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  1. As the mist leapt across the hillside, the ground started to shake like an earthquake was about to start. A nearby shepherd hurried himself and his sheep to a close barn very quickly. He felt very cold in the barn because he was scared. “What can I do?” Cried the shepherd.

    The shepherd felt lonely as the machine stomped by the hillside. After a while, the mist calmed down and went away. The shepherd was still feeling lonely because he only had his herd of sheep. The sun burst out of the clouds and shone in the sky. As the machine rose from the clouds, it got very scary. It was very dull as the shadowy figure came across the hillside.

  2. Covering the sky, the mist was like this snow. A shepherd was walking across the hillside with his sheep. Behind the mist, a strange figure was stomping towards the shepherd! The noise was getting louder, there was a funny squeaking sound, but what could it be? As the figure was getting nearer, the shepherd and his sheep ran to a shelter. The mysterious shadow was like a monstrous thing creaking along the green grass, as quietly as a mouse.

    After a while, the mist had cleared away, and the shepherd could see what had been stomping behind the clouds. It looked like a junk yard, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t. As the clouds waltzed in the blue diamond sky, the shape started to get nearer and nearer, closer and closer until, it stopped and the shepherd could just figure out what it was. It looked like a moving castle, however he couldn’t be sure. The shepherd came out from the shelter that he was under, so that he could get a better view, but still tried to stay covered. He was pretty sure that the castle, well what he thought was the castle was moving by. Even though the castle was moving by, the shepherd was still frightened. The castle wasn’t really interested in the shepherd and his sheep. The shepherd wonders what would happen next?

  3. The mist suffocated the land,as mysterious as can be. Underneath the mist their could be seen a terrifying shadow in the distant. At the bottom of the mist a shepherd appeared with a herd of sheep behind him.He thought it was going to be an ornery day.But was it?

    Moments later, the mist disappeared in thin air,like magic. Suddenly a bang and a crash could be heard in the distant. Meanwhile the shepherd thought his heart dropped out while it was passing by on the hillside. As he ran everywhere thought it was unreal to see.

  4. The mist, as scary as a witch, was covering the land. Meanwhile in the distance a load stamping noise could be heard. Stomp Stomp Stomp! There was also fumes of burning wood and flaming oil. Loud Pistons could be heard from miles and smoke was pumping from turrets. All around it there was crumbled houses and it had mechanical legs at the bottom of it. As the sun burst through the mist the Rocky Mountain could be seen. A Shepard with a herd of sheep was going home when he saw a mechanical machine. When he saw it he nearly had a heart attack then he ran as fast as he could to his house to take cover. What was this thing and were did come from?

    After a while, the mist had gone revealing a diamond blue sky and under it a machine stood lonely on the rocky hills. The red hot sun shone brightly on the field that belonged to the shepherd. The Shepard felt in prison knot slowdown to escape until the guard went. In this case a mechanical machine was standing out there. These pure thought it was as menacing as a monster eating it’s prey. Soon it was gone and the Shepard went outside to check on his sheep, but all that was on his mind was were did it come from and what was it?

  5. The Cotten wool clouds danced across the sky with the mist. A shadowy figure appeared in the distance. The chimney smoke filled the sky. Then all of a sudden this big mechanical monstrous beast walked across with his machine legs. The grass was like a sea of polished emeralds. The machine was as dusty as a dusty surface. Rocky hills showed as this beast walked across near snow topped mountains.

    When the mist finally disappeared there was an amazing view that you could see. The shepherd felt lonely as the sun came by. There was a big junk yard that had been stuck together. The clock froze like ice. The shepherd also felt terrified by this mechanical machine. Wouldn’t you feel like that? There was this strong oil smell and creaking metal from that beast. Now the shepherd had known what it was.

  6. On a misty day as the Sun was as bright as a fire demon shooting its fire, A loud thud started to get nearer and nearer to the shepherds barn, the shepherd sprinted as fast as your eyes could see so did his sheep. It looked as weird as a blob fish. But it made everything dull. The clouds where as fluffy as pillows with all its fluff bursted out.

