going to be late) I hid the tiny cute baby girl dragon in the small storeroom. A few hours later I came back from my class and she was a bigger than usual and as the day began the dragon grew bigger and bigger and bigger.

    The next day I brought her in very early because she was bigger than ever. When I came back from my extremely fun class lots of people were asking “what do you think is in that spooky dark loud storeroom?” because she was loudly crashing around and the walls were cracking. I had no idea what to do “what should I do?”. Out of nowhere the teacher angrily shouted “go to your classrooms NOW!!” I was so worried. Unexpectedly, I had a fantastic idea…

    That stormy horrific night the wind was howling and I had my rope (I bet you think I’m a thief) I am…just kidding. I was going to teach my dragon to fly because it was getting on my nerves at school. I told her “I believe in you,” she suddenly smiled. I jumped on her big fury back. I felt sick because she started to glide through the fresh air. Everything was like little ants I felt like I was the one flying. I swiftly spotted her family. She was going very fast, I decided to call her Beauty. She sadly walked away and I cried with all my heart, but tears turned to smiles, she had finally got home to her precious family.

    The next day I carried on with my normal life and the teachers were trying to fix the broken walls because you know we cracked them when we were teaching Beauty to fly. We had to have some fun playing ninjas! Anyway she happily got back home to her loving family.

  2. A lost dragon

    Oh hiya, my names Jacob and I always wanted to know something. Do you believe in dragons? No, then I’ll tell you a whole,astonishing story of me and a dragon called Rez. A few weeks ago when I was walking home from school, through a fascinating, tremendous forests l found a huge monstrous cave. The mouth of the menacing cave yawned right in front of me and in the cave was an extraordinary dragons egg. I took it to school for show and tell and with a loud THUMP I dropped it on the floor and it started to crack. No one could believe their own precious eyes. A fierce, gruesome dragon was surrounded by cracks of the broken shell.

    I told my best friend Alfie that I hid my menacing, monstrous dragon Rez in the massive shed. Everyday at the end of school, I tentatively sneaked over there where he always made a scorch in the corner of the shed. He is very iridescent and dazzling. I took him home and curiously fed him. He was getting enormous now. Every dark and gloomy night he would make a deafening howl to the sparkling moon because he missed his magnificent family. I had to teach him to fly.

    Excitedly, with one laborious, complex jump Rez flew off the balcony and with a boisterous CRASH! Rez fell to the hard ground. Happily, Rez excitedly jumped again as I bellowed “You can do this, I believe in you!” I swiftly jumped on his fury back and we amazingly flew in the cobalt sky all around the exquisite city. It felt astonishing. He found his lovely family with me. Tears emotionally fell down my face as he rubbed my smooth cheeks and mysteriously howled goodbye. Melancholy tears turned into stunning smiles as I followed the dragon’s gloomy shadows all the way home.

  3. The lost dragon

    Do you believe in dragons? It all started one damp November day. I saw a little egg on the roadside. Suddenly a car skidded around the corner and hit the shiny egg. I ran as fast as I could. I picked up what was left of the egg. When my dragon hatched its wings were huge for a baby dragon. He had a very long pointed tail. I called my new friend Grace.

    I hid Grace in the dark and gloomy attic of my school. Every day I fed her three times. I fed her roasted meat and went back home every time. She got bigger and bigger and bigger. I had to move her because people started to become suspicious. People started to hear loud, stumpy footsteps. I needed to teach Grace to fly.

    My dragon jumped off the climbing frame, it took sixteen attempts but with one mighty jump, and me on her back she did it. She flew all the way to the end of the sun set, the people were as small as ants. I was very excited to be flying a dragon. Whilst we were flying we found Grace’s family.It was hard leaving her l said goodbye and left.

  4. The secret dragon

    Do you like fantastic stories? Do you? Well if you do, I’ll tell you one. When I was young, I was happily walking to school and I fell over. I saw an odd object under a shiny car. It was a green and massive egg. Then the back wheel horrifically crushed the poor egg. I stared in horror. A miniature, scaly animal glanced curiously at me.

