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  1. A book review of ‘ Mr Gum and the cherry tree’

    Author: Andy Stanton
    Illustrator: David Tazzyman
    Publisher: Egmont

    The story is set in a awkward town called Lamonic Bibber. The main character is a very unpleasant man called Mr Gum, as you will read through you will find out how rude he is with his discussing friend called Billy William the third (BW|||). Mr Gum and Billy William are very mischievous characters because they get up to all sorts of mischief throughout the books in the collection. When you start reading the book it gets more interesting as you read it, because of the mystery that Mr Gum has made in town. Polly another one of the main characters has to be brave. Polly has two best friends in the story, that are very funny. Polly also has a very weird friend that no one else knows about…

    I really enjoyed this book, because of the imaginative illustrations in it, and because of the chatty vocabulary. I would defiantly recommend this book aged 8 and over, because if you are younger you might not get the jokes in it and the hard speech. I will also give 95 out of 100 because of all the funny characters. I will give this book to boys and girls, because it isn’t just for boys. My favourite character is Friday O’ Learly, because he says lots of funny things!

    By Mercedes.

  2. The book of the ,Haunted house

    The story is Really good and funny to and my favrate character is the octopus because it’s in the sink and it’s swimming.There is a skeleton in a cupboard and it is hilarious

    I really like the story because the whole story sounds fun.
    I will give the book 97%.

    By Lilly

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