A world within a pop-up book… by Walcott Class 3

In Class 3 at Walcott we have been exploring a virtual world called Tengami.  We brainstormed ideas for descriptions before writing an exciting description. We’d love to know what you think of them. Please like the post or comment below.

Mr McCann

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3 thoughts on “A world within a pop-up book… by Walcott Class 3

  1. On a cold misty dull night,something peculiar was going to happen. The moon danced in the dull sky as the trees wasted in the moonlight. Wolfs were holwling as the sunset moved across gloomy sky. Water was cloudy. Bird was tweeting As the trees were blooming with lotus flowers which was falling on the rokey floor. Tufts of grass where scatted everywhere. Mountains were steep. Water was as cold as ice.

    In the distant there was an outline of a mysterious figure which was moving closer and closer to the bertiful carm stream. As wolfs awake the mysterious figure steps again. As figure was trebling to walk any more closer with the horrifying wolfs staking the mysterious figure. Every step the figure made the wolf would be next to the figure. As he heard the aggressive prederters Howl in the moon lit. As he tiptoed across to the bells. Then he dashed to the over side. He range the bells with a sweet tune to it.

    The wolfs fell to a deep sleep,wilest the wind blue, he crept and unfolded the Steps.

  2. One mysterious night, something strange was lurking in the distance. The moon was as shiny as the stars. The trees where waltzing in the moonlight. Every thing was ok until…

    The figure woke up and started moving around a bit. It was a wolf. After the wolf woke up it started howling eerily. Then a bell rang. As it was ringing, the wolf started to fall fast asleep. Then, out of nowhere came a man.

    The funny thing was he came out when the wolf fell asleep. He must have been hiding from it. He walked for miles but then there was another wolf that woke up. It wasn’t long until there where two wolfs stalking him. When the man came to some steps the wolfs tried to come down however, the stairs disappeared. He kept walking until there where four wolfs and four bells.

    The man rang the bells, which put the wolfs to sleep, and slowly crept back to the stairs alert for wolfs. He went up the stairs and went though the portal. All of a sudden, the world had changed.
    The world was as dark as a bat. The man noticed a door and went towards it he realised there was a piece missing in the door!

  3. On a dark and cold night, something was to be seen, everything was calm. The moon was as shiny as glimmering stars. Something was howling mysteriously in the distance ,and the moon danced in the midnight sky. A stream was flowing calmly suddenly the moon shone on the stream. There was a steep mountain that reaches to the sky. There was a waterfall and it was as slow as a snail.

    Minutes later a man tiptoed past the mysterious creatures. The mysterious creatures shadow grew bigger and bigger. The man ran courtly past the shadowy figure. The man bolted past there predicted.

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