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Class 3 Walcott have been exploring how music can shape a story.  We have wached Aidan Gibbons ‘The Piano’ and discussed how the phrases in the music changed when the piano player was thinking about the past.  The children then used the animation to write flashbacks for the piano player.  Following on from this we then took another piece of music ‘Aquarium’ by Saint Saens and again broke it down into phrases that the children could use to write a flashback from the perspective of the little boy.  They have used some of their own childhood memories as inspiration.

Please take a look at the childrens’ efforts and enjoy.

Class 3’s shared flashback                                                

Quietly sitting, staring out of his tiny window, Josh, who was only seven years old, began thinking about his interesting past. These thoughts were making him feel extremely emotional. His thoughts were momentarily interrupted by the arrival of his grandfather. Luckily, his grandfather is the most wonderful man in Josh’s life. As Grandpa Mike left, Josh’s thoughts retuned to the past. If only he could remember clearly that dreadful day, when the only other living things that Josh cared about were taken from him.

Unless he remembered the tragic event, Josh would remain upset and unable to celebrate the birth of his new baby brother. Coco had been the most loving dog, he was loyal to Josh and protected him to the end. It had been a dark and dismal night when Coco had started barking at something they couldn’t see. He charged though the darkness, stopping only when he found the source of his disquiet. Josh and his mother had chased Coco, when all of a sudden a crack of thunder had dislodged a huge boulder. Coco had dragged Josh free, but couldn’t save himself or Josh’s mother. His baby brother was just two weeks old. Josh had refused to come out of his room since that disturbing night, he had lost his mother and his friend as the rock crashed to the ground in front of him.

A loud cry from the room below alerted Josh to the party that was taking place downstairs. He shook himself off and prepared to join the fun. Everyone was trying very hard to give his baby brother welcome he deserved. He didn’t even have a name yet! Before long he found himself laughing with his grandfather and making exciting plans for the future. With the determination of an elephant, Josh vowed he would be the best brother ever and protect him from any harm. Between them he and his grandfather named the giggling bundle of joy Philip.

Josh was excitedly awaiting the arrival of the train. He was going on holiday with his grandfather and Philip. As soon as the party had ended, they had decided that they wanted to go to York and show Philip the amazing trains at the Museum. He might only be a couple of months old, but he would love it anyway. Five minutes later they were happily sitting on the train singing nursery rhymes. They were still laughing as the train pulled into York station.

As the happy threesome wandered along the halls of the museum, Josh saw a ghostly figure walk towards him. He recognised her immediately, it was his mother, she had been an amazingly beautiful woman, who adored her family and sacrificed everything for their happiness. Now she was here to check on her newborn son, the little giggling boy sitting happily in Josh’s arms. Everything was going to be all right.

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  1. Sam’s Memory

    Quietly sitting in a church Sam, who was is nine years old, started to cry, because he was thinking of his sorrowful past. He was heart-broken. Although he was only nine, he remembered everything that happened. If only he could remember the happy times in his life, he would feel over joyed. If only he could remember that dreadful day clearly. He was the saddest boy in the world when his dog died.

    Coco was Sam’s best friend and never let Sam get into danger. Unless he remembered the happy things in his life, he would not celebrate the birth of his new baby brother. Coco was the most loving and fluffiest dog in the world. He ran like the wind and as fast as lightning. No one was as sad as he was when his dog died. When his mum was having a baby he thought of all the jealous times. Like when his cousins got sweets and he didn’t.

    Later that day, Sam’s grandfather, called Mike, came around and he realised Sam was upset. Mike decided to take Sam out to Belton House, Sam was over joyed to hear he was going to Belton house. Sam was having the most fun he had had in ages. Sam still had that dreadful memory in his mind. When they got home he told everyone about it.
    Sam remembered that his grandmother had died only on Tuesday. His grandmother was 91 years old and she was kind and gentle. To Sam’s amazement he found himself looking after his new Baby brother, called Finely. This is the happiest thing in his life.

  2. Flashing back

    Nervously, sitting in his colossal bedroom thinking about his adventurous past, Jack who is 8 years old, is feeling down in the dumps. He was thinking of what was happening in his life. This boy was remembering what he had done in his life.

    If only Jack could remember clearly the heart breaking moment when his family became sick and ill, he missed the life that he used to have.

    Unless Jack remembers the days out that they had by creating a memory box so he could remember, how would he be able to create the past again. Although he only remembered two of the most important ones, he treasured them in his mind. Like going to the bone-chilling Blackpool, Jack might never go again. In Wales there is dreadful weather, however he loved it there so much. Because his one and only grandma lived there . Jack laughed and had fun with his family and always came home happy.

