Magical Myths and Legends – Class 3 Walcott

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In class 3 we have been exploring ancient myths and legends.  We have discussed Theseus and the Minotaur, Romulus and Remus, Pandora’s Box, Maud and the Dragon and King Arthur.  We have written devilish descriptions of some of the most hideous mythical monsters with “blood shot eyes and razor sharp teeth”.

Everyone was really excited to write their own myth.  Please enjoy, but beware they do contain blood and guts!

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  1. A long time ago, in a dark, evil cave, miners had been going missing. So a boy named Ash decided to go in the dark evil cave. People thought he was crazy because he was only 18 years old. Even if the people begged and begged him not to go, he still went.
    The next day, when Ash was ready he set off for the adventure to the dark, gloomy, evil cave. Suddenly a witch came out, blasting fire at Ash. As quick as a flash Ash surrounded himself with water from the nearby lake.

    The witch became furious and shot out a fireball as big as a boulder. Ash used his powers over the Earth to bounce it back and destroy the witch. Ash freed the miners and blasted the cave.

    No matter how hard a person tries, even today, the rocks from that cave will not move.

    1. Well done Billy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like where you described the cave with dark ,gloomy and evil . 😀 😀 Next step try to use some a few more similes however, it was amazing . Just belive you can do it. Belive in the positive .

  2. Maule and the dragon

    Along time ago, in a small cottage that was in the centre of the glorious kingdom, which was called the kingdom of snow. In the centre of the kingdom stood the cramped and wrecked house, snow coved the land as far as the eye could see. Interestingly, the snow spiralled in the bone-chilling moonlit sky.

    A little girl lived in the kingdom, who wore a denim skirt and a green top, she always listened to her grandad about the story of the scaly dragon. She was nine years old and her name was Maule. She was cheeky, however she was trustworthy and adventurous.

    However, the scaly dragon was taking people from the glorious kingdom. The King started to send families for the dragon to eat so the dragon did not destroy the kingdom. However the family they took was Maules family, but she was not aloud to go with them. So she started to cry for weeks and weeks.

    Mauled thought she would go and stop the scaly dragon. She was going to the beautiful under water palace to defeat the dragon once and for all. The under water kingdom of death, blood left a trail from the dragon mouth. Blood oozed out of its mouth.

    Mauled had the power of breathing when she was underwater. She also has a golden spike that she got from the beach when she was younger. Mauled has treasured it for years and years. Sometimes it glimmered and sparkled in the sunlit mornings.

    Maule saw a strange shadowy figure looking out of the bushes. Suddenly a green slimy goblins walked curiously out of the green luscious bush. She asked him if he could take her to the amazing, gorgeous and magnificent underwater palace.

    The scaly dragon wanted to stop all the quests so all the black magic would be revealed. The dragon protected his palace against destruction. The treasure was ancient, it had been passed on for centuries and centuries.

    Maule spotted the blood shot eyes and the razor sharp spikes from on top of the water. Suddenly, an ear piercing scream was heard, it echoed in the water then she let out a scream that got the dragons attention she quickly jumped in the water and started to swim majestically.

    Maule swims and bumps into the scaly dragon. Suddenly the girl reminded herself about the golden spike. She thought would that be the weakness. However the dragon tried to hit her with all of a sudden maule stabbed the dragon with the dazzling golden spike.

    The girl defeated the dragon in one hit however, the dragon triggered a trap when the dragon collapsed on the floor. And he girl laid in the trap crying. Later on that week she died. However where the dragon got defeated and the girl died, the water was disappearing even when it rained there was still no water in that exact spot. Everybody prayed there.

    By Keira

  3. Elisiona And The Dragon

    A long time ago, on a far away island, lived a girl named Elisiona. The only things on the island were a gloomy forest, a tent, animals and of course Elisiona.

    One day, she was sent on a quest to defeat the mythical creature of the South West Sea. So she attempted it.

    Of course she couldn’t leave without her enchanted marble. Yes that did just say enchanted marble. It changes into anything, but only to the voice of Elisiona.

    All of a sudden, they were face to face. The fierce, red dragon burst out of the water a then the earth went silent…

    Half a second later the worlds most colossal fire ball headed straight towards Elisiona, however in half a millisecond Elisiona made a water ball out of her magic marble and reflected the fire back at the dragon.