    I decided to call the dragon Spikey because he had charming spikes on his back. I silently put him in my school bag. Before I went to class, I secretly hid Spikey in a colossal oak tree because it had luscious and green leaves and Spikey is a juvenile. I hoped no one would find him. At the end of a pleasant lunch, I fed him my enjoyable leftovers.

    Children and teachers were eventually becoming awfully suspicious because they were noticing that leaves were turning mysteriously darker, and monumental Spikey was getting bigger and bigger and bigger every day. I didn’t have much time. I had to hurry. I had to teach him quickly to fly.

    Spikey was getting too monumental to be kept a secret. He had to fly rapidly. There wasn’t much time. Then an idea popped swiftly into my head. I ran quickly inside my class and gradually brought out a desk. I knew it was going to be challenging, but I knew it was possible. Spikey nervously watched me as I ran around oddly like a crazy person, whilst flapping my arms. Then I carefully got on my worried dragons back. He flew for a few seconds, but then he crashed into a prickly bush. Then a tall tree. I whispered in his ear “I believe in you” and he felt more determined. He took a deep breath, spread his wings and flew. He was quite nimble for his first flight

    We felt heroic as we flew past cotton candy clouds, watched the horizon beautifully disappear and listened to birds tweeting. We had to find Spikey’s family before dawn. WHOOSH! What was that? I saw four dark shapes fly beside us. It was Spikey’s family! They dropped me in front of my house. I turned around and saw them sadly fly away. I was sad Spikey couldn’t stay with me, but I was so happy Spikey was with his family again. I waved and smiled.


    A few months ago I was playing hide and seek in the bright, colossal playground, I hid near a smelly dumpster then suddenly I found a shiny, ruby red egg. It glittered and shined in the fire-breathing red sun. Suddenly I saw an oak tag that said “the name of this creature is Skylar” what does that mean? I slowly knocked on the egg gently and there was a little roar it sounded like a YELP!!! It sounded really crazy I didn’t know what to do, would it put my hair on fire?, Would it try to kill me? What would you do? Because I would try to protect the egg because the poor egg was abandoned that means that it’s never met its poor family.

    As I turned around there was a pitch black ball that rolled on the shining egg, suddenly a crystal blue dragon appeared, I had to hide Skylar. I opened my leather backpack and gave Skylar some delicious food. Then I put her in my metal locker but then she grew and grew and grew. Suddenly all the hard lockers fell, I took Skylar quickly outside but then she grew bigger and bigger and bigger, what should I do? I knew I had to teach her to fly.

    I found a colossal hill so I got Skylar and told her to go to the huge hill and she did. I silently whispered in her ear “you can do this, fly!!!” Skylar crazily flapped her lapis lazuli wings but sadly crashed, then she tried again and again then flew slowly around the secondary school’s roof she came to me and I quickly jumped on her rough and scaly back. I felt so brave on Skylar’s back it was like I was on a hot air balloon and it was like I was a graceful bird. We were as high as the Eiffel Tower but then suddenly I felt it was so nerve racking because when I fell it was like I was in a never ending dark hole.

    Luckily, there were two other scaly dragons that saved me, suddenly I realised they had to be Skylar’s parents. Soggy tears filled my eyes but sad tears turned to smiles as I gently hugged Skylar goodbye. Skylar and her joyful parents flew in the beautiful, bright, colossal sunset.

  6. The dragons egg

    Oh hi. My name is Ellie do you believe in dragons? I do because when I was walking sadly home I saw a scaly egg in a huge tree. At first, I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw, so I went to climb the brown tree. I thought it was a fake egg but as I got closer and closer it was a dragon egg. I quickly got the egg and took it home. The scaly egg hatched. People looked around to see what was going on .

    I hid him in my school, his name is Charlie, I also fed him pizza and garlic bread. When I gave him that he got bigger and bigger and bigger.Then I hid him in the locker and people began to notice. He started banging on the locker, people looked around to see what was going on then the wall started shaking. I had to teach him to fly.