    Jack loves his family, because they are so sweet to him. He had a lot of visitors at his house, he was excited to gets so many visitors nearly every day. His favourite visitor was his grandfather , because they told funny jokes to each other. They were sitting and reading humorous joke books and he was laughing. Jack started to cry with laughter.

    Jack used to dance, but now he does not like it, because he has grown too old for his old class. Jack loves Christmas because the family spends time together and they play board games for hours and hours, Jack especially he likes his birthday, because he gets all his family visiting him. A few years later his dad’s job meant he had to go out on night outs, however he got days of to see him. Jack likes it when he and his dad have a day off and go places where they can play together.

    As loving as he was, he had found out about his mother’s illness that you can’t cure. He hated seeing his mum in dreadful pain when she didn’t’ get enough sugar, so then she has a hypo and has to sort it out as quick as lightning.

    Now Jack is sitting having fun with his family and enjoying his delightful life with his family. Everything is going to be alright.

  3. Time flashing by

    Quietly sitting in a tree Johnny, who was only 10 years old, was thinking about his happy life he was thinking about going to Cadbury world. Oh what a wonderful life.

    If only he could remember what he did there, that was only 3 years ago. He had so much fun. If only he could remember a special time when he went somewhere maybe when he was at a pantomime, Johnny was only 4 years old that would’ve been a good day if he had not watched Cinderella. Unfortunately, when they came back his pet was dead.

    He was called Coco, it was a terrible day. He was in such a nightmare. He wouldn’t celebrate his brother’s birthday. Soon enough he would become happier. It was such a surprise he felt happier the next day because he was going to Spain, he was pretty excited It became the best day ever because he watched some bull fighting and as soon as the day ended he made a new friend who was English.

    He got new siblings when he came back home. His brother was called Josh and his sister was called Sofia. They were so cute, Josh was the best at X-box and Sophia was the best at playing with dolls. They were the only people who liked playing inside; luckily he had the whole garden to himself. They were the happiest people he had ever met.

    When he came back they had an Easter egg hunt it was the best day ever.


    A young boy called Mikey is sitting in his room. He is thinking about his interesting past. Then he remembers something. He remembered his dog died. It was a kind and friendly dog.

    When he was younger, he went to a place called Skegness. There were lots of rides there. It was extremely good fun. Mikey enjoyed it very much.
    Then his Nan died. Now Mikey is extremely sad. This tragic event really did upset him. Mikey is sitting on a stool staring out of his bedroom window. Then he sees something. Mikey isn’t sure what it is. It starts walking in the pitch black of night. He realises he is staring at his nans ghost. She was here to check he was ok.

    Next Mikey remembers his birthday. It was lots of fun, because he had a massive bouncy castle now he was 8 years old. However, not long after his granddad died, he was heartbroken. Mikey is now wondering why all his loved ones have been taken from him and he will never see them again. He is now happy and smiling with his friends.

  5. Josh’s flashback

    Josh was sitting down looking outside the shining window. He was thinking about his memories . He was looking at the bright blue beautiful sky. He learned how to walk when he was 2 years old. When he started to walk he was laughing. He learned how to walk better when he was 4 years old.

    Josh once went to Skegness he was really young. He had great fun there. He got a toy out of the grabber machine. He went on the beach too, when he was there. His favourite time was when he went on the trolley walking thing. He was learning how to walk with it. It was fun because it kept you up. You never fell down.

    A smile spread across his face as he remembered those happy times.

  6. Archer and his flashback

    As Archer sat quietly on his bed looking at the tranquil garden with the autumn leaves on the dead grass, he was quietly starting to think of the sad and very happy things in his life. Good bye was the last thing he said to his dog Monty.

    In 2014 “cry cry cry”a little baby called Henry was born. It was the most exciting day ever. Soon after, his gramps was in poor condition and passed away after lunch. Everyone went to my Nan’s, we stayed over because everyone was so sad they couldn’t drive home. As Archer lay on his bed he started to cry as his brother opened the door. He was thinking of his friends and playing in the playground happily every day until he moved to Walcott Primary school. He missed all his friends back home.

    After dad got home, mum put Monty in a box. His cage lay empty on the table. Archer stared out of the window and started thinking about school, soon he was practising his lines in the play and he was so happy.

  7. Jacks day out

    Jack, who is eight years old, sitting in the car feeling happy because he was going to his friends house.

    Suddenly, Jack started to fell sad because his friend, Kevin, had 4 cats and 2 dogs. That made Jack think about Fang, his hamster who died.


    Peacefully sitting, staring up at the ceiling, Ben, who was 5 years old, started remembering his emotional past. These thoughts were making him very upset. He was crying his heart out because he remembers his sad past.

