Fantasy Forest 14.3.14

Have a read of Class 3’s Literacy Homework. Descriptions of a Fantasy Forest setting!

(Thank you Tiffany for reminding me to put the link on the blog! πŸ™‚ )

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  1. One sorrowful morning some trees stood still in the distance. They seemed to cry for company. It was as if they were going to jump out at you any minute. Their leaves were like eyes watching you wherever you went. This was no ordinary forest it was gloomy but in some ways it was majestic. Though just looking in from the outside gave you the creeps. By Tiffany

      1. Thanks Mercedes, you are a very fast replier. Tee hee! Can’t wait to read yours too! πŸ™‚ from Tiffany

  2. One sorrow morning, trees in the forest were wholing loudly, but wilest the trees call out for there frends, the leaves start sneekey acts by looking at every step. If you go to near to a branch, it will pull you into the whole tree! No one has ever gone in and come out , because there are so many trees and branches they pull you in. So could you be a lucky one?

    This forest that i’m talking about is no ordinary forest! It is a magic forest. when you go in, you never come out. From just looking in, it’ll give you the creeps.

    by Chloe.

    1. Wow Chloe it is nearly the same as Tiffany’s especially the end and the start! Everything else is amazing you could become a level 3 A + it is that good! From Mercedes. πŸ™‚

  3. The forest of magic has a winding path made of mud,twigs and leaves which is as soft as the fur of a rabbits skin.In the dark middle of the forest , sunlight twinkles between the leaves like the stars in the midnight sky. The trees stood as still as soldiers.

    The trees danced slowly in the wind. The trees looked different because they had different faces on there tree trunks, some had happy faces, some had straight faces, but beware of the trees with the angry faces because they it is a magic forest after all. And they just might get you!and last of all there was a sad face there was lots of logs in a pile and there is a sighn that Says do not go across the rest of this path because there are snakes that are in log piles on the ground keep out.

    From Megan

    1. Wow Megan, I agree with cedes you do deserve 2tp, with that piece of writing you’ll be a level 4 in no time! From Tiffany πŸ˜›

      1. Hi megan, I like that you added snakes next try to add some similise and you deserve them 2tp from joseph. πŸ™‚

  4. Forest description!
    The forest was cool and dark. The only sound that could be heard was the soft sound of whispering trees. In every direction stood great columns of ancient trees. The almighty trunks were reaching straight up into the sky. Through the interwoven branches hear and there were big Shafts of light, there was something magical about this forest but I wasn’t sure what. The little sparkling drops of dew caught my eye, but when I looked even closer I then new it wasn’t drops of dew after all…

    By Mercedes!

    1. WOW, Mercedes, I really like your literacy work, especially your use of personification describing the whispering trees! Next time, you could add in a simile, for example, compare the great columns of ancient trees to a long line of soldiers standing to attention. It’s left me wanting to know what happens next πŸ˜€

      From Evie L

  5. Fantasy forest homework.

    The trees stood still and it was as if they were watching you, with unseen faces hidden in the bark of their trunks. When it is windy in the fantasy forest, the tree branches appear to come alive and grab for you, reaching to take you to the top of the tree. If you listen carefully, the leaves seem to whisper to each other and send messages throughout the forest.

    The root knotted carpet fills the ground, tripping up anyone who is not paying attention to where they are going. All you can hear is the sound of crows cawing in the dark eerie forest. The only sunlight you can see is at the edge of the forest. Do not enter it, you may never get OUT.

    By Evie.p

    1. WOW! Evie that is a really good description of the fantasy forest. Just reading that gave me the creeps! From Tiffany! πŸ˜‰

  6. Golden Eagles & Dogs- Steps to success:

    Describe the moment the main character finds the gateway.
    Include powerful verbs and adverbs.
    Use a simile to describe the fantasy world.
    Use short sentences for dramatic effect!
    Use capital letters and full stops.
    Use connectives to link your ideas.

    James’ dilemma
    After a long moment. She shoot up in this unusual please. I thought to my self were am I must be dreaming? Is anyone here but all I could see was trees dancing in the wind, and the moon shining all over me All over the place is was 5 minutes later I move a little more I did not move a lot because there might be beasts. But in said they was none I was calm as a wolf howling calmly.

    Then this shadow appeared. He whispered to him. His name was Russell the dog. “I will show you around.” Russell said”.
    “Ok then”.Come on then we have not got all day. So Bob and Russell started searching around the place. I could not believe my eyes how big it was.
    “Russill said.” There a evil character it is wizard he is magic. So do not go nere him. He will kill you. So just stay nere me are the bath House there gold in there if you want to get some.

    When we went around my legs were week. “Then I said to my self I am so sleepy,no mush not give up. Sunlight shine ever were. It can’t be. hide quickly before he fines you we hiding behind a tree. But he has X-ray vision so he can see us.
    Well,well,well,look what have there. Shame on you. So the wizard taken Bob in to a prison

    by James

    1. Well done James. I really like this story but next time try to do a metaphor. It was an amazing story. From Vinny πŸ™‚

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