An Ancient Mayan Mystery

In Martin class 3, we have been busy researching information on the Mayans. Discovering the way they lived in their everyday lives,  what games they played, who they worshiped, even the food they typically ate.

Inspired through their discoveries of the Ancient Mayan civilisation, the children have gone on to write stories, which lie deep within the Kukulkan pyramid. They’re excited to unveil the secrets they discover and I hope you are too reading them.

A particular focus on their story writing was to include fronted adverbials and extend their higher level vocabulary.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Mr. C

41 thoughts on “An Ancient Mayan Mystery

  1. The secret corridor of wonders

    Myla is walking deep into the stunning kukulcan pyramid. As Myla walked up the steep steps she felt spine-chilling.”wow this is breathtaking” she thought to herself. When she reached the mouth of the pyramid there were repugnant serpents looking down at her. She stepped inside, there were old ruins on the freezing cold floors. She took a deep look around. But as she took a look round she found an obsidian black door and it said do not enter here. In the blink of an eye,the door opened. She shouted “Hello is anybody down there” but there was no reply so she did it again
    “Hello” she decided to look around the pyramid a bit more and come back to the door later.

    As she took a look around a bit more Myla found a old picture on the floor “what’s this?” She thought.
    When she picked the picture up it spoke to her it explained.
    “Go to the obsidian black door take me with you and I will tell you were to go”

    Myla started to walk down the corridor she felt panic-stricken. When they got to the end of the corridor she found a chocolate God he ruled chocolate. Next to him he had delicious chocolate bars.” Wow I have never seen so much chocolate in my life! She whispered to the picture.
    Myla decided to take a closer look as soon as she stepped in to the room a alarm went off. “Who stands at there” Chac demanded anxiously. Chac is very insufferable and revolting. The alarm sent her down into a trap that was full of repulsive serpents.”oh no what have I done” Myla moaned. She had special powers in her good natured bracelet. Myla had powers like fire and ice. ” I know why don’t I use my fire that’s in my bracelet so I can burn the meta” Myla whispered.
    But it didn’t work. Suddenly Mylas best friend called lily- Anna came into the pyramid.

    ” Lily- Anna help me” but she did not hear so she had to do sign language to her. Lily-Anna finally understood Myla. She had signed to her, get the key its in the eerie statue. Lily – Anna found the key unlocked her but when they were trying to get out it was like a maze around the pyramid. Also the worse bit was that Chac was chasing them but they had to get out of the before 12:00pm because that’s when the pyramid closes. “When we get out of here we will need to run away from this place as possible” Myla shouted to lily-Anna.
    “Ok” lily – Anna answered. They slid out of ththe pyramid door as soon as they could but will they ever return to the pyramid again…

  2. The secret to the Kulkulkan Pyramid

    As a girl with obsidian black hair flowing in the breeze and shiny blue eyes called Lucy .Lucy panic strickenley walked up the stairs to the Kulkulkan Pyramid and saw faded paint on the wall and a
    eerie creak on the floor and a noiseless breeze in the air . Suddenly all the torches blew out ! What “am I going to do “cried Lucy …

    Soon , Lucy came across a room the room had candels
    and table the table was so old and mossy that the table legs were so weak that it had fallen over ! Creepily the torches lit up again ! As quick as a flash, Lucy dashed off into the distance…

    Lucy tip toed without a sound, threw the corridor and suddenly, Lucy tripped over a old rotten log. She got up with a scratch on her face. But suddenly, Lucy pushed on the wall in the blink of an eye, the wall turned around “WOW” Lucy cried she took one panic stricken step forward into the wall Lucy saw a trap door !Lucy bravely, opened the trap door and climbed inside but fell down into a pitch black room and a obsidian shaded door . A magical glow beaming through the door Lucy opened the door and saw diamonds and gold but she didn’t know that I there was an eerie Zombie mummy was lurking in the distance ‘s in the room

    Silently, the unappealing mummy jumped out at her “aaah” Lucy screamed she took a hand full of gold and diamond … And as fast as she could, she bolted down the corridor and then the repugnant zombie mummy with melting red eyes chased her all around the pyramid Lucy fell over the mummy almost took all the gold and diamond but she just got up in time and hid in the distance
    and the mummy had given up finally I escaped the zombie mummy. ” Now I can escape this pyramid” cried Lucy and joy fully went home .