    If Ben was happy he would enjoy going to a restaurant, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his interesting past. The next day he was still very upset, he decided to go to the park with his friend but then he remembered his mum falling asleep at the cinema and snoring like mad. If only he could remember that amazing day, if Ben doesn’t he will remain upset and will not celebrate his birthday. He also won’t be able to help his best friend do the shopping.

    Suddenly he was very happy because he remembered that he got a new dog on the sixth of October. His new dog could always make him smile. Ben tried really hard to remember something important about learning to swim but he couldn’t quite see what it was. However, he could remember his grandfathers wedding clearly, and could remember when his dad fell face first into the wedding cake, he laughed his head off. That was such a happy day. He could remember when milk came out of his nose because he laughed so hard. This happy memory soon turned said as he remembered his grandmother and his cat dying.

    Still sitting iin his room, a smile spread across Ben’s face as he realised he had lots of happy memories.

  9. Flash in time

    Quietly sitting, staring out of the window, John was thinking about his interesting past. This made him feel completely emotional. If only he could remember that dreadful day, he was thinking hard about his grans death. That was a sad day.

    Then he immediately thought of his sister’s birth. He was proud of his sister. She was his only sibling. He liked to play with her and she liked to play with him. Then he remembered his aunt, from thinking hard about his gran’s death. It was his favourite aunt. She was only 47 when she died!! That was another sad day.

    Unless John remembers this tragic event, he wouldn’t be able to celebrate going to Skegness. His friend’s dog was called Molly. She had the most beautiful black, fur coat. She always barked but John got used to it. Sadly she passed away. But John’s friend didn’t let him down, she got a new dog. The new dog had white fur with ginger patches. The new dog looked wonderful!

    Then, one day, his other grandma and another of his favourite aunts, who was only 19, came all the way from South East Asia for a visit. But sadly they left soon after and he felt miserable and tearful. But something took his mind off it. John’s family went camping to a place called Norris and they had fun in the sun all day. John felt really jolly.

  10. Fast shop

    As he got a new car he ran to the shop fast, but the car was faster than him. It reminded him of a slow car from the past . He remembered when his sister gave birth to Ebony. The next niece is slightly silly to Bob.

    Bob goes to boarding school, but boarding school is not a nice place to be at all. The school is full of babies. The school is huge, Bob is not okay going to an art club. He starts running faster, next time he wil beat the car.

  11. SAM’S PAST

    In a dark gloomy room, a boy called Sam was sitting in a chair thinking about his past. If only he could remember clearly about his past . On the day he took his first trip to the kinema he slept with the cat he first set eyes on. He remembers everything now.

    He wishes his nan was here with him right now, but she passed away. At least his granddad is here with him. Sam loved his nan to pieces, he is so sad that she died because she was part of his family.

    Two minutes later he closed his eyes and tried to think about the happy memories . He was thinking really hard until he started to remember the amazing day he had on his forth Christmas that hed spent with lots of friends. He kept on thinking and thinking, 10 secs later his memories came back to him, all the good times, and it made him smile as more thoughts were ringing in his head.

    One hour later Sam sat back into the squeaking chair and pictures flooded into his head. The day he tasted the mouth watering chocolates out of his mums pocket. A second later a a tear softly tripped down his little cheek as a loud noise came from downstairs from his funny grandad.

  12. Peacefully waiting, in his room at the Aquarium, Josh was so excited for is holiday. He is eight years old and he is at the aquarium by himself. He thought if he is by himself without anyone, he would enjoy himself. He sat on his chair.

    Suddenly Josh heard the speaker turn on so he listened to what the person had to say. He said you can go exploring and look at all the fish swimming in the water, he yell’s “so much fun!”

    So Josh ran out of his room, and when Josh turned around the corner, a stage was there, it said “no kids allowed on stage”! He suddenly felt so sad he went back to his room. Then the speaker turned on again and the person said,”you can go outside”. He didn’t want to go outside so he thought he could make his own band. So he went out his room and he went around and asked people and they said yes.

    He had practiced all day and he had got the hang of it, finally he said we can go show of the skills we can do,and show everyone else. He suddenly remembered along time ago when he had seen his baby brother for the first time he was so happy and jolly, it was so cute seeing him like that, but now he is fully grown, but he will never forget this memory of his brother. He remembers when he had seen his mum, although she passed away just after he was born. He never wanted to talk about it.

    In the morning he saw his brother in the hallway. As he went out, his grandfather said we are taking you home, he yelled “yay” even though he had so much fun there.

    Josh quickly showed his guitar to his brother, then his brother asked if he could join the band? He said yes but he never knew if that was the right answer. He had been spending more time with his brother more than he used to and never stopped talking about the band but sometimes his brother never practiced with his team members and he had made excuses for not practicing with him.