    After the Shepard saw a mysterious monstrous object. It was barley visible because the mist was like a blanket covering the object. He looked anxiously at the object. The mist started to vanish slowly. He looked at it inquisitively. The Shepard looked again and it was gone.

  7. One day the mist was as thick as a soup. As the cottage stood in the wind . The trees danced in the wind mean while the shepherd rounded up his sheep. Then he here’s stomping then he saw something coming towards him. What is this massive demand?

    Moments later the mist cleared away and revered the hillside. The shining blue sky appeared however something was on the hillside. The time froze. The shepherd was as still as a ice cube. The misters object came closer to the shepherd he rushed to the barn and hid. It was like a junk yard of metal. It was cobbled together with chicken legs. Then the shepherd came out of the barn and he looked at it and he was surprised of all the junk on it. The machine was as big as a little vilege.

  8. As the thick mist danced across the land a huge shadowy figure appeared out of nowhere .As it slowly stomped into the sunlight a Shepard realised it was mechanical. It was like a metallic monster crawling along the ground he thought. The machine felt brave and strong as it stomped across the emerald green sea of grass.

    After the sunlight broke through the Shepard felt like an ant for this machine was huge. In a way it resembled an eagle because it had talons. I’m as frightened as jumping of the mountains he thought. Despite the fact it frightened him it was also interesting him at the same time. All of a sudden the Shepard looked back and the machine was gone.

  9. As the shepherd looked over the sheep a mechanical machine appeared that looked
    Like a screwed up junk yard.It had bits of houses on it it had electricity poles on it to.
    As it stomped along the hills the shepherd ran towards the barn for cover.You could
    smell burning smoke,ash and wood.

    After,the mist cleared away the shepherd could see this
    machine fully.the object was getting closer and closer the shepherd hadn’t been as terrified in his life.Now he new what was making the racket but he still didn’t know what it was. The shepherd thought to himself it needs a bit of oil.

  10. As the mist covered the mountains, a big loud noise came along. The mist covered the blue sky. The shepherd was scared because they was a head popping up. The mist covered the blue sky.

    After a while the mist flew away, the sun came. High in the mountains a metal monster went past. The metal monster was creeping. The shepherd felt frightened. The shepherd is feeling scared.

  11. As the mist covered the land and the hilltops a shepherd stood up with his staff also standing up too. The herd of sheep walked to there shelter as they was half way a bang,boom,creek and squeaking noises came from the Pistons was herd a big shadow what looked like a monster people say the shepherd felt as scared as a tiny mouse getting chased by a golden eagle and a terrifying owl. It walked past stomping and stomping but loudly as the shepherd calmed down. The mist still did’t go in twenty minutes.

    When the mist cleared up a horrible monster appeared with real thin chicken legs. The shepherd took cover and left his sheep behind as they stared at the monster. Later on the shepherd was as scared as a worm being eaten. A few moments later the monster got closer and closer and closer and the shepherd went back out thinking it had gone. Then when he looked back the he nearly had a heart attack it was as big as three sky scrapers together so he ran back to shelter it was horrendous. They was metal and housers all together also junk!

  12. One day a small cottage stood still on the emerald green grass, with the mist laying on the green grassy hill as a shepherd took his sheep to his barn.the shepherd could see a shadowy figure in the mist however he could only see the front of the mysterious thing.

    Minuets later ,the mist cleared and the shepherd could see what was making that horrible noise he saw the mechanical machine and it looked like a massive ball off junk with legs.The shepherd was scared and did not know what to do he ran to his barn.the mechanical machine was walking over the hillside.The shepherd stayed in Barn until he knew that it was passed by. He was astonished in how big it was and how the legs held its weight

  13. One day, when the mist rolled across the cobble-stones, there was a loud stomping sound. The sound was as loud as an elephant stomping over all the trees in Spain. What was this sound and were was it coming from? Suddenly a faint shadow appeared in the gloomy mist! The stomping got louder and louder, but still nobody could make it out. As the shadow got nearer people could just see a mysterious shape.

