48 thoughts on “Amazing Amazon

  1. Sloth

    Peacefully sleeping
    Amazing life in the trees
    Wow a three toed sloth


    Raining all day
    Amazon jungle nice as can be
    Invincible creatures
    Nearly as scary as a massive Gorilla
    Find a cheetah
    One of the fastest animals
    Rapid animals
    Enormous creatures
    Slimy snakes
    Ta ta have a nice day


    Sloths lazily bathe
    Chilling in the rainforest
    Their colour is nice


    Rapid cheetahs run around
    Amazing things to explore
    Incredible birds fly high
    Nice things to see
    Finding weird things
    On the ground such tiny animals
    Run away animals the Jaguars goanna catch you
    Enormous animals that you will make angry
    Such a massive place
    Tree waving around

  2. Jaguars

    Jumping in the Jungle.
    Always stealing prey
    Giant hunter
    Up in the tree
    Slowly moving.


    I am so vicious
    I have terrible claws
    I hunt for my food

  3. Sloth

    Climbing silently
    Slowly climbing down the tree
    Loving their babies

    Rarely found
    Amazing plants and animals
    Interesting tree
    New shelters
    Far away
    One of the longest forests
    Rapid jaguar
    Epic flowers
    Swampy vines
    Tallest trees in the land


    Lazily laying
    Slowly watching peacefully
    Family loving

    Rainy days
    Astounding plants
    Interesting sounds
    Newest flowers
    Forest animals
    One of the rarest jungles
    Rare animals
    Extraordinary noises
    Silky leaves
    Terrible loggers

  4. Monkeys
    Chattering loudly
    They are very naughty too
    They swing branch to branch

    Jungle breeze swaying on him
    Also having fun
    Growling at other animals
    Understory is his home
    Always winning the race
    Racing proudly

  5. Jaguar

    Jaguar wildly
    A viscous animal
    Great wild animal
    Under the rainforest
    A jungle is big
    Racing past the trees
    Spotty and large.


    Black and orange stripes.
    Very territorial.
    Growling big and loud.

  6. Sloth

    Sloths are very slow,
    They don’t often climb down trees,
    They’re very lazy


    Roaring animals everyday,
    Amazon jungle is the biggest,
    Insects and bugs creeping,
    Now getting chopped down,
    For animals, it’s their home,
    Oh no, Jaguar,
    Run! Run! Run,
    Everywhere is animal,
    Shhhh, creeping away,
    Terrific animals and plants

  7. Monkey
    Chattering monkeys
    They are very naughty too
    They swing on branches

    Jumping in the air
    Angry animal in its home
    Growling prowling through the forest
    Under story’s his home
    After his prey
    Roaring and resting in his home

  8. Sloth

    We are the slowest,
    Our type are the laziest,
    I’m a slow sloth

    Run and hide its a Jaguar,
    Always sun and always rain,
    I’m in now I can’t get out,
    Now I’m safe you won’t catch me,
    Furry cats all around,
    One way in and one way out,
    Run away I’m terrified its a spider,
    Every where is plant and leaf,
    Sun and rain is every where,
    Tree frogs poisonous run away!

    1. Well done Samuel, you have described a very scary rainforest. Remember with your Haiku the last line should have 5 syllables. 3TP

  9. Jaguar

    Jumping predator
    Always hunting it’s prey
    Growling loudly
    Under the rainforest
    Angry predator
    Racing proudly
    Scratching loudly.


    Mad swinging
    On a tree branch
    No hurting each other
    Keep on the tree
    Explain its speech
    Yapping loudly.

  10. Monkeys
    Chattering quickly
    Helping each other in teams
    Looking worried, run!

    Jungle chopper
    Angrily mean
    Gasping quickly
    Under story is their cosy home
    Always having fun
    Running swiftly

  11. Monkey

    Swinging through the tree
    Cheekily eating fresh fruit
    Loudly screaming

    Jungle warrior
    Amazing legs
    Giant tail
    Under the luscious trees
    Amazing smell

  12. Tiger
    Black and orange stripes
    Very territorial
    Growling big and loud

    Jungle might
    After animals
    Great stealth
    Unlimited spots
    A family of gold
    Reaching pray
    Stealth of steel

  13. Monkey
    Chattering swiftly
    Naughty Monkeys play safe
    Fun Monkeys climb Trees

    Jumping up the Tree
    Always jumping
    Growling at the animals
    Understory is their home
    Always having fun
    Running to their pray

  14. Jaguar

    I am so vicious
    I have terrible teeth
    I hunt for my food

    Just when the jaguar saw his lunch
    A tree frog jumped out of the bush
    Giant fury cat
    Up in the green tree
    Always hiding
    Rain falling on his spotty coat

  15. Tiger

    Black and orange
    Very territorial
    Growling big and loud


    Jumping ferociously
    Agile predator
    Giant terror
    Understory is their home
    As quick as a cheetah
    Racing the wind
    Slowly stalking

  16. Jaguars

    Jumping forward to sprint
    Always hunting for his food
    Gigantic Jaguar
    Under story he lives
    Always awake
    Roaring now

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