Encounter with … (Sword & Sworcery Task)

Task is due in on Monday 3rd March

Firstly, well done my groups at Walcott & Martin. Your first blog entries are now on here, which I have commented on too! (So has Mr Sewell on some of them) As we discussed, your task is to write a description of the ‘Deathless Spectre’ that we encountered in the cave. Your word limit is 150 words, so use your words wisely. Think about how to get the most powerful descriptions.

Things to remember:

  • Write in the 3rd person
  • Make it exciting for the reader
  • Use simple sentences to add drama
  • Use personification, similes and metaphors to add more interesting descriptions

Good luck! I may have prizes for those who put the best effort into their descriptions! Remember, those people who do these tasks will be allowed more time on the game 🙂
Here’s what the word spectre means:

1. (Alternative Belief Systems) a ghost; phantom; apparition
2. a mental image of something unpleasant or menacing: the

18 thoughts on “Encounter with … (Sword & Sworcery Task)

  1. Sarah walked into this dark and gloomy cave. Not knowing what to do, she adventurously continued her stroll through all these cobwebs. Out of nowhere an evil laugh echoed around her it was the Deathless spectre.

    She didn’t know what to do. So without thinking she just started running back. In fear , Sarah ran into small passageway where she heard a devastating groan and the deathless spectre ran through a light. (The deathless spectre was a ghost if he ran through a light he would die.) From the sky ,a huge object approached me. It pulled out it’s rusty sword and tried to swipe me. In one move, I stabbed him and lived another day. Was that the end of the death spectre?

    By Alex

    1. Wow I like it! Next time use more adjectives. I really like the ending (and lived another day. was that the end of the death spectre?). From Holly

  2. As the beastly creature crept slowly towards Scarlet. She tore her sword out in her scab board on the second attempt, thrusting out, but mysteriously it went straight through it. As she was sprinting away from her worst nightmare, the trees were howling as the deathly willow blew the fog as it closed up on Scarlet. The dangerous beast had a long dark cloak with the bloodshot eyes in its pale white face. Scarlet stopped, confused over the fog and where the monster would come from now…

    As soon as the beast appeared Scarlet stepped down the coal black steps leading to the three statues, with eyes like a blood red devil. Scarlet thought that they were looking at her every move. Time past away as the battle continued, this was when the deafening wind was screaming loudly in Scarlets ear. She looked slowly at the cottages as if they were keeping a secret.

    (I would love to know who has written this! 🙂 Mr McCann)

  3. Sally walked into a dark gloomy cave. The walls were just so old and wrinkly like all the other cave she been in. In front of her was a statue and in front of the Statue was the book the wood copper told Sally to get. When she stepped forward the statue came to life…

    Sally was shaking with fear. So frightened that she couldn’t think of anything except take the book and run. So that’s what sally did. Sally grabbed the book and rapidly ran as fast as she could. Sally was terrified. The monster just catch her before she could get away.

    By Milly

  4. Once upon a time in a land called Scythian lived a girl. The girl, who was called Lucy, loved to explore. One day she saw a wood cutter that was cutting some wood so she asked him if he could guide her to the gloomy cave behind the mountain because she was on a mission to get the book that had lied in the enchanted cave for over a year.

    As soon as she got into the cave Lucy was getting second thoughts about going in. When she got in the centre of the cave she saw a massive statue grasping the book. Creeping as quietly as a mouse, Lucy crept over to the book. As she grasped the book the statue started to move. Even though she was running as fast as she could, she was only just out running the creature she made it out of the cave.

    by Leslie

  5. As Scythian walked into the ancient chambers of the sorcery book. She walked up the cobwebbed stairs and stood looking down in gladness. Scythian couldn’t pick up the dusty old book because she was worried that she might break it, so she slashed her dark sword through the rotting wood. She quickly put her hands in front of her and catched the book and sighed in relief. Then Scythian walked to the stairs and all of a sudden a huge creature from the underworld came through the dark portal . The huge monster leaped out at her, nearly killing her .The monster had a ragged cloak around its and body and she could see the skeleton’s face. As she remembered what the woodcutter said look out for a monster guarding the book called the deathless spectre. She shouted in terror deathless spectre and ran for her life dodging all of his death traps and minions. She heard a terrible groan and she was safe at last.

