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  1. The Blaster!!!
    It’s the unbeatable!

    Join us now at Walcott Wonderland and you blast off up to amaZING speeds. Start by ascending up, to see the world flash before your eyes. Then BLAST OFF!!! Get the fright of your life as you zoom off into the distance along with the nail biting cowards bellow. So what are you waiting for the prices are low?

    This ride will blow your mind as you blast off through the mind messing loopy moustache. It’s known as the fastest roller-coaster world wide. The cowards beware. The brave, take a chance to face the flaming fury of the ride.

    Just sit back and get ready to have the time of your life. Face the surprises of the heart pounding drops and the blasting eruptions of the rattling rails of the ride.

    It’s the unbeatable!

    By Nell.

  2. Air

    You belong to the air

    The stunning new park is here. Walcott Wonderland!
    It is located in Lincolnshire. Walcott wonderland is just three miles away from Lincoln. It’s got more than 25 different rides. What everyone can afford. Do you like to queue just to go on a ride? We’ll now you don’t we got five carriages that go at the same time. Also we have the fastest ride in the world. The dare devil.

    WARNING: this ride is only for the dare devil. NOT for the cowards. If your dream is to fly then this is the right ride for you. Look down onto Walcott Wonderland as you go round the twist and turns.

    Don’t be surprised when you go round the twist and turns up side down. There are more deadly surprises ahead. So book now a Walcott wonderland.com

    You belong to the air
    By Milly

  3. The Dare Devil

    This is no ordinary ride, join us and you will see what I mean.

    Come on down to Walcott Wonderland where you can have lots of fun. If you are looking for the fastest rides you have came to the right place. Let your dream come true. Be mesmerised by the extraordinary rides. Have you ever seen a roller coaster with sixteen loops? No didn’t think so and that’s because the is only one in the entire world and it stands in Walcott Wonderland, so what are you waiting for?

    Do you want to know how it feels to fly? Now is your your chance. The Dare Devil is the newest ride we have got. It carries up to 20 people in each carriage . Don’t be fooled by the steep dip which will make you scream there are far more deadly surprises ahead…

    By Harriet

  4. Lightning
    Cowards beware lightning ALWAYS strikes twice!

    The superb ‘ Walcott Wonderland’ is situated in Lincoln, just 1 mile from Lincoln. With flabbergasting prices that everyone can afford so join us!

    Lightning is the first roller coaster in history that will shock you in about 1000 millisecond you will be shaken! I would recommend this to the brave hearts and nerds too. So cowards avoid and stay clear of it. Do you want to join lightning?

    Dare yourself to leap onto lightning and strap yourself in as your mind races for the introductory question. Prepare yourself because if the answer is wrong you get a shock. If you get it right then you get a lovely surprise… Why don’t you JOIN US!

    Cowards beware lighting ALWAYS strikes twice!
    By Tiana

  5. The zipzer
    Zip, zap zoom.
    Situated in Lincolnshire, Walcott Wonderland homes the most amazing rides ever known. Just 28 miles from Lincoln and close to Heckington, Walcott Wonderland is the perfect place to be. With a wide range of rides, you won’t want to miss out on this easily affordable theme park. At the core of the terrific theme park, the best rides are found, including the awesome Zipzer.

    Come on and join us if you are 7+, adults can enjoy this too. Have fun squashing your friends and having a wail of a time.

    Zoom around in a triangle as music booms in your ears and you scream at being slammed against the side at surprising speeds. You will be laughing and singing along to the music as it is suitable for 7+. Gradually, you will speed up and crashing into the side will be quicker and not as often.

    Zip, zap zoom.

    By Victoria

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