  3. The secret kukulkan pyramid

    Outside, the Kukulkan pyramid Sophie standing still looking around.Sophie had light brown hair brushed neatly into plats she had a pale face and had sapphire blue eyes and was tall.She tiptoed nervously into the Kukulkan pyramid .As she went in the door,slammed behind her. Infront of her was as dark as obsidian glass but there was a trail of lit candles . She felt like the Mayans were still there. She was looking around she was interested with the temples and the stone carvings . After walking around she was tired and sat on a bench suddenly, a door opened…

    Then she went through the door
    “Ahh” said Sophie
    There were Mayans infront of her.
    “Why are you here” said the Mayans
    Sophie was terror-stricken she fought the Mayans were eerie she had to fight her way past.5 minutes later she had finished fighting with the Mayans .
    “Noooooo” said Sophie behind the Mayans was a code , on the walls were dire the tiles the code has 4 numbers she had 10 chances ,on the wall was 100 tiles she had to press a tile if there is a number you put it in the code if there’s not a number you will lose a chance . Sophie started the game nervously,.

    Half an hour later the door with the code on opened she saw a medal that was the reward.

    When Sophie had got in the room with the reward .The golden medal was sat on a ruby red pillow.The Mayans were waching her she herd a noise.
    “Hello”Sophie said
    The Mayans herd her she got the medal and bolted out the room. The Mayans dashed after her. She ran as fast as she could she ran around the pyramid in circles.When the Mayans were tired she stopped she glanced everywhere the Mayans were no were to be seen .Sudenly,she saw two stones they looked like the Mayans .in a blink of an eye,a golden tile lit she read the tile it said when you find the secret the Mayans will turn to rock .She then discovered that the medal was £2000 and the medal was put there 1m years ago.

  4. The Magnificent pyramid

    Without a sound,Zoe crept into the kukullkun pyramid.Zoe had breathtaking brushed silky
    hair with a kristal blue dress.She got very eerie she looked behind,and the door slammed
    shut behind her.Zoe saw a box on the wall and looked inside it was a note,she read the
    letter it said,In this pyramid you must find the secret you will find clues on your way.
    Zoe kept walking until she saw a huge door Zoe turned the knob round on the door it
    keeled open.Behind the door there were lots of skeletons it looked like someone else
    had been there before her…

    “There,must be an insufferable person watching me”Trying to get this secret of me.
    As she kept walking Zoe started to get petrified,she was so brave that she carried
    on.Then one or two minutes later Zoe came to a window which had obsidian
    black glass she looked threw the window and there were lots of stunning jewels,
    but the unusual bit was that there was a huge skeleton stud up against the
    wall.In the distance there was a door she ran as fast as she could to the door and
    opens it.There were lots of gold everywhere,she was very surprised.”Agh” I will get
    this treasure not you mat.

    Everywhere she looked she was so anxious,Zoe couldn’t believe it she had found this
    treasure and now got it taken of her Zoe thought it was not fare because she had
    worked so hard to find the secret.Zoe was in there with someone that wanted this large
    secret.Thise confident girl stood next to the gold proud of herself.Zoe tried to think how
    to take all of the treasure back to were she lived,but she just couldn’t think of a way
    without sombody’s help.She was thinking for ten minutes Zoe came up with a idea
    to change clothes so it looks like she is a different person and help them,then when they’ve
    got the treasure I can hold onto it then take it back were she lived.That is definitely what
    she did.When she got home her mum was delighted to see her.

