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Class 3’s journey to space…

Class 3 have been learning about famous diaries, including the one written by Ernest Shackleton. As a result, for the last few days they have been writing their own adventurous diary. We boarded a space shuttle bound for the International Space Station and have enjoyed our past few days on board. Why not have a read of some of the diary entries below:

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  1. Jay’s Space Diary

    Tuesday 4th February. The count down!

    My life flashed before my eyes as my heart grew heavy. I could not believe how insane I was! I mean why did I think this wouldn’t be so horrifying and scary? Me and my crew thought our lives were about to end and miserably. For me and my friend were from different countries. I am from England and he is from France.

    Wednesday 5th February. At the ISS

    It took a whole night to get to the International space station (ISS). As soon as we got into space, we popped our seat belts off and there was no gravity. I loved floating! From space the Earth looked like a shiny blue diamond, hidden underground. In the ISS we didn’t need space suits because in space there is no gravity. In my crew there are 6 members the commander, flight engineer, science officer and the spaceflight participant. In the ISS a life support tank gives oxygen and takes away carbon dioxide.

    Thursday 6th February. An urgent mission!!!

    Today I had to attach the Kibo module back on to the ISS, because a bolt had came loose and Kibo was blocking the solar panels. The whole ISS ran out of electricity, luckily I brought my tools. It turned out the bolt wasn’t loose, there was just a faulty experiment! Kibo is an experiment chamber built by Japan. I went on a space walk to fix Kibo. It was a job for the little crane attached to the side of the ISS and it wasn’t very hard.

  2. Chloe’s space diary

    Tuesday 4th February – Taking off

    After the long countdown, the launch went well. I met the clouds at half past one. I closed my eyes when the rocket raced into space, and in 123, we were in space! I had no idea what would happen in space, but I new that my family was counting on me.

    Wednesday 5th February-In space

    From the shuttle, the Earth looked like a marble. We finally saw the space station and I could already smell the floating food in the space station.What were they eating anyway?

    At 7 o’clock I went to bed. But it wasn’t comfortable at first, but at 8 o’clock I started to like the trip to space. It was good so far! I had to sleep on the walls so we didn’t float around.

    Thursday 6th February

    After 100 pieces of bread! Not really just 1! I found out that no one could make contact with the Earth- one of the solar panels was broken. The crew invited me to come with them, so off I went.The damage was very bad but we managed to fix it, phew!

  3. Megan’s Amazing Space Diary

    Tuesday 4th February

    My launch went amazingly well. I was a bit anxious that we wouldn’t make it to the ISS, it took us two days to get to the international space station (ISS). After a long wait in orbit we finally reached the ISS, we were over the moon. In the ISS you can take your space suit off. There were 6 crew members.

    I felt extremely emotional when I arrived, I was so happy to be here. I floated around and saw all the amazing projects that the scientists had made over the years.

    Wednesday 5th February

    Today we had some food on the special tray that keeps the food down and from floating in the air. After lunch there was an emergency, a solar panel had bent and snapped. That meant I had to go on a space walk to fix it. The earth looked like a blue and green marble it amazing.

  4. Alanis’ Nasa Space Diary

    Tuesday 4th February

    After a long long wait in orbit we finally arrived at the International space station (ISS).The Earth was like a blue marble and it was as round as the sun. I could not believe my eyes when I arrived. When I saw how strange Earth looked I nearly fainted.

    Wednesday 5th February

    My launch went amazingly well.There is a full time crew of 6 people here. When we were inside we didn’t need space suits on because we would just float around and the ISS makes oxygen. We had to eat meals on a tray and we had to attach the food to it, because if we didn’t the food would float around.

    There are really strange names for each different section of the ISS, such as Destiny, Harmony and Kibo. Inside of the ISS it was as big as 5 bedrooms. There were electric solar panels. At night when we went to bed we had to attach our beds to the wall, because if we didn’t then we would be floating around. I felt scared and excited at the same time. I felt scared because I had never been to space before and I felt excited to se all the new people.

    Thursday 6th February

    In the morning when I woke up, I heard that there was an emergency. I quickly unclipped my belt and I went to see what the emergency was, you would never guess what had happened…The solar panels had bent and also snapped. This was a big disaster, I didn’t know what to do. I thought to myself, I might have to make my first space walk.