    Minutes later a shepherd was guiding his sheep to the barn, when astonishingly the mist flew away and reviled the misty shadow! The shepherd got startled from the figure and then ran with his scared worried sheep over to the barn. Thinking about the figure the shepherd raced in the house as fast as lightning. He was that fast if anyone like the sheep saw him he would only be a few line then he would be gone! The figure was as big as 2 houses on top of each other. Or maybe even 3 houses cobbled together. The figure walked, but it didn’t have any ordinary legs they were chicken legs! Actually they looked like duck legs! It had houses on it and Pistons and smoke came out of the castle and so much more.

  14. As the mist quietly floated bye a stomping noise echoed in the distance. As the stomping came closer creaking and rattling could be heard. Suddenly a mechanical monster appeared from the mist! It was terrifying.

    Meanwhile a shepherd was slowly walked his sheep to the barn. Nobody could imagine the shock he got when he saw the gigantic mechanical monster. The shepherd ran to the barn for cover! He was terrified! He knew he couldn’t hide forever! He let his sheep into the barn and ran to the house. He stared out of a window in astonishment. What was this mechanical creature and why was it here?

    1. Hi Pollyanna good discription πŸ™‚ I liked it when you asked the reader a question at the end. Next step: Next time try to avoid using exclamation marks when you dont need them. Other than that well done πŸ™‚

  15. Suddenly the haunting mist crept down the hillside. The blue sky turned grey, the emerald green grass lost its shine and the wind blew wildly. The cottage shuck as the sheep scattered around the meadow.

    Meanwhile the cotton clouds ripped open and a mechanical junk yard on legs stormed through. The shepherd was curious, however he was scared and darted to the barn. As he stood as still as a statue he was quivering with fear as he heard stomping and creaking outside. The noises were getting louder and screeching metal could be heard, his eyes grew wide in astonishment.

    1. Well done William πŸ™‚ i liked your opener. it was great. next time, you now when you said the blue sky turned grey, try to make it sound something something like this: the sky as blue as a whale suddenly transformed into a gloomy grey sky.

  16. Well done William, I really like the way you have set the scene in the first paragraph. I am looking forward to reading more on what the mechanical Junkyard looks like! πŸ™‚

    Mrs Conyers πŸ™‚

  17. As the trees danced in the mist ,a thump and bang was heard echoing in the distance. The mist was thick as a blanket.the air smelt of burning gas.the machine was as dark as a cave.

    After the mist calmed down,the sun pushed its way though.The shepherd didn’t no know what it was. Nobody knew what it was. The legs were as strong as a lion and it looked like it had a face. The shepherd ran to safety and the sheep didn’t care about the big machine.

  18. As the clouds danced across the hillside, a gloomy shadow appeared in the distance. Stomping sounds were heard by a near by shepherd. The shepherd was feeling lonely, the sound drew closer! A mechanical machine walked across the rocky hill. The shepherd ran to the barn,startled by the machine.

    The mist slowly started to go,and the shepherd felt scared. Black steam blew from the turrets. The monsters machine looked to the shepherd as if a few houses and junk Pieces were stuck together. The shepherd had no idea what it was. It had an unusual beak, straining legs like a chicken! It looked like a junk yard.

  19. As the mist danced in the wind a shepherd felt lonely all of a sudden he heard a loud stomp.The shepherd felt emotion because he saw a lot of cloud and he knew something was coming.As the castle walked the shepherd heart sank and the clouds were as white as snow.The cottage stood still in the mist like a statue.As the mysterious shadow walked by the mist. The mist suffocated the land. When this mysterious thing walked by the shepherd saw there was a lot of junk put together.

    After the mist had gone the stomp started to calm down. The shepherd started to feel a bit more lively. When the mist had cleared he could see a wired and mysterious thing. Behind this magical machine there was some hilltops and on the mountain there was some snow. When the shepherd saw this Machine he was curiously trying to work out what that mechanical machine was.

  20. As the mist was dancing , a thumb and a squeak was heard .
    The shepherd knew that something was coming by.
    Then the shadow got closer and closer.
    The sun broke through the mist and the shepherd looked up.
    It was gone

    After a moment the shepherd froze and time stood .
    The shepherd was curious about the squeaking noise.
    The shepherd has to cover it’s ears as the sound was so loud like an elephant stamping across the hillside. The sun broke through the mist finally the shepherd could see what it is.
    The thing was junk stuck together. The shepherd looked at the sheep was shocked in fear. The shepherd looked back at the machine.