  5. The slimy serpent

    As audacious Niami crept deeper into the spine-chilling pyramid ,he noticed old carvings on the wall . He wandered for a while how old is this breathtaking place . So he was having such a great time he forgot about his elated dad and ran of excitedly . It was harder to remember the further he went and he kept on going until his emerald green eyes were watering . Then he heard a noise
    ” I know somethings there but I don’t know where “. So he looked forward as quick as an owl . He couldn’t believe his eyes it was a ghost . Niami started to chase it
    “Gosh this is a lot of work” he thought . Suddenly he started to rise above the tranquil pyramid and saw a shadow . You’ll be barely alive, when you see …

    Guess who’s shadow it was yes it was the serpents shadow .
    “Maybe this isn’t the safest option ” Niami cried .
    Wait is there someone in there yes I wander who”? This was the time to react he decided to ATTACK !!!
    “Why am I attacking oh yes but before I do attack I need something to attack with”. But guess what was just around the corner the serpent so Niami replied
    “Okay If you say so “. The next thing he knew he was pinned to the ground but not for long he thought .
    “Get of me you vicious beast ” I will not be beaten so get of me now . Niami fought viciously until …

    He’d made a cut in the serpent yes he’d figured out the more cuts he made the weaker it became so he made as many cuts as he could .
    As much as I’d like an ice cream I’d like to rescue my dad he thought .

    Again apprehensive Niami was pinned down but that time when he was down he took a deep breath and pushed the serpent off . He would not be defeated by some old mythical snake well not this time at least . Suddenly there was an unnerving noise coming from somewhere then outraged Niami nearly dropped the dagger he was holding . Guess what there was an army of them .

    “Not again “explained optimistically he raced through them giving them a chop each .
    “How do you like that losers”joked Niami elatedally most of them were so shocked they killed themselves .
    So that got rid of three quarters of them…
    “One quarter to go ” he exclaimed confidentially ! So he did the same and guess what they all died but another army of them came.
    “Bring it on ” he thought . It only took a few seconds to kill them so he raced to the serpent with his dad in
    “Hi son”let’s get out of here
    “I agree dad” and that’s how they lived !

  6. The adventure to the Kukulkan pyramid.

    AsLaura crept up the depths of the pyramid, it sounded noiseless.Immediately Laura got the matches and struck the candle.Laura had black obsidian hair.Immediately she got the matches and struck the candle.After wards she looked around and she felt spine chilli Get.

    Without a sound Laura found that the pyramid was sinister.As quick as a flash , Laura went to the door.Suddenly, it was locked,she was apprehensive!

    In the distance, Laura realised she was sitting on coffin’s so she ran forwards and she fell she was crestfallen.Nearby,there was a broken mirror so she looked at her self she looked repugnant.After that Laura had a scrumptious,delicious sandwich in her backpack so she decided to eat it.Suddenly,she looked behind her and there were shiny, sparkly cats of statue .

    She constantly was looking at the statue she felt it and it was soft and dusty. After wards she went to look around and there was a trap it was a tarpit so she jumped and luckily made it.Suddenly,Mummy’s came out of coffin’s! Immediately, Laura zoomed meanwhile she thought of a plan.Suddenly,she had a plan so she built a trap and waited.In the distance, the repugnant Mummy’s fell into the trap then she got her almighty hammer out of her backpack and smashed the door. Afterwards Laura became famous and she didn’t leave empty handed she got a reward and she was very proud of herself and then she bowed and everyone clapped then she took her rewards then joyfully went home and rested.

  7. As I step foot in the Kukulkan

    As Lyra crept into the Kukulkan pyramid she discovered a ancient candle so she pulled out a match and struck it on the wall.When she put the match on the candle fiery flames flew off.Then Lyra moved on and bumped into a massive statue. How clever is that? Positively trembling with excitement,Lyra moved on and discovered intricate spectacular carvings carved into the wall! As fast as she could, Lyra ran straight ahead and discovered loads of dead bodies lying on the floor. Are they dead Mayans ? She thought in her head.

    Without a sound,Lyra went for a little walk and tiredly sat down. Then Lyra’s bright twinkling eyes lit up the way. She was thrilled. So she shot up and found shiny obsidian see through glass.

