Half Term Diary

Thursday 13th February

Dear Class 3,

I would like you to write a diary entry about a day in your half term break. This is your chance to show off and use all of the features that are in diaries! Try to make it interesting for the reader. I may have little prizes for the best ones πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to read them all!

From Mr McCann

63 thoughts on “Half Term Diary

      1. It’s really good! We had music class,I got a Trumpet I even went to Ripon cathedral and instead of having 2 years in 1 class they had 1 year in 2 classes!

    1. Hi Grace hope its going all well can’t believe you got a trumpet when you come down to visit you must teach me.From Tiana

  1. Chloe’s diary entry

    On Sunday I woke up to hear the birds sing my best song. After I washed my hands, then ate breakfast. Then I got dressed, got a drink, made my bed, got on my shoes, got my coat and went to the car. We were going to my cousins house to play.

  2. Dear Dave (Diary),

    On Saturday i woke to hear the most amazing voice of a bird and it was singing my favourite song. After that i went to have my breakfast then me and my family got dressed and then we got in the car and sett of to my cousins house. When we got there i was so excited to see my two cousins. It was amazing because i only get to see them three or four times a year. I had lunch with them and an hour after that we went home when we got home i sat on the sofa and watched tv. Then i had my tea and went to bed.

    By Matthew

    1. Fantastic diary entry Matthew! 4tp. πŸ™‚ I like that you have included lots of detail about what you did. Next time, try to add more descriptions and write in paragraphs.

  3. Today I’ve already woke up and it’s only 7 o’clock and do you know why? I have to go to kids club. Today better be fun but I do have expectations for it because I do have my tablet.

    I kids club all you do is play but you can make stuff like what I’ve done in the past. I made my own Gecko t-shirt. It looks really awesome, it’s got little Geckos on the sleeves and a big Gecko with patterns around it in the middle of the t-shirt.

    When we got back we went on a dog walk with Scoots and Rossi, it was really fun and I felt happy as Larry because I was running with the dogs. When we got back I was really happy because I had to go to bed. Just kidding! Why would I want to go to bed?

    By Ben

  4. Dear Diary,

    It was Friday,I woke up with a shock! I remembered that today was the day that my sister and I were going to have a big surprise waiting for us! I could faintly remember my mum saying last night ‘oh, I just remembered tomorrow you are going to have a big surprise awaiting for you!’ I jumped out of bed,nearly falling on the floor head first, rushing down for breakfast so I wasn’t late for the big surprise,I had some toast with strawberry jam on top!YUM! Once I had finished I then again ran upstairs into the bathroom door, accidentally , picked myself of the floor ran into the wardrobe collected my clothes ,shut the door ran back into the bathroom!

    I stopped,what if it was just my imagination again! At that moment my clumsy sister,Sophia, barged through the bathroom door and started brushing her teeth! I then said ,mostly mumbling to myself, ”
    I thought we were meant to nock before you come in you weren’t born in
    a barn!”
    She then stopped and said, spluttering all the tooth past out of her mouth,
    “Oh sorry didn’t realise you were there I was just umm, brushing my teeth see. I don’t want to be late for the surprise !!!!”

    It had been 1 hour exactly since I had wocken up, in that one hour I had brushed my teeth gotten dressed and eaten I then realised that my mum hadn’t even moved a finger she was still snoring in bed! I thought to my self ‘what sort of mother would do that!’ I stormed into her bed room and shouted at the top of my voice ” WACK UP NOW!!!!!!!!!”
    she shouted in shock
    ” What on earth was that .”,
    and then shot out of bed and ran down stairs! I was giggling my head off! hahaha.

    It had now been 2 hours since I had woken up and mummy was finally dressed and had eaten and brushed her teeth. Sophia looked at me and I looked at her could she read my mind because we both shouted at the same time,
    ” come on it is time to go it is nearly nine o’clock!”
    then mummy said
    ” It is okay no need to worry ! They won’t mind if were a minute late will they !!”
    I then thought to myself ‘ well it might destroy our surprise though!”

    It was finally time to go and neither of us knew what it was. Was it a toy or was it a pet?
    we both plunged into the car, it stunck in their I then said politely
    ” please may you put down a window there is a weird smell!”
    my mum then put down the window very slowly.

    We were their, or were we because we were at paula’s house with a hut at the door then I knew what it was.I rang the door bell and Paula opened the door she then said
    ” Have you figerd it out yet or not?”
    I then lied and said
    This was the big moment for me and my sister …Paula then said
    ” you are going to have a pet ……. Chickens they are called Bamtons and are very qute you can call them whatever you like and we will be dropping them of at two with the hut!”
    That was all I needed to knew I then said
    ” what are they do we have two hens or two cockerels or maby a hen and a cock!”
    ” oh you are going to have a hen and a cock! she won’t lay till she knows the new home she is in!”
    I was speakless I didn’t knew what to say other than
    ” WOW! ”

    Two days later Sunday!

    We now have the two chickens and we have called them Sir Bob and Madam’ Penny! they have layed 4 eggs so far even though Paula said that they won’t and they are perfectly fine!
    If you want to ask any questions about the chickens please ask!

    By Mercedes!

    1. Wow Mercedes! 5tp. This is a very eventful diary entry! I really enjoyed reading it. Remember to read through and check for punctuation and any others things missing.