    I started to teach Charlie to fly on a really, really steep mountain, so when I went to teach him I said ” you can do this, believe in yourself. ” When I said that he flew, I happily jumped on his back. I felt astonished, freaked out, scared and I fainted when he did a amazing loop the loop and a huge swirl in the sky. Suddenly the flying became smooth it was a miracle. Suddenly, he found his family and I said goodbye whilst tears were dripping slowly down my face, but then I said give me a howl once again and I’ll know you and your family are ok.

  7. The dragon has lost her family

    Do you like reading stories? I do. A few weeks ago I was walking home from school through the damp and gloomy forest with James. I exclaimed “I found a beautiful dragon’s egg in school today”. James was curious and wanted to hear more. Do you want to hear more? Ok, I’ll tell you more. All of a sudden with a loud THUMP the egg hatched. Everyone looked in surprise. A friendly dragon appeared.

    The happy dragon, Smokey was really soft and could jump as high as a Jaguar. I had been hiding him on the comfortable red chair. When people have sat on the ancient chair, they noticed that it was amazingly bumpy and if Smokey sneezed a bit of grey smoke came out. Now the dragon was getting too big to hide. I had to teach her to fly.

    Do you like the story? Now do you believe in dragons? At first it was hard to teach the dragon Smokey to fly. I encouraged her and said “you can do this!” First I said “why don’t you start at the gritty climbing wall” I said “you can do this I believe in you” I jumped on her back and when I was on her back I felt happy and worried. Then we crashed and crashed. She finally did it so we nervously flew all around Walcott and the beautiful country side.

    We kept on looking for her family. When we finally found them she quickly swooped down.She was really happy to see them they led me all the way home. I was happy that she found her family, but I was sad that she had to leave me.

  8. The young red dragon

    Do you believe in dragons? it all started one damp November when I saw
    an egg on the road. Suddenly a car skidded around the corner and
    hit a green egg.Then the egg began to crack and a beautiful red
    dragon glided around the park.

    I hid him in my dark locker and fed him a ham sandwich every night. He got bigger, and bigger and bigger, but he got too big so I took him to the dark and cold attic. Pieces fell from the ceiling so a few teachers went to the schools attic to investigate, but he hid.

    I knew I had to teach him to fly, so I took him to the field and I said ”I believe in you!” Just then he glided on the building and flew off into the distance but then saw his family. I was very upset but then the tears turned into smiles because he had found his family.

  9. Kraylie’s great adventure

    Do you believe in dragons? well I do. It all started one damp November night when I was walking home and I saw a little egg on the road. Suddenly, a car skidded around a corner and hit the egg . I ran to see if it was okay. An emerald green dragon lay in front of me. Her blue eyes were cute and blood ran down her back left leg.

    I nervously picked her up and took her to school. Hiding the dragon inside of my draw was easy. Suddenly I had a idea to give my dragon a name. The name was kraylie. Ten long days past and kraylie grew and grew and grew until she was as long as a bench. The teachers started to notice unspeakable things on the floor. She started eating everything made of meat. I had to teach her to fly!!!

    I started at dawn kraylie was on the climbing frame. When we began it was problematic Kraylie hit a house! “Kraylie fly, fly Kraylie!!! She flew into the clouds and in to the sunset and ate a seagull.
    Surprisingly Samuel was on a dragon called Misty kraylie dived at him and Smokey, her beloved twin. I took her back to her nest and Smoky was there. Suddenly misty flew down. I said goodbye and left, tears flowed down my face but I was happy for Kraylie.

  10. Misty’s great adventure

    Are you ready for a breathtaking story? Do you believe in dragons? Good! When I was 15 years old I was walking to the full of toys shop and I mischievously stood on a mysterious egg. WOW! Out came a ear splitting roar!!! Four short legs popped out of the eggshell and were scurrying rapidly. Everyone jumped in horror! A shimmering, glamorous dragon stared at me in amazement!