    Then Lyra started eating her lunch and felt something underneath her . She was thrilled .When she looked it was a new piece of chocolate as if the Mayans have just made it. Suddenly,Lyra heard a hissing noise . She was petrified and when she turned round a cobra snake was there so she kicked it away . Without warning, the vicious snake snatched the new piece of chocolate with its sordid teeth out of Lyra’s hand . After that, Lyra rapidly chased after the sneaky snake ; it led her to the top of the pyramid . Bravely, Lyra snatched the chocolate out of the snakes unsightly mouth. Just then the incensed snake hissed and loads more snakes flew out and clutched on to the piece of chocolate and went away.

    Afterwards, she was on her way out and suddenly a god; appeared in front of her she was panic stricken. Then the god grabbed Lyra’s hand and led her to some snakes then the god and the snakes led her to a cage and shoved her in the cage.Lyra kept kicking the cage because she was outraged and scared witless . After someone appeared and Whispered ” don’t worry I’ll get you out of here.” Lyra started crying because she felt despondent. After that , she popped the solid lock open she is very good natured .

    Close to escape, a snake appeared , it looked outraged. It followed Lyra all the way out. Lyra was disappointed in herself . She never brought any thing home and she never returned again.

  8. Pyramid of greatness

    Not long ago there was a girl called Olivia.She was running up to the Kukulkan Pyramid . Her soft brown hair as flying behind her. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at the Kukulkan Pyramid she found it spine-chilling. She walked up Olivia was frightened, as Olivia stepped into the Pyramid she saw gold flickering candles on the wall. She started walking deep into the Kukulkan Pyramid and saw loads of huge statues and tables. Her light blue eyes helped her see in the dark even though there candles on the wall.

    Once every minute ,she looked back and thought about how long she would be in there . Nervously,she kept on walking and walking deeper into the Kukulkan Pyramid.

    Never in her life, Olivia had been down a Pyramid. Then she came across a girl called Martha who said
    ” Don’t go down there there’s strange things ” Olivia didn’t listen she tried and tried to get in there and she did , she walked cheerfully room, she froze in shook because of all the gold ,
    “I knew she was hiding something from me” Olivia was delightful she took a handful of the gold and fainted , she found herself in a cage. Martha was stood in front of her. After a while Martha left her.

    Olivia still had the gold in her hand so she put down and shook the cage
    “Yes” shouted Olivia she had escaped but she couldn’t find her way out ,Olivia thought she would never get out of there. Finally she found the gold room and remembered that she had left the gold in the cage, so she took another handful and went. Before long,got out when
    “Let me go” exclaimed Olivia . Martha had grabbed her she found herself in a sort of lair it was noiseless in there then she escaped the room ,but what she didn’t realise was that it was a lot deeper down in the Pyramid . So she ran up and then she realised that is was alot deeper but she running up finally she got to the top and she thought it was magnificent.

  9. Mayan mysteries

    Hidden in the depths of Chichen Itza is the spine chilling Kukulkan pyramid with Rebecca and Nancy who’s euphoric that she actually got to come .By the way Nancy and Rebecca are on holiday ,Rebecca sapphire blue eyes like under the sea Nancy’s are emerald green .Perfectly confident, they walk up to the splendid serpents which locked suspicious.They walked a bit further into dejected first room.

    Without a sound, they walk in and notice wooden carvings that locked unnerving,the pictures are dis coloured. Eventually they work out a way to go,Rebecca is as courageous s a lion.

    “It’s an arrow to the next sinister room!”exclaimed Rebecca .
    “Let’s go explore”shouted Nancy. Positively trembling with excitement ,they flew into the next room,
    were spectacular hieroglyphics.
    “Those say blow 1,4,2,3 “explained Nancy.
    “Maybe North is one East is two south is three west is four” thought Rebecca.
    “Let’s try “answered Nancy.”
    “Well that didn’t work”declared Rebecca.
    “Let’s do the candles in that order “demanded Nancy.
    “I heard a dot open, look through the glass that’s a shade of obsidian ”

    “In the next room theirs a door that’s open” pointed out Rebecca .
    They are walking in and they can see several locked up Mayans making chocolate for Lord Chocolate who’s hideous . “Hey you two get out!”shouted the Mayan guards.
    “Do you want to be set free” asked Nancy.
    “Yes “replied the guards.