  21. Howl’s Moving Castle – A description of the opening

    The colossal castle plodded heavily along the ground making it shake like an earthquake. There was mounds of misty fog surrounding the body.

    Meanwhile in an ancient village, a miserable girl sewed slowly on a beautiful hat. She just needed to put a feather on. “Sophie,” cried her dainty step-mother,” you’ve done enough work today. Come out with us for once.” “No I better finish this,” said Sophie. So they left the cobbled house and set off to the shops. Sophie sighed a sigh of relief and tentatively clambered down from her wooden chair and gently grabbed her ruby red coat and moth-eaten hat and set off to the delicious bakery.

    On the way she accidentally bumped into two cunning soldiers.”Hey, looks like a little mouse lost it’s way,” murmured one. “I’m not lost,” replied Sophie. ” I think we should take her in for a drink,” said another. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” came a handsome voice. “Hey we’re busy here.” Then the young man did some mysterious hand signals which made them leave making the cobbled alleyway get smaller by the minute.

    All of a sudden jet black, slimy ghosts spewed out of the dusty walls. “It looks like your involved,” said the charming man. They hurried along the alleyway and then they launched up into the sky and he said,” straighten your legs and walk.” She floated down onto the balcony and gracefully let go of his smooth hand.

  22. Howl’s Moving Castle

    On a foggy hill far away, the colossal Howl’s Moving Castle slowly plodded along in the mist. Then it came to a emerald green field with beautiful,fluffy,white sheep and an ancient shepherd slowly leading them.

    In the distance,there was a puny village,was a young, polite girl called Sophie. She had two other sisters.Sophie spent a lot of important time making lovely hats. So one a bright day Sophie decided
    to go and see her friendly sister called Lettie,who worked in a quaint, old bakery.

    When Fabulous Sophie got back to the calm hat shop,the shiny bell rung. A chubby, old women with pink hair slowly walked in.

    1. Well done Bethan πŸ™‚ loved the discription. Next time try not to give Howl’s moving castle away too fast, like the shadowy figgure lerked in the moonlight. πŸ™‚

  23. A strange castle appeared out of fog.
    It caught the eye of a young girl called Sophie.
    Sophie has had a boring life,all she does is sell beautiful hats.
    Sophie’s sisters were going to their wonderful jobs,Sophie needed to stay behind and sell hats all day.
    After her sisters had left she decided to go to the very popular
    bakery that her sister Lettie worked at.

    She was on her way to the bakery when two annoying guards started asking questions,suddenly Howl slowly walked behind her and made the guards quickly march away from her.
    Howl warned Sophie that he was being followed so he grabbed Sophie’s hand and swiftly ran as fast as a cheetah then he jumped,afterwards they started majestically walking in midair.

    Sophie floated down like a feather onto the bakery.Lettie was told that Sophie had floated onto the bakery so she rushed up stairs.Sophie told Lettie about Howl and how he saved her.
    Lettie told her that Howl was only being nice because he wanted to steal her heart.

  24. Howls moving castle

    Howls moving castle came out of a lot of grotesque fog and went upside down. It slowly crawled to get upside down and hung there.

    Sophie was sat in the boring hat shop, and was making the plain hats look more beautiful than they were before. Then her carer said “we’ve just closed the shop you have done enough work,why don’t you come outside with us this time.” Sophie still didn’t agree she just moaned wearily to her “no I better finish this,” Sophie’s carer answered back “alright suit yourself,come on girls lets go outside.”

    When Sophie had finished that hat, she got another hat ready for when she was back. Sophie locked the door and set off to the bakery. On the way she met two guards who started teasing her then Howl came down and said “it looks to me as if you two were just going.” Then they got chased by a lot of black monsters and started walking in the air. They landed on the balcony of the bakery and Sophie went inside of it. Let tie came running through she said worriedly “someone said you landed on the balcony with Howl and he went like a flash downward, are you ok?”