    2. WOW! that is so long. πŸ˜‰ i’m catching up so look out. i am already wrighting a tiping a lot faster than normaly.
      i think it is a 9/10 pice of wrighting. WOW! πŸ˜‰

  5. Hello Mr McCann

    Sorry i forgot the password.Logged in on class 4

    My dairy entry 14th February 2014

    On this day at 12 o’clock all my family went ten pin bowling at the Lincoln bowl
    Upon arrival we got our bowling shoes and a drink.We went on lane number 7,it had
    multicolored lights down the sides.One of my shots totally missed the lane and went in the gutter,the lady had to come and rescue my ball.When it was Sam’s go he sent it down the wrong lane.So everyone laughed.Dad got 12 strikes and won as usual.Mum said hope he can get his through the door?.In the evening it was judo training ,dad came to watch for the first time as he was on holiday too.We played my favourite game bulldog.

    James Class 3

  6. Half term diary by Evie.p
    Tuesday 18th February

    I woke up bright and early because today we were all going swimming yippee! The pool we were going to was called waves because they have a huge wave machine. Once I got dressed I went down stairs to have my breakfast. I asked my auntie should we go in the morning or afternoon. Then we all agreed we should go in the morning including my one year old cousen named Jessica she said da da because she always says that.

    Once we all had our bags packed and our breakfast eaten we all got in the car to go to the pool. When we got there someone said I have to wear a pink wrist band because whenever they call your colour you have to get out. When we paid we went to the changing room and got changed into our swimming costumes we all got into the pool. “It’s really cold” I told everybody as I got into the pool.

    Ethan my 3 year old cousen wanted to go to the playing area with the big pirate ship because he wanted to splash me with the cannons that sprayed water. So we went and then I got onto the big pirate ship and I went down the slide and once I got to the bottom i was sprayed right in the face by little mr cheeky Ethan. Jessica did not like the water and was just closing her eyes and saying da da all the time which was pretty anoying.

    I said to my auntie where are the waves because there was no waves at all. She said to me they blow the whistle then the waves start. Suddenly they said a colour I just hoped that it was not pink “silver people get out now” phew it was not pink. Ethan realised that there was a hidden pool and really wanted to go in so we all went in. Jessica then just started to like the water and was kicking her legs ‘good swimming Jessica well done’. My mum said it was time to go home because we did have 2 hours in the pool.

    It was not fair I did not get to go in the waves. The whistle started to blow and there came the waves. I quickly asked my mum if I could go in the waves for a bit. “Ok but stay close Evie”told my mum to me “yes” I whispered to myself. I had the best time of my life the best time now ended and so did the waves so out I got and put my towel on to keep me warm. I got dressed and we all went home.

  7. Megan’s half term diary
    Bright and early in the morning it became Tuesday . My sister said” shall we go swimming in the morning or the afternoon” we all said”yes” including my 1 year old cousin Jessica, she said”da da” like she always does when she misses her dad. The swimming pool was called waves because it had this awesome wave machine a man gave us these pink stripes and you had to put them on your wrist. There were rocks in the shallow end of the pool and I fell of one and I broke my foot so I sat on the side of the pool but my mum kept an I on me because it was extremely busy at Newcastle then we went home and it was dinner time and we had tuna pasta bake that my mum made it was delicious I even wanted more but there was not a lot left in the dish so instead we had desert and my cousins went to bed and then my uncle said “Ethan’s asleep ” so Evie went up to bed then my auntie” Jessica’s asleep” so I went to bed but I had to be extremely quite because Jessica could wake up and as soon as I new it all was herd was crying from Jessica I pretended that I was fast asleep but my nan nan and my mum kept on snoring I couldn’t get to sleep. Once again Jessica started crying I said to my self this is going to be a long night.

    It was early in the morning and my mum carried Jessica out of her cot.As Jessica was walking she fell on my knees. So I lifted her back up so she could walk again. So we got out of bed and we went down the triangle stairs and we had our breakfast but before my mum had her breakfast she had a shower. I reminded my auntie we had to go to the metro centre as my 3 year old is into ironman my mum got him a ironman costume that the light glows but the light went of so as we were on are way to the metro centre I spotted a fish and chip shop the fish looked good we finally arrived at the metro centre and I rushed to the Disney store with Ethan he said ironman is the best superhero and he said cool the light works he said to his mum can I put it on”year”said his mum so he told my mum to help him put it on. My mum put peppa pig on for Jessica she loves peppa pig so much she wanted the iPad mini next it was 7.00 so we had home made chicken curry especially made by my mum. I really wanted more but there was no more left so we got are pjs on and after a few minutes we went to bed and it was quite.

    It was the morning and we figured out that nearly all night Jessica sat watching us as we were asleep. Suddenly some one opened the door it was Ethan he woke us up and I told him that yesterday was are last day and when it is night time we will go home so we had our breakfast and we got dressed it was a sunny day so we went to the park and then Ethan had fell over so auntie said”do you want to go on the swings ” “yes”so we went to those basket swings so I pushed Evie and Ethan and they went as high as the clouds. Ethan wanted To go on the pirate ship so we went through the gate but Evie banged her nose on the gate so she ran to my mum.

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