    What are we going to do?” the guards anxiously whispered.
    “Let’s go up to Lord Chocolate and you can try to complete his master puzzle”Thought Rebecca.
    Rebecca Nancy and the guards are walking up to repulsive Lord Chocolate.”Lord chocolate I want to do you’re puzzle with three a temps”Demanded Nancy the clever one.
    “Fine,good look not”Lord chocolate agreed.
    “The first word is …the , the next four are,snail armadillo crab turtle”hesitated Nancy
    ” I think the next words are ,hold up the sky “she apprehensively whispered.
    “Yes how do you now that”asked Lord chocolate.
    “Never mind that let the Mayans free”commanded Rebecca
    “I suppose so”Lord chocolate mumbled
    “The Mayans are very loud”warned Rebecca.
    “We’re free”shouted all the Mayans.

  10. The secret of the Mayans

    Sponge crept swiftly into the kulkulkan pyramid, it was noiseless then he put one foot inside then all the candles lit and he saw all of the paintings,then he touched a carving and there was a secret layer suddenly it became a full moon and the creatures woke up hideously…But he had 3 hours until they wake up then he bolted across the room excitedly after a while… Sponge saw red eyes lurking in the shadows he was panic stricken it was tranquil but he was courageous and went for it. It was his bro he met years ago but in the distance they saw a serpent called bazillion his worst enemy but Sponge didn’t understand what he men’t he was livid. Then the serpent came back and took his bro but there was no time.

    But when he got there his bro was dead he was crestfallen the next day he sees a shining pearl. But the monsters have woken up and the serpent has told them to protect it.But then he saw his bro was alive.He was thrilled to see him so they went and defeated the serpent and got the pearl and went home.

  11. The carving and the key

    Deep in the depths of the kukulkan pyramid someone’s sapphire blue eyes were staring at the sinister carvings of the kukulkan pyramid there hazelnut brown hair brushed against her shoulder. She felt so crestfallen.Her name was Areaner and she was lost in the kukulkan pyramid.Completely terror-stricken,she carried on walking through the pyramid. Areaner discovered a glow and decided to walk closer.It had turned out to be a fireplace with an old ceroded key next to it.So Areaner took it because she thought it might be useful. Areaner suddenly felt a grab of alarm for she may never see her family again!

    Almost unbelievably,where ever Areaner went a statue of Ah Putch the spine-chilling death God trailing motionlessly behind her.Decidedly unimpressed,Areaner found a carving.It seemed to Areaner there was a key shape in it,so she took out the key she had found earlier and put it in the stone carving suddenly,Araeaer dropped into a tunnel and Ah Putch death God appeared.He demanded to Areaner
    “if you do not complete this challenge by sundown your life is mine but,if you do l will transport you to your family,so do we have a deal”
    “um ok then”
    Areaner replied.Barely alive,Areaner dropped into a maze it was a shade of obsidian black,she couldn’t see a thing.

    After twisting and turning many times Areaner made it to the end and was reunited with her family.

    1. Super work Ashley I love how you have described your character Areaner next time try to use she or he sometimes not just there name . Check your spellings

  12. Mayan Magic

    Rebecca and Martha where thrilled to be walking in the kukulkan pyramid as Rebecca’s job kept it safe. Martha kept running off so her sister had to go sprinting after her. Martha thought it was amazing there but Rebecca was used to it. “Wow this is breathtaking and tranquil!” Shouted Martha. There was said to e secrets there. The girls didn’t believe any of those secrets but one of them! Martha still felt panic-stricken. Rebecca was just sanguin. There was only a couple of people there so it wasn’t hectic that day. They weren’t talking much but one sentance they did pick up was that even though the Mayans were supposed to of built the kukulkan pyramid they didn’t believe in the Mayans. Martha started to get hungry so they stopped to have lunch.o

    Then they stood up and started to plod onwards. As Martha moved on she started to get an ecstatic nature. Then as Rebecca moved on she looked a bit incensed because Martha had come with her. Every were they both looked it was a deep shade of obsidian. After having a break they were hardly out of breath. Rebecca and Martha heard something as they trend nervously round the corner…
    Nothing was there and they didn’t know what it was. It was like a conveyer belt. That was when they started to get a little bit apprehensive.”Are you scared?” whispered Martha.
    “No”! Rebecca whispered back.
    Rebecca didn’t want to be embarrassed!