  25. Howl’s moving castle

    Howls steel castle was in the cloudy tranquil fog, heading towards the town called Ocklot. While the witch of the waste is trying to fin someone called Sophie because, she owns a fabulous hat shop, far better than the witch of the waste’s Hat shop. The witch of the waste had an idea, the idea is to get Sophie with using the pitch, black and shadowy minions with bright hats on but it didn’t work because Howl saved Sophie by flying in the air as elegant as a bird flying through the air.

    Then she followed Sophie into her hat shop boasting to Sophie how tacky it was. Then Sophie stood up to the witch of the waste and bellowed ” It’s closed madam. I swear I closed that door. Must of forgotten.” “The door is here madam” then the witch of the waste did a curse to Sophie about ninety nine years old. Now Sophie has wrinkles all over herself she felt very afraid to go any where especially home because her family will see her wrinkles

  26. In the frothy mist, came a huge rock solid castle. It had churning pistons and eagle legs with colossal talons. Over the mountains it travelled, passing farms with fluffy sheep. It didn’t go very fast it walked at a slow pace.

    Near the middle of the gritty town, an ordinary girl named Sophie lived there. Half the town was immense and the other was minuscule, but it was just fit for Sophie. She lived in a hat shop called Hatters with her sisters. Sophie was sorting out a fancy hat when Letty came in, she said “Sophie you have done enough work today, why don’t you close the shop” ” No I’ll finish this you go have fun” Sophie replied “ok suit yourself ” Letty said. Just then Howls moving castle appeared. Sophie glared out then jumped or the wobbly stool and set out to town.

    Sophie got in a shiny tram and headed to the town square. Just then she
    decided to go to the bakery, but then two guards stopped her and teased her “Leave me alone”she demanded’ just then she felt a grip on her shoulder it was Howl ” There you are I’ve been looking all over for you.”

  27. In the foggy hills of the dull countryside from deep within the fog emerged a great big moving mountain of rejected junk, also known as Howls moving castle.

    Far away in a small town there was a girl called Sophie. Her life was simple, example: Monday:make hats Tuesday:make hats. Wednesday:make hats. Thursday: decorate hats and so on!

    So, even though Sophie made hats for a living, Sophie was going the bakery to see her sister Lettie. Lettie was the middle child and was known as the village charmer. Sophie was one of three girls, all as glamourous as each other.

    It was Saturday and Sophie was on her way to the bakery, but two stupid guards, who were dummies, were in the way. Eventually, she had realised that she had been arguing for half an hour! Even the sand bags were asleep!

  28. In the foggy mountain tops, the wizard Howl drove his mysterious castle out of the gloomy fog.The fog cleared near it in addition to sheep as fluffy as clouds got herded to their shed.A small way infront of chalk white sheep there was a tiny, little town.In that minuscule town lived a beautiful girl named Sophie.Sophie was not rich, because she owned a teeny hat shop.Sophie was making a ruby red hat when there was a knock on the brown, wooden door to her study.

    “Sophie would you like to come out with us this time” asked Sophie’s smart adult friend. “No, no you go and have fun.I need to finish this hat.”replied Sophie calmly.”Okay then, suit yourself!” shouted her beautiful friend from the other room.

    Sophie’s friend, along with her other acquaintances were just leaving.When one of them saw Howl’s castle plodding through the eery fog so they ran quickly to the dusty window.One of the ladys said “Howl steals little girl hearts and keeps them.”Then they all started talking about him.They kept talking about him, whilst walking out of the small, oak door.

    Sophie kept on calmly sewing stunning decorations on to the stylish red hat.Amazing Sophie sewed until she finished then she looked through the piles of colourful hats.She decided, she could not do any more, so stunning Sophie set out to see her sister in the bakery.