  13. The grandson’s memories

    If only Josh could remember when he went to the cinema with his mum and dad when he was little.
    But he had a grand mother who sadly died Josh had liked to spend time with her, no matter what he had seen her every day.If only Josh could remember when he took his first step, but he couldn’t remember.

    If only Josh could remember when his pet dog died, but he couldn’t because he was only little when it happened.

    But then he remembered when he and his mum went shopping together to spend his Christmas money with his baby brother. That was such a happy memory. Then we went to yo yo’s for dinner when I spent my Christmas money on my toys and get a car wash and then went home to play outside with my friends. Everything is go to be OK.

  14. Rough past

    Sitting in a tree quietly, Sam, who was only 4 years old, began to think about his rough past . This made him very tearful. If only he could remember the wonderful days in the past when he went on holiday. When he was only two years old he went on holiday. His dad went on the slide and screamed . Although he only screamed, you could hear it from the other side. If only he could remember when he was swimming .

    His dreadful days felt like they were never ending . He was getting hit . His sister was hitting him. If only he could find a way to stop her from hitting him . Although he gets hit ,he loves maths because he knows what 10+10 equals. It equals 20. Sam goes to a really good school he learns lots he knows what 100+200-10 =290 he’s really brainy .

    Since he first went shopping when he was 3, he’s loved it . They buy loads of toys and clothes for him and he loves going shopping with his family, especially his grandpa . He buys toys like nerf guns . John, his grandpa, lets him have anything . He’s a goody two shoes, but sometimes he’s a bit of a tell tale. Since he was 3 he’s got pocket money, he’s got £70 because he gets £5 a month and he’s been saving for 14 months .

    The one he loves was having ice-cream with sprinkles . He loves when the ice-cream van comes . He loves going to the cinema and once they went to watch inside out. They had so much fun. He was still sitting in the tree thinking of it when his grandpa came and said everything’s going be alright.

  15. Flashing back

    Peacefully, Jack, who was only eight years old, was staring out of his bedroom window and suddenly started thinking about his strange past. Things were swirling around in his head like a tornado. All these thoughts were making him feel emotional. If only he could remember clearly that dreadful day where his Guinea pig, Chase, died. Who could forget about his wonderful cat, Borat, who passed away at the age of one?

    Jack then remembered when he learnt to swim. You could tell by the look on his face that when he learnt to swim he was so proud of himself. He learnt how to front crawl and breast stroke. He even learnt how to jump in!

    Suddenly, something else popped into Jack’s mind. He remembered when he was two years old and his sister passed away because of a disease called S.M.A. His sister was 6 months old when she passed away. His exact words were
    “If I could have saved her, I would have.”

    Then his head began swirling around some more and the tornado came back. All of a sudden, he remembered the best holiday he ever had. Disney Land Paris. His favourite ride was called Krushers Coaster. His 2nd favourite ride was called R.C. He would never forget the second he stepped foot in Disney Land Paris.

    All of a sudden, Jack remembered his sister, Ally’s, funeral. Half way through her funeral a blue and black butterfly landed on her grave.

    Jack opened his eyes and heard someone calling out his name. He rushed off downstairs and no longer had any worries in his life ever again.

  16. Jay’s 6 flashbacks

    As Jay looked out of his window. He remembered when he went to Essex and went camping there. It was really fun said Jay!

    There were lots of things to do. Jay sadly wished his best friend wasn’t leaving. Jay said good bye to his friend.

    Jay remembered his dog Dodo was a helpful dog. She was 12 years old and liked to eat steak. Jay fed her every day, she was a happy dog .

    Jay went to a beach. It was a sunny day. He ate ice cream with strawberry sauce. He found a cave, on the shore but did not go in it. Jay went to see his Guinea pig was dead he picked it up and took him to a hole . He barred him . It was said .

    Jay sat in front of Mr Fish and remembered when Billy come to his house. It was last of fun .

    Jay sat in front of Mr Fish Suddenly he remembered his baby brother was born soon Jay heard a crack and he saw mum and dad smiling at him .

  17. Josh’s memories

    Josh was thinking about the past when his granny, his Cat and dog died, but he also thought about
    happy things like going to parties and going on holiday, but if only he could see those people who had died once again.

    So, he thought about the time when he was brave and he thought about the future when he was gentle,
    kind and thoughtful, but never naughty or silly or mysterious, and getting into mischief.

    One day he was sad because he went to see his nan at a funeral, but he was surrounded by people there. When he got home he was sad because he thought about sad things, but he also thought about happy things as well like having fun with the people that had died, also walking and playing with the pets that have died. Luckily Josh had a picture of all those people.

    Then he went to bed. The next morning Josh’s dad woke him up and said “Are you ok?” “Yes” said josh ” I just had a bad dream thats all and I’m upset about the people and pets who have died”

    Josh’s dad told him everything would be ok.

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