    The dragon fell to the ground and died. Elisiona was so proud and was never scared of anything anymore.

    The End

  4. Rino-charge

    A long time ago in a dark and gloomy town. There lived a king. No one was around. You could hear the whistling of the wind, and swaying of trees.

    There once was a guard called Rino-charge. He was called Rino-charge because he had a pet dinosaur that runs on battery. Rino-charge was no older than 20 years old. He was the strongest in the kingdom.

    One day whilst Rino -charge was talking to his friends, the king came over and asked him if he could defeat a monster, because he was selling mouth-watering food.

    Rino-charge has amazing powers in his hands. His hands blow out freezing ice and if you touch it you will die, he has burning hot fire and cold blue water and if that touches you, you will slowly melt.

    All of a sudden Rino -charge heard a ferocious noise. He turned around and saw a fire breathing dragon. The fire breathing dragon was called Tugger. Tugger was finding some delicious food to eat. He was finding it in the glimmering lake.

    Tugger didn’t want Rino-charge to take his food so they had a fight. All of a sudden Rino -charge realised where his weakness was. It was his wings and ears. He couldn’t fly or hear. So he chopped the dragon in half.

    Rino-charge had won the fight and the quest was complete. Rino-charge was rewarded with a golden sword.

  5. Herpunt and the Witch

    Long ago in a small village called Gate Way, the sun shone above the wooden house a boy no older then 15 years old, was collecting water for his family, his name was Herpunt he over heard someone speaking about a witch called Sife.

    He ran holding his dagger and saw a castle. Suddenly he saw a charming girl walking past. She dropped some emeralds as he ran and saw a witch. Suddenly Sife stared at him, she was riding a unicorn with pure white eyes and 10 cm long fangs .

    Strangely, his dagger grew longer and got thinner until it was a sword. The unicorn lunged at Herpunt. With one blow of his sword the witch went flying as the unicorn fell to the ground blood pouring everywhere. Suddenly a Phoenix flew overhead, Herpunt saw a monster past and went home and fainted.

    When he woke up he saw his bed and got up to see he had a metal foot, the unicorn had taken his real one. He opened the door of his cottage and slammed it, then opened it again to see a party because the witch was dead, thousands of people came to see him and gave some food.

  6. The Evil Witch

    A long time ago, there was a hero named Sir Garstone. He had big muscles. He came from above the dark evil in the world. His job, given to him by God, was to kill the evil witch I the forest.

    The next night he used his fire balls to hunt the witch out of the village. As the dark came he found a cave in the woods and he saw the witch. He discovered her weakness was her red shoes and blasted them with fire. The witch was defeated.

    Amazingly, as soon as Sir Garstone left the cave it began to fade away. Never to be seen again.

  7. The Ogre and the Magical Kingdom.

    A long time ago, in a magical kingdom, a hero called Hercules had a job to save the kingdom from a big ogre. He was smashing all the windows in the buildings. Hercules had magic powers; he could shoot fire from his powerful hands.
    Whilst he was walking along a road, he saw the big bad ogre, so he caught it and said, “No more smashed windows!” When the ogre tried to escape, Hercules killed him with fire. No more ugly, green, slimy ogre.

    So now everyone in the kingdom was happy and they all cheered hurray for Hercules. “Hip, hip hurray!” Interestingly, in the place where the ogre fell there is a horrible smell that never goes away.

  8. A long time ago, in a gloomy cave in the mountains, where rocks fell and graceful waterfalls splashed, a teenage boy came to a gloomy cave. He was called Sir Lafalot, he was 13 and loved his family and friends. He had brown hair.

    One day an evil ogre was eating everyone’s food. He loved chocolate and he especially loved pizza. His favourite drink was coca cola and fish mixed together. Sir Lafalot’s quest was to stop the ogre.

    Sir Lafalot had the power of ice and laughter, so he made the creature laugh and then he froze him so he couldn’t move. Sir Lafalot thought he had won.
    Sometime later Sir Lafalot met a beautiful princess called Grace, who was eight years old. One day the creature came out of the cave again. It was a greedy ogre because he ate lots, that is why he is fat. Sir Lafalot and the princess were riding on his horses, when they heard the ugly ogre coming towards them. They finally met on a snowy mountain in the middle of nowhere.