  29. A sapphire sky and a huge tall moving castle its made out of bricks, wood and metal. It was like a giraffe sized elephant.Down in a middle sized house Sophie was making a beautiful hat.This is all in a little town. She went out to the bakery and got stopped by two soldiers annoying her. Then Howl came up to her and made the soldiers go away. But Howl himself scared Sophie. Then he walks and black things come out the wall they were like goey play do. Howl jumped but started walking in the air slowly and put Sophie down on a black balcony. Then Letie her sister came and asked lots of questions. In a short space of time she was back in the shop, suddenly someone came in it was the witch of the waste. Sophie stud up forherself witch made her angry. Then she flew through Sophie in a unusual way but made Sophie look a lot lot older than she was before suddenly she left the shop a man kindly took her far away and she started walking down a track not knowing we’re it lead she was walking very gently. She did’nt want any one to notice her

  30. Howls moving castle.

    The unusual fog got thicker and thicker but suddenly an enormous moving castle slowly plodding out of the gloomy swamp. The moving castle was like a moving rock. It had Lou pistons, smoke drifting out of the large pistons. It also had large feet thumping like elephants .

    In a small country there was a Shepard which was covering his sheep, the clouds started to move, howls castle was behind the clouds. The Shepard waved his cane twice at the noisy castle.

    Meanwhile in a little hat shop was a young girl called Sophie she was the eldest girl in her family, Sophie always talks to the colourful hats. They had already closed the shop and Sophie was still making beautiful hats, one of the friends knocked on the door and said “Sophie we’ve just closed the shop why don’t you come out with us this time ” “no thanks I better finish this” Sophie reapplied, one of the girls saw howls moving castle they all rushed to the window, they all said “do you think he can see us” Sophie looked out the window, he hid in the fog from the planes.

    All the girls had left and Sophie was all alone. Sophie hopped of her chair she dusted her apron and found a hat to put on. She stepped out side and started to walk to the bakery.

  31. Howl’s Moving Castle

    In the distance a faint sound of noisy pistons grew louder. Then a six legged object came rather slowly through the thick fog, as it was carefully, wondering across a grassy hill a farmer down below paused and started waving with his sheep that were clouds

    Once there lived a young girl named Sophie who lived a boring life sat in a tacky hat shop. She enjoyed her job though. She decided to go and check on Lette her sister. As she was on her way she came across two soldiers who was starting to tease her. Then Howl came up behind them and he started acting as if he had been looking for Sophie. He used some sort of magic to make the two soldiers strangely walk away. He whispered “Don’t get alarmed but I am being followed.” As they walked through a alleyway black slimy things started to break into a speed walk, so did Sophie and Howl. More black slimy things blocked the way out. Suddenly Howl jumped and they started to walk in mid air!

  32. Howls moving castle!

    One icy day there were a slow,enormous moving castle it had sharp cutting claws. Also Howls moving castle had four legs then on the other hand the moving castle came to a field and a man farmer waved his brush a moving castle. After the beautiful,blue sky a train came with lots of smoke but Sophie was doing a hat happily. “Do you want to go out we us? Said lettie and Sophie said no thanks. After that Sophie was going to do a anther hat but she went up stairs and got her hat and want out to see but she got caught from soldiers. I am of to the bakery Howl came and took her to the bakery. After that she took a tram home and when she got home she locked the door. Next Sophie lit a candle the candle was like the sun then the witch of the waste came.” We are closed said Sophie get out. Sophie went over to the door and opened the door but the witch of the waste went through Sophie. But the door went and Sophie teamed into a old lady she went in her bedroom and some one shouted. Sophie said I will stay in bed all day’?she got up and went out the door and walked over the brige. Had a ride on the back of a horse carige and then went walking.

  33. There was once a moving castle which came out of gloomy fog.There were loud and noisy pistons on the moving castle. Sophie works in a lonely,dusty hat shop with her friends and her mother. Sophie has very lively friends.Everyday Sophie gets the loud train honking and black smoke on her window.Sophie makes beautiful summer hats for other people in her village. Sophie has 4 friends.Sophie went out into the silent village there are lots of people.Sophie quickly jumped on to a sapphire tram.