    As Rebecca and Martha carry on they need another corner and heard the same conveyer belt noise. Then they started to get terror-stricken just Rebecca still didn’t like to show it. Then as they got closer to the middle they got more tired so they leant up the wall to have a noiseless rest. All of a sudden they fell back,as they fell back they saw that they had to get past lots of traps (seem as though they had blocked there way). First there was a code. Rebecca then thought that the Mayans were real.
    “What could the code be?” Says Martha.
    “In the distance I can see different traps”! Shouted Rebecca.
    “Wait if the Mayans made chocolate could the code be chocolate?”
    “Let’s try”!
    “Well that worked!” Says Rebecca.

    Then let’s get going on the traps and codes. As Rebecca and Martha got running,there hair their hair was brushing on their shoulders. Every second, they can hear the conveyer belt which makes them go even faster. Rebecca and Martha can just see the end.
    “Martha, can you see the end too?”
    “Yes, I can Rebecca!”
    As they finally reached the end there was another code that they had to crack.
    “It can’t be the same, could it Rebecca?”
    “I don’t think so!” Explains Rebecca.

    “I’ve got the code!” Says Rebecca.
    As they got to the Mayans they thought that they would be manipulating and vindictive. But they weren’t. Well at first they were calling Rebecca and Martha bully’s. After that they were euphoric to be with them.
    “I am so glad we got past all of that, the Mayans are much kinder than we thought”! Cried Martha.
    Like a flash Rebecca and Martha were helping out making the chocolate. The good thing is,at first the Mayans wouldn’t let them have any of the chocolate, but now they are letting them have some.
    “So the chocolate is made from bean to bar is it?” Questions Rebecca.
    “Yes it is from bean to bar!” Explains one of the Mayans.
    Rebecca,Martha and all 6! Of the Mayans were all chatting while making the chocolate now. How they think that there could be more secrets like: The serpent on the kukulkan pyramid could be
    real. But maybe there could be more secrets if. You went further into the gargantuan,tranquil pyramid there would be more lying around the tomb stones. After doing all those traps and codes they where ready for bed. The Mayans had been talking about how many more of them there were and how long they have been here. It was since 1878.

    Somehow every one found out and there were lots of visitors. Everyone was trying to pass all of the traps and codes know one passed them all. The course changed every time. The Mayans,Rebecca and Martha where laughing as the people failed the tests.

    As they had to leave they all got very dejected.
    “I suppose we have to leave at some point.” Says Rebecca.

  13. The pyramid
    Jess is just took a step in side the pyramid she is noiseless and still she saw a peas of paper it seas Zak “Zak she seas” she saw drawing on the walls the Mayan blend that 4 comma animus hold up the sky. Slowly Jess walked up the stairs she fell down a few time because of the serpent head’s at the top

    Jess hear a nose it was a dog a black Labrador he followed her to see what she up to “he sdead she betta not bet fringe that sea secret “he bar to he shhhh she seas he had a dark blue collar and a dark blue lead

    Jess is good nature but tens and anxiousis Jess

    1. The pyramids secret
      As Jody walked into the deeps of the pyramid it was tranquil suddenly she stumbled across a trailer of candles it felt like sum one was still hear so she walked on.Again,Again she herd story’s a bout the pyramid and it’s treasure she was jittery but she said to her self be bold she find that treasure find that treasure

      Jody was good natured but what she did not know that sum one was following her in the shadow she could see something in the distance,so she walked towards it.She heard something bracing, but when she looked back there was nothing .