    The ogre was very tall and strong, however his weakness was water. Sir Lafalot defeated the ogre with his freezing water, and the ogre melted to the ground. He thought that he had defeated the ogre, but he got trapped in the sticky goo!

  9. Sir Charlie and the Adventure

    A long time ago in a gloomy forest on a mountain, snow fell from the dark sky as the sun started to go down. One morning a little knight, called Sir Charlie, who was seven years old, was wearing bright shining armour that sparkled in the night went exploring.

    One night people started ruining the dark forest, chopping down trees, but left one next to an evil creature. Sir Charlie thought he would kill the creature that had destroyed the gloomy forest.

    Sir Charlie found an older knight called Sir Castor, he couldn’t help Sir Charlie because he lost his sword and was searching in the bushes and trees. Sir Charlie wanted to help but he had to defeat the creature.

    The monster was a vicious ogre that was very evil and had minions that destroyed the forest. He had a jump boost power so he could jump high onto anything he could. Sir Charlie grabbed out his sword and knocked him back to a tree. He saw the sword of blindness! Now he could defeat all the evil minions. He killed them once and for all, but fell into their trap. He couldn’t believe his bad luck.

  10. Long ago in the deep, dark woods, in an abandonded village called Knightingale there was a boy who was tempted to be a knight. He always dreamed of fighting mythical creatures.

    The strange boys dad had survived wars, he was no older than 18 and was called Penican. He wanted to kill a monster. Recently, people have been going into the woods and never coming back out. There was lots of suspicion surrounding this.

    To kill the murderer, Penican set off to the woods. He had a sharp dagger and when he put it into the ground it makes an earthquake. Penican and the town folk find a huge monster. It was as big as a skyscraper. The monster had yellow teeth and they were very sharp. He was a collosal ogre. He wanted a fight!

    The brave man found the ogre’s weak spot, so he stabbed his neck with the dagger. The monster survived, but his real weak spot was his eyes. The monster had an owls eyes and he could see far away. That was his speciality.

    The town folk killed the monster and then fell into a deep sleep, including Penican.

  11. Crumotheus and The Dragon

    A long time ago, in a bright kingdom called Sightshionisa, there was a young man called Crumotheus. He was 36 years old. He was born in 1852. Plus, he’s always brave from his hard training. His kingdom is near a bone-chilling mountain, far from a hot beach. But there is a problem, whoever goes to the lake never comes back. Crumotheus wants to see what is going on.

    Crumotheus has a blue and red striped staff. It had many powers. On his daring journey he met a woman called Alicia. She told him about the water dragon and how it was eating humans. Crumotheus took her advice. When he floated in the water he saw a dark gloomy shadow. It was the dragon!

    Then it jumped out at him. They battled, but who would win? By the swish from the long staff, the gigantic dragon turns into a little, harmless fish. After all the staff had many powers. Crumotheus took the fish home and the people in the kingdom never vanish again. As for Crumotheus, he becomes a knight in shining armour, with an upgraded staff.

    By the way, there’s still a magical shark because these types of shark can live anywhere.

  12. Andastone and The Witch.

    On a day like today, in a village, next to a house at the end of the hard brick road, a haunted castle stood. The trees in the forest swished like mad. The castle had broken windows and sharp pointed edges.

    A tomboy called Andastone lived in the house. She was 10 years old and loved ice cream. She really wanted to find out what was going on. A beast was taking everyone and nobody was coming back.

    The beast was eating people and had powerful gold and dark power. This was only thought by people as nobody except the people taken by the beast had seen it.
    Andastone really wanted to stop the beast from hurting her and stop it all happening. She got ready to go to the castle. She opened the creaky metal door and when she looked down she could see snow, fire and water on the floor. She had got powers suddenly, the floor was burning and love hearts were everywhere. She went in and was wandering around the castle rooms. Scared, she cried, pleading for help. She got up her courage and carried on walking. The beast was nowhere she went into the forest.