    The iridescent, glimmering and beautiful dragon peeked down from out of the class cupboard, because I bought him into school and hid him there. I turned around again and the sheet from on top of the cupboard was gone… I angrily turned back round again. That dragon was really annoying me. I decided that this dragon needed a name. I decided that I would call him Misty.

    At first Misty was easy to hide, but when he grew bigger it was very hard to hide. Misty started to grow hungry and starve… Every night I would bring some chips from the cafeteria. People started noticing the glittery trails he left trailing along the floors. Ten days later Misty was surprisingly a fully grown dragon. I could not hide him any longer because the constant hiding left him frustrated! CHOMP! A person got bit by the bitter and indignant dragon. The dragon grew bigger and bigger and bigger. There was only one thing to do. I had to teach him to fly…

    At first it was hard to teach Misty to fly, it took 20 problematic, arduous attempts!!! It all started in my back garden at dusk. “Misty fly, fly Misty, you can do it I believe in you!!” He flew, he went higher and higher until reached the woollen cotton clouds.

    I jumped onto his glittery back and we started to fly as high as the iridescent sky! I could feel the breeze rapidly tickling my pale white and sweaty face and see the Misty mountains in front of my very own eyes! How lucky am I?!!!

    We finally found Misty’s family and surprisingly Ben and Beth, their rightful owners. Ben introduced me to his cute dragon and Beth introduced me to Smokey. Misty was playing with Smokey and the other dragons. Both of the other dragons were playing joyfully until the end of the sunset and Misty was just saying his goodbyes to me, Ben and Beth. We were all playing until the sun turned to moon… Tears turned to smiles as Misty flew away into the exquisite horizon!!


    Are you ready for a breathtaking story?If so I will start. When I was 4 years old, l discovered a dazzling, green egg. I was riding my fast and furious bike when l hit the egg. Then it cracked, and it cracked again.Next,two scaly feet popped out and was scurrying around the garden until it hit a fence. I fell of my bike in a fright. As cheeky emerald green dragon stared at me. Was I scared? Well would you be?

    I took Bob into the house to feed him, but I had to go to school, so I took him with me in my back pack. When I got to school, I put my lunch in my locker so he could eat it. Whilst I was in class, Bob was bashing on my locker because he was getting bigger and bigger and bigger! He became too big for my locker. I thought i am going to teach him to fly .But how? First, I need to get him out of my fun school without anyone knowing.

    I went to get my bright trampoline so l could jump and encourage Bob to fly. The first time it did not work, but the second time it worked because I said “you can do it.” When I got on Bob’s back he flew. When we were in the sky I saw the flowing rivers glide gently south ways. I felt so happy because I got Bob to fly and he is going home. As we glided past all the mountain top’s I touched the bone-chilling snow. I looked down, I got scared because l am scared of height. Are you scared of heights? Bob found his cool and funny family . Bob was so happy when he saw his bottle green family. He was so happy he cried out MUM, DAD! I was so sad to see him go but before I went home I flew with him one last time .

  12. The upset dragon story

    I was going to bed and I found an egg but I didn’t now that it was an egg.I smashed it on the floor, then it cracked and a baby dragon popped out. I didn’t want to show my mum, my brother or sister in case they told me off.I couldn’t get to sleep because it was so loud. The next day I went to school with my cute dragon.

    I hid him in my locker whilst I went to class.The dragon went A HA CHOO!!! Then the locker door came off, but I didn’t know.When I got home, I snuck outside and went to school. I went on the green, glass house and reached him to fly.

    The first time he crashed, the second time he lifted his wings up and started to fly.He flew so well I saw houses, clouds and I felt so proud that he started to fly. Rex wanted to go back to his family he tried and tried. I said “I believe in you,” so he flew to his family.

    I saw his family I felt nervous that he couldn’t get there in time. He got there in time and cheerfully I said good bye Rex. I was so sad that he needed to go home but Rex had found his home though. I went back home and went to bed.

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