      Then she back and saw a silhouette in the moon light it was getting late so she went to sleep the next morning,she fond the treasure then Cobras started attacking and took the treasure. Jody ran and beat them to the stairs and,got the treasure, escaping in the process!

  14. The Tresure
    Somewhere near here,the Kukulkan pyramid is standing with a secret that Lily is ready to uncover. As the sun fell Lily ran to the spine-chilling pyramid. She looked at the serpents at the top,her bravery started to fade! Lily crept up the steps on the top step a skull lay,now Lily was not brave at all. Her golden hair glimmers in the moonlight for the last time and it went out. It was pitch black she felt someone or something touching her,she froze in shock. Five minutes later she was in a pool of snakes…

    As Lily opened her emerald eyes she looked around and it was still sinister. Then she looked on the floor it had tiles on it with pictures on them. She had to do a puzzle,one different step and she is done for the Chac was watching her now. She first stepped on a griffin nothing happened then on a snake nothing happened again. She did that again and again until she got to the other side.She now was very audacious.Now she was running down the pathway,but why you may ask ,read on if you dare…

    A stone carving was alive chasing Lily all around the pyramid,Chac was all behind this. She zipped down halls,corridors and passageways. In a blink of an eye Lily found herself against a wall with the serpent looking carving viewed her. She was very terror-stricken,at that moment she felt a button go in. Suddenly the wall span round and Lily was laying on the floor sleeping. Five minutes later,Lily sat up and she saw a spectacular mountain of gold,jewels and diomands! She was so thrilled she picked up an emerald it glimmered in the light.Then a trap door opened and Lily fell through. She now new the secret of the Kukulkan pyramid.

  15. The mask of moria
    Nick has arrived at the kukulkan pyramid but in the depth of hell a god called jango wants to seek revenge on Nick by summoning shadow snakes ” this is very eerie ” whispered Nick.” Silent but deadly this is.” BANG! ” Woah!” Shouted Nick “Haa Hee ” sighed
    a stranger. “ARE YOU OKAY!” Shouted Nick. “Yeah I’m fine”answered the stranger. “I’ll help you and what’s your name?”asked Nick. “Zac” answered Zac

    “Okay,hmmmm we’ll work together.” Replied Nick. Suddenly jango appeared “jango” gasped Nick. “I thought you were dead!” “Hmm think again.” Replied jango. Pressing the button. “See you soon!”

    “What on earth is happening?” Shouted Nick “it must be some kind of puzzle quake
    “So let’s solve this puzzle and get out of here!!!” Shouted Zac.
    ” come on, come on ” thought Nick. Nick tried every code he knew “potato!” Shouted Nick and Zac charging through the door. “Woah can I tell you something? I’ve got a wormy toad brother called Monty.” Told Nick. Haha LOL.” Laughed Zac.
    “Race you!”
    “Your on.” Shouted Nick “we did it!”

  16. Freedom

    As Benjamin walked into the tres he found the kukulkan primed Benjamin looked in his back pack and he had rope ,fish and sleeping bag .He it carful Benjamin enter and the door shut he was trapped… Then he herd a strange mysterious creepy sound it seamed it was coming out of Brocken old pot as quick as a flash Benjamin he smash the pot.A piece lanes on a cracked tile where there was a pressure plate .He got his rope and put it on the pressure plate and the iron door create open.Benjamin found fore.Dare mystery paths .He saw a chest he found a pic axe he was frightened to enter the door. Then he step on a pressure plate and feel down then he got out and herd a evil God Benjamin made a plan that he will get ride of the structure with his pic axe and gone though the cracked portal . Then he got his pic axe and got rid of the support through the portal And went outside guess the treasure was freedom but where was the pic axe those carvings where almighty.

  17. The Escape

    Deep in the jungle Fraya is exploring for animals,it’s very quite every now and then the leaves would rustle. Frayas not a very brave girl so she freezes,but just then she spots a monkey the monkey is swinging delightedly from tree to tree. Fraya looks at the monkey frightendly the monkey
    takes no notice of her and just chases her because she’s got a banana in her bag.The monkey chases her to a point were the monkeys fed up and just runs away. As Fraya looks up she sees a Kuklkan pyramid she’s heard of these before in her grandfathers story book. She walks nervously to the doorway “I am going to do it I am.