    When she put one foot in the forest, the beast appeared. It was a witch, not a beast. The witch wore a long black cloak and a tall hat that looked like a black mountain on a plate. Andastone tried snow, but it was not her weakness, same with fire. She tried water and the witch started to disappear. The witch was gone in a flash of light.

    Everyone was safe and didn’t need to worry at night any longer. Andastone took some blood from what remained of the witch and found out that she was never a real person.

  13. The Enchanted Forest

    In a faraway kingdom, in a colourful enchanted forest called the Brightside, everything was a different colour. Everyone was happy, there was enough food to feed everyone. It was always sunny in the Brightside. It was an extraordinary place to live in.

    A pretty girl called Lady Troplea was their hero. She always had a disguised uniform. She was 27 years old. Her eyes were as blue as the night sky.
    One night all of the colour disappeared. Everyone was becoming sad and upset. Became you someone had to get it back. Lady Troplea went on a quest to find out how the colours were disappearing. She did it on the Kings orders. The villagers knew Lady Troplea would save the day.

    She had special powers and she could lift things with her eyes and a sword. Her sword could transform into anything she wanted. She was a brave woman, and everybody liked her.

    She met a man on the way he was called Sir Lord. They met at a farm that had lost its colour as well, she told them what she was going to do. Everyone thought the enchanted forest never ended but it does finally and she was out. She found the evil, but it was a dry again not the person. The Dragon was with her family she was protecting them. The dragon liked shiny colourful things.

    They found them at the bottom of the river, she liked her colourful things. She had got everyone’s colour in the Enchanted Forest she noticed that she was in colour. The family of Dragon started breeding fire at them, so they fought back. Lady Troplea looked in the book and hid behind a tree. She had found that their weakness was that they don’t like sunlight.

    Before Sunrise Lady Troplea stabbed the mother dragon so they all died, they all disappeared. The forest got its colour back and no one knew what had happened to the river after that day.

  14. The Knight and the Witch

    One day in shining Forest Avenue house was still made out of bricks. It was behind the trees, camouflaged by the grass. It didn’t have windows only a door, because it is in a forest. The house was small. The golden-armed knight was shiny because of his armour. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

    A fire breathing which had been all over the world. She had been destroying houses. She flew everywhere on her broom. The quest was to find the wicked witch. He went with all is armour, he went to fight because he could defeat her. His powers were fire, ice and strength to pick up things. He found some deadly bear traps on the way, they are so deadly they could destroying you. The witch was mean and horrible she wasn’t kind she lived in a cave.

    Which followed the knight. The knight hid in a cave. She was wearing golden gloves and a black cloak, she had fire powers, she was on her broomstick. He jumped out and started trying to attack, but she was on her broom. He got his sword out, he tried to run and jump, but it didn’t work so he hid again. When she was on top of him he jumped up high with the sword and defeated her. He went home happy. No witches ever came back.

  15. Maleficent and the Knight

    Along time ago in a glorious kingdom, the gorgeous sun was shining on the silver shimmering armour of a knight. Maleficent was 32 years old, her face was light grey and pale. She lived in the dark and gloomy woods and she made a green horrible soup that killed people. She was very evil and mean, she didn’t even have manners because she was that evil.

    The knight’s mission was to find the mean witch. Maleficent saw the queen on her way. Her powers were water, ice and fire. They were spelled from a poisonous ring made by God.

    The knight killed the witch with his enchanted sword and the glorious kingdom returned to normal, the people were happy. The hero made the kingdom very happy.

  16. Arthur and the Dragon

    A long time ago, in the kingdom of East Kilbride, there was a woodland with a beautiful lake. There lived a wonderful knight named St Arthur. He was 32 years old. He was a very kind and gentle man. His shining golden armour was as shiny as the sun, it was a thing of beauty. Everyone was very proud of Arthur.

    People were not returning from the deep, dark woods. Arthur had a diamond sword, a fire dagger and a loud axe. Then he met a King named Scot. He was a very kind man and they went on a quest. He found an evil dragon. Arthur realised he could be drowned, so they had a huge fight. It was very gory.

    Eventually Arthur forced the dragon back towards the river, then ‘SPLASH’ the dragon was dead, or was he?…

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