    by Sam Motley 🙂

  6. Finally I had found the cave. It was smelt like rotting flesh and death. The walls had green slime and was gloomy. In the middle of the room was a statue holding a book.”That’s it?”she said puzzled.”all this way for lousy a book?” She carried on.”oh well I’ll just grab it and go.”she took a step closer.She had froze.Over in the corner was the old man.”You didn’t think it would be that easy did you.”he choked.”Well not really.”she lied.then the old man laughed and disappeared. Sapphire grabbed her sword and sliced the book right out of the statue hands.She put her sword back and got the book.Suddenly sparks bust out from the sides.Then they circled the statue getting brighter each time.Then they disappeared in the statue.All of a sudden the statue moved! Fearing for her life she ran. The woodsman was waiting for her and they just managed to escape.

    By Shannon

  7. She saw him. He was massive! Seeing him made her tremble with fear. Ghosty shadows surrounded her like guards. She couldn’t turn back now. It was the deathless spectre. He was like an enemy to her. He is wanted by her and this is a chance She had to take. He is a monster and a criminal. She was a statue and helpless. She was so scared, she didn’t have the energy to knock the book out of his hands. She had to knock it out with the sword. She scared the spectre making him angry and now she ran. Ran to every possible way out .

    (I’d love to know who this is by. From Mr McCann)

  8. As I walked into the cave could see the mega tome shining brightly into my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I had actually found it. But the thing that was bad was that it was protected by a ghostly figure that cept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The air was getting colder by the minute. So that’s when I decided to run for my life. I was running but it was just coming closer and closer. So I went to the cave and then their was a light, I ran past light and the ghost just vanished. I thought it had died but it gave its power to a statue. By Richard

  9. For the deathly spectre you have to
    You have to chop the book out of the the deathless spectres hands. Once you chop the book out of the deathless spectres hands his yes glow up. He woke up. She ran and ran and ran. When he stated chasing me she tried to kill him but the only thing that happened was he tried to digest me. She kept running he kept following me. She saw a light but she ran away from it he kept following me. She went back to the light he went In the light. The first time he didn’t die but she tried again and finally the drama ended…

    By Connor mayfield

  10. Scythian ended up in a blacked out room with the horrible phantom his name is the deathless spectre. He was holding the mega tome an ancient book that everyone in the village knows about and Scythian needs to return it to her boss who sent her on this terrible none forgetful mission. The deathless spectre has a black smoky body with a pure white reaper mask. If you take the mega tome from the spectre you will get chased for ever until you escape from the cave or if he caches you. If the spectre caches you, you will get sucked into his black smoky body that Leads to death…

    By Joshua.w

  11. The dark and gloomy night lay above the Sythien. Mist hovered all around her. She could only see the mist and the darkness of the night. It is like she is in a box, nobody could see the Sythein and the Sythein couldn’t see enyone.

    Under the vast and cavernous mountain of Mingi Taw, a cave hid. The air was damp. The Sythian was getting colder and colder. She knew she was being watched, but who by? She went inside the cave. The Sythian was ambling inside the cave. A black shadow lingered above the Sythian…

    By Lauren

  12. Dark gloomy cave surrounding her, not one step thinking how dangerous this challenge was. Hovering at the stairs of the vast cave, she held her sword tight for the great peril that stood like a statue write be forth her. Skulls were everywhere, but for only one caught her eye, the mass greater than the others. The deathless spectre.

    Suddenly, when the book of sorcery was lifted to freedom, there was a rumble of terror, her last words run. As a shadow hovered above her she got a glimpse of its terrifying eyes…

    By Ryan

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