  5. My NASA Space Diary by James

    Tuesday 4th february

    After a long journey we arrived at the international space station (ISS). I felt terrified, my heart was pounding out. The Earth looked like a blue marble from up here. We could only fit 6 people in the ISS because there’s not a enough rooms.

    Wednesday 5th February

    We had to eat food on a special table, so it didn’t float around in the ISS. The beds had to be strapped to a wall so we don’t flout around too. When we went to the toilet a big tube vacuums your waste up.

    Thursday 6th February

    This morning there was a emergency, one of the solar panels broke off and we heard a loud bang. We went outside to see the problem. I had to put on a spacesuit to do a space walk, it was a long journey, it took us 1 hour to get to the solar panel and fix it. It was very difficult.

  6. My NASA Space Diary by Evie P

    Tuesday 4th February

    After a long time in space, I had finally reached the international space station (ISS). Once I had entered the ISS I could see the green and blue marble (the earth). Everybody greeted me when I entered the ISS it felt amazing. Then I heard my new job.

    My job now was to fix the ISS when it was broken. I thought I would love this job fixing things. I then sat down and ate my lunch. I had to have a special tray to keep my food down because if I did not the tray my lunch would float away. I got my favourite book about space and it was called the space men. I read my book until it was tea time. My tea was delicious and after I went to bed.

    Wednesday 5th February

    The next day I woke up bright and early, because today I could go and meet all the rest of the astronauts in the ISS. I went into this special room where all the other astronauts were. When I entered the room I could see a big window that showed all the plants and the Milky Way, that’s my favourite part of space to see the Milky Way. There were 6 people in the room, the commander, science officer, flight and the flight participants.

    Everybody looked at me as I entered the room and the commander was welcoming me to the ISS. Then one of the crew came over to me and gave me a badge. Once we had finished our talk we all had lunch together. When we had finished our lunch we thought that we could play a game, who can do the most rolls in one go and of course the commander did the most! The commander told me a fact which is all the modules are called some strange names which are called Harmony, kibo and destiny. Then it was time to get strapped up in the sleeping bags attached to the walls, ready for some sleep.

  7. Mercedes’ International Space Station (ISS)

    Tuesday the 3rd of February 2014

    After a long time in space we finally reached the ISS. I shook everybody’s hands and greeted them with some fresh water.

    Whilst we drank the clean water we all looked around and saw that one of the Solar Panels had a crack in. I quickly put on my Space suit and attached myself to the space station. I brought the hammer and the screwdriver. After a long time, I had finally stuck the solar panels together, and attached the panels to the wire connection. I floated back safely inside the space shuttle.

    Wednesday the 4th of February 2014

    Today was the day that we had to do our space walk! This was the first time we have done this experiment since 1984. We had to do it early in the morning or it wouldn’t be a fair test. We could see the beautiful sun bright in the sky like a shining marble.

    I commanded every body to get there space suits on and quickly. If we didn’t get the times right we would let the whole team down. It was 6:10,we had ten minutes left, we had to get a move on! Finally, we were attached to the space station, we were ready to go! We all clambered out of the space shuttle and quickly started our experiment. We were all hungry because we didn’t have breakfast this morning. Our experiment was that early in the morning!

    After two hours of work we all had to come back in. We were running out of Oxygen. I proudly said that every one had worked brilliantly, even though some of my crew had a small job. When we all had taken our space suits off in the ISS, I told every one that they could have a bit of fun and float around. After half an hour it was time to have something to eat, we all had rice and chicken, to be honest it wasn’t particularly nice it, was discussing! It was dehydrated rice and chicken, I don’t think I am going to be eating it again any time soon!

    After a long time chatting it was bed time, we all got cleaned and went to bed. I thought the beds were really comfy, it was like a sleeping bag attached to the wall. You had to climb in it and zip your self inside it, so you were attached to it. We were tired and felt like we could drop off at any minute!

    Thursday the 5th of February 2014

    We all got dressed and had breakfast, it was dehydrated toast and fish, yuk! I think meals are the worst in space every thing has to be dehydrated.

    I thought the day was never going to end…Finally it was time to announce that we all had to choose a planet that we had to research for a week and make an announcement as to why that planet was the best! I chose Neptune! Nobody else in the world has ever survived that climate without dying! I wanted to know why. Was it because there was to much gravity or was it because people didn’t know how to survive there?

    When it was super time I met two girls called Evie and Grace, they were going to Neptune to! I was so exited. We all planned our trip to Neptune I even got to go in the same room as them!

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