    So she walks in,inside the pyramid it is a shade of obsidian so she turns on her torch. Her torch reveals a fire place and a tapestry of a Mayan King. Almost unbelievably,there is already wood on the fire,so Fraya rubs them together to make a fire. Once the fire is lit she looks around for a bit more. There are wooden carvings of stools,as well as baskets.

    Fraya then is about to go a bit further in to the pyramid when she heard THUMP! It was the sound of the massive stone door shutting. Fraya runs to the door she try’s to open it but she can’t she know now that she’s locked in. She was terror-stricken,would she ever get to see her family again? Fraya thought to herself “I will make it out of this pyramid ” So she walked to anther room. In that room there were more wooden carvings. As Fraya turns around she feels spine chilling because footing in front of her is a Maya goast.

    Fraya turns around and as quick as a flash she’s running through all of the corridors of the pyramid with the goast chasing her. Then she spots a really long corridor so she runs down it but it’s a dead end. Fraya runs around looking for a way out,with the goast coming down the corridor.

    Fraya now is wondering if she will ever escape the Kuklkan pyramid. Just to make the matter worse her torch has nearly ran out of battery. The goast is now in the room but he’s being distracted bye a fly that keeps busing around in his face. So that gives Fraya some time to try and find an escape route. It’s very eerie in this room,there’s lots of spider webs and Frayas not a great fan of spiders. But just at that moment she spots a door Fraya hopes its a door to the outside but she’s not sure so she slowly opens the door. Just as she thought it was a door to the outside. But the goast loses interest in the fly now and just flys strait to the door but Fraya just shuts the door. “I’ll never go there again ” she laughed.

  18. The pyramids secret
    As Jody walked into the deeps of the pyramid it was tranquil suddenly she stumbled across a trailer of candles it felt like sum one was still hear so she walked on.Again,Again she herd story’s a bout the pyramid and it’s treasure she was jittery but she said to her self be bold she find that treasure find that treasure

    Jody was good natured but what she did not know that sum one was following her in the shadow she could see something in the distance,so she walked towards it.She heard something bracing, but when she looked back there was nothing .

    Then she back and saw a silhouette in the moon light it was getting late so she went to sleep the next morning,she fond the treasure then Cobras started attacking and took the treasure. Jody ran and beat them to the stairs and,got the treasure, escaping in the process!

  19. Kukulkan Pyramid

    Chase and Oscar walked into the depths of the kukulun pyramid Oscar ran of. Chase shouted “Oscar come back”! Suddenly, chase and Oscar spotted a bright gold button.Chase pressed the button!
    Chase fell down there was millions of snakes.Chase found the treasure, but a serpent snached the
    treasure of him.Chase chase after the serpent .

    Suddenly, Oscar was hungry! Good thing that Chase brought some cat food. Chase found the treasure chase picked it up.Oscar ran of again but chase fand Oscar. Spotted a cobrer Oscar jumped awt of his scin Oscar rapidly charcht to chase.Chase spotted a python, chasing them. Rapidly he found his way out of the pyramid.

  20. Kukulkan Pyramid

    Chase and Oscar walked into the depths of the kukulun pyramid Oscar ran of. Chase shouted “Oscar come back”! Suddenly, chase and Oscar spotted a bright gold button.Chase pressed the button!
    Chase fell down there was millions of snakes.Chase found the treasure, but a serpent snached the
    treasure of him.Chase chase after the serpent .

    Suddenly, Oscar was hungry! Good thing that Chase brought some cat food. Chase found the treasure chase picked it up.Oscar ran of again but chase fand Oscar. Spotted a cobrer Oscar jumped awt of his scin Oscar rapidly charcht to chase.Chase spotted a python, chasing them. Rapidly he found his way out of the pyramid.

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