    Sophie got stuck in front of two handsome soldiers which were stood outside the cafe.Sophie is scared.”leave me alone”Sophie screamed.Suddenly Howls came to grab her on the shoulder Howls said “I think you two were leaving.Howls looked nice and handsome guy but he was actually a wicked wizard.Howls took Sophie up into the sapphire sky were the sun was shinning it was like the golden sand on the beach.Sophie is scared when she was sent up to the and she started walking in the air swiftly with Howl.Howl dropped Sophie off on a high up balcony and at the bottom of the balcony were lots of people dancing with soldiers.Sophie went to see Lettie at the bakery she headed back to the hat shop looked the door and lit a lamp. Suddenly the witch of the waste came into the hat shop.The witch of the waste didn’t like the shop she said it was tacky old shop but Sophie didn’t know she was against the witch of the waste.

  34. There is a beautiful hat shop , with lots of magnificent hats in it . There is a young girl that workse in the hat shop , her name is Sophie .On her way to the bakary she bump’s in to two gard’s that are
    dressed in a shiny blue gacket and scarlet red trousers . So the gard’s started to tese her but then a wizde came down and said “I think you two were just leaving”,so he cast a spell to make them walk away .

    Then he cast a spell to make them fly .So they started to walk on the air ,then he took her to the bakary .Then Sophie’s wonderful sister Lotty came up to see if she was alright . Then Sophie said “I was only comeing to see how you were doing”.When Sophie got back to the hat shop the witch of the wast turned Sophie in to a old woman .So all Sophie could do was to leave the city .So that’s
    What she did.She took a ride on a horse cart to a tall mountin and carried on alone.

  35. There is a wonderful hat shop and a confident girl called Sophie.She went out to see her beautiful sister Lettie but on the way there she got teased by two soldiers.Then Howl came, on the way to Lettie’s bakery some black as soot monsters started to follow them. At one point there was nowhere to go but then Howl mysitriustly jumped into the turquoise sky Sophie was really scared because they were walking in the sky. Then Sophie landed on the bakery’s balcony.

    After somebody had told Lettie that Sophie had landed on the balcony she ran strait upstairs to see Sophie.After that they both sat down on the wooden benches and Lettie said Howl was trying to steal your hart.

  36. Howls moving castle

    I slither around
    I’m long like a tape measure
    I rap around things.
    astle aped out of a dark ugly lack and slowly started. To wonder un till he got to a lovely form on a hill side . You cud tell that it was not scary because the sheep.He past by and some of the girls at the hat shop could see howls castle. Thay where very exited but he hid behind a clowd from some planes . Then thay then a lady nock at the door then Seide co on you have dun anuf but Sophie Seid no and shy got bored so she went to see her sister wen she got back it was Layt and the witch of the waist came in and stuck up to here and consacwencis where mayd .DUN DUN DUN she was tornad in to a 90 yere old. So she was forst to go fare fare away.

  37. Howl’s moving castle

    The mysterious castle plodded heavily through the dirty fog,until this beautiful countryside appeared,the emerald green grass shimmered like a glitter ball.Cheerful people waved to the castle as if they were best friends.

    “Toot Toot”the steam train clattered as smoke poured out of the dusty funnel.in one of the drab houses,a shy girl sat gently on a crooked old chair that swayed side to side.”Sophie “said a lady wearing a blue and white striped dress” you’ve done enough work we just closed the shop” ” No I better finish this” replied Sophie.Suddenly her friends saw Howl’s moving castle then started talking about Howl . Sophie stared longingly out the window. Her friends had gone now, Sophie thought about going, so she put the fragile hat on the odd stand and put on her straw hat.

    Airplanes dangerously swooped over her head.On her way amazing bakery 2 topaz blue uniformed men caught her, but before they could take her away a wizard came and saved her.The men wandered of in a weird fashion then the wizard said”were to I’ll be your escort tonight ” ” er…um to the bakery”so off They walked , suddenly a group of black slimy monsters started chasing them. Then the wizard jumped they were flying swiftly,they were careful birds. The birds trapped them but they flew away ,when Sophie landed on the balcony she was shocked. The wizard flew away.

    In the bakery it was very busy,the boxes were of the shelve quickly.Lettie was told that Sophie had floated onto the colourful balcony,so Lettie ran up the stairs to see Sophie.After checking on Lettie Sophie went home.When Sophie got home she lit a glass lantern but someone wandered through the door.

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