Walcott Class 3’s WW1 Poems

In Literacy lessons we have been reading lots of First World War poetry.  We’d love to know what you think of our poems. If you like reading them, please like this page and leave a comment.

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  1. Remember the people who went to war to save our country,
    Everyone appreciated them in their planes,
    My mother was emotional that dad went to war and got killed in a plane battle,
    Everyone might feel upset that one of their family went to war,
    Many people died in the First World War and some families were upset ,
    Beautiful Poppies grow in Flanders fields that are still growing today,
    Each year we wear a poppy to remember the people who went to war ,
    Remember remember the 11th of November.

    By Aaron

  2. Poppies blown in Flanders Fields and many more,
    Old and young were taken down,
    People remember the fallen by wearing a poppy,
    Proud soldiers fought for their friends and family,
    Yearly we remember on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, on the eleventh hour.
    By William

  3. By Joseph S

    The war started and every one darted,
    They sent out soldiers and that was very wise they told us,
    The men made trenches which is like a den,
    They saw fire but there was no desire.

    The brave men that went out to war and fire they only saw,
    Bombs was flung but the war wasn’t done,
    People lined up for war and destruction they saw,
    They went to sleep at night hoping in the morning they would see daylight.

    When they saw daylight they had to dress in there uniforms nice and tight,
    They would of hade flees which coursed disease,
    They had to walk mud as thick as blood,
    They herd guns so people died tons and tons.

    People on the floor and in the clouds they opened the door,
    We hoped and prayed they would be safe to be here another day but in there graves they lay,
    Then the war ended and the world blended.

  4. When war started they had to go,
    Only some of them survived,
    Rapidly dying everywhere,
    Lonely ones praying for this to end,
    Dead bodies lying there all around.

    Where they in pain?
    Are they dead now?
    Really upset no smiles again.

    One day we shall see their face in heaven,
    No one should forget you,
    Every one should wear a poppy to remember.

    By Kasey

  5. Remember the hard fighting men that went to war for us,
    Even though some of the died they died for our country,
    Mines, bombs and guns they used in the war,
    Every day I come to your graves,
    Memorials that have your names,
    Because now you’ve left this land,
    Remember letting go of your hand,
    And as that I’m still thinking of you,
    Now you lie down in the sky,
    Certainly this time of year we are all thinking of you,
    Every one knows you’re not dead just exploring somewhere new.

    By Jay

  6. War ended and we pray,
    May I ask you a question as it is Remembrance Day,
    Soldier soldier may I sit down near your grave,
    It says that you were very brave,
    My great great great uncle was there.
    And I knew what they had to wear,
    I like wearing a poppy to remember you,
    Now the sky is very blue.

    I’m very sad that you’re gone,
    Now I’m upset because I didn’t see you for very long
    Many people died,
    Luckily some survived,
    Remember it’s the day to celebrate the 100th year,
    There is always a tear because I know you’re near,
    So that’s why we remember on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.

    By Megan

  7. Well done to the courageous soldiers that fought for us,
    Old and young they still died,
    Remember the soldiers who were very brave,
    Love the men that gave their today for our tomorrow,
    Do respect the men who lay down in their grave,

    War ended 1918 on the 11th of the 11th of the 11th,
    All the men are remembered by a poppy that grew in Flanders Field,
    Represent those who died by one poppy in place,

    Only some came home from the war,
    Not everyone survived instead they died,
    Everyone wears a poppy to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us.

    By Evie

  8. Remember all the soldiers that passed away beyond us,
    Every war, people across the world we pray for life and love,
    Many of people fought in First World War,
    Each year we wear a poppy to say thank you to the ones who helped us,
    Much of the people were scared but when you came and saved us we owned you very much,
    But now you’ve gone, no one is are hero any more,
    Each and every day we think of you,
    Respect the soldiers who helped us through the war,

    Under and over everywhere they died one by one,
    So remember remember the 11 of November.

    By Keira

  9. Poppy represents the soldiers who died during the war,
    Old and young soldiers saved our World,
    People remember on the 11th hour, on 11th day, on the 11th month,
    Peacefully they lay in Flanders Fields,
    You wear a poppy to show your respect.

    by Oakley.

  10. First the world war started fire fire the guns went BOOM as people fell to the ground,
    I will always remember your face even though your fighting,
    Ready to fight,
    Started fighting,
    Terrible things happened,

    Worried as people died,
    Objects are out,
    Rolling barrels coming down the hills,
    Leaping over hedgers,
    Died in the war over 13 million got injured,

    War stopped as loads of people fell to the ground,
    Are people still alive now?,
    Remember remember the 11 of November.

    By vinny

  11. Respect the soldiers who fought in First World War,
    Every war, soldiers passed away but we still remember them,
    Many people still remember those who lost their lives,
    Every year we wear a poppy to remind us of you,
    Millions of soldiers lost their families,
    But we still remember you,
    Everyone is up in,
    Remember remember the 11th of November.

    By Zara.

  12. F is for the fearless soldiers who died in war,
    L is for a loved ones worried and scared,
    A is for angry soldiers running to the trench,
    N is for nothing in the way of a bullet flying through the air,
    D is for dead soldiers lying in the mud red with blood,
    E is for everybody fighting for their life,
    R is for remember those who died,
    S is for souls floating in the sky.

    F is for frightening bombs dropping from the planes,
    I is for injured soldiers falling to the ground,
    E is for every soldier fighting for their country,
    L is for lethal weapons on the floor,
    D is for destruction at the bottom of the ocean.

    By Pollyanna

  13. W is for we will remember the people that fought in the First World War,
    O is for only some of the soldiers survived in war,
    R is for remember the people in the past that fought for our country,
    L is for loved ones that have gone to war and died whilst fighting for our country,
    D is for doing a job well done in the First World War.

    W is for war going on and on,
    A is for always remember the people that have gone to war,
    R is for rats crawling in the trenches carrying diseases.

    O is for overall it was worth fighting for the world,
    N is for never forget the people that have died in war,
    E is for everyone in the who fought for our country.

    By Lilly

  14. Poppies grow in the field
    Only some survived in the war
    People died in the war
    Poppies are special
    It’s important to wear Poppies
    Each year we remember people who died in the war
    So always remember the caring soldiers

  15. Remember the people who passed away for their country,
    Each year we wear a poppy to show we are remembering those that passed away,
    Many people passed away in the First World War,
    Ever since we remember,
    Many people fell to the ground,
    Be respectful and wear a poppy,
    Every year people from all around the world will remember the people who passed away in different wars,
    Remember to have two minute silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

    By Kyle

  16. For all the soldiers that gave their lives,
    Live until I go to hide in heaven,
    Always stay until I leave this place,
    Never forget me when I die,
    Death is never what I want,
    Every man and boy that did die,
    Rest in peace until you come back to see me again,
    See me now in this place that you made great.

    First a boom then a lot,
    In the war you gave us lots,
    Everyone who did not survive ,
    Leading the march to heaven in the world above,
    Death is when your new life begins.

    By Chloe

  17. Off to war the soldiers go,
    The poppies start to grow,
    In Flanders Fields,
    Row by row,
    We remember those, young and old,
    And of the stories we are still told.

    By Sasha

  18. Soldiers bleeding on the ground,
    Bombs being thrown in the dull black sky,
    Guns going bang,
    Planes dropping missiles to the floor,
    Soldiers hiding In those dirty trenches away from harm,
    Gun shots around every corner,
    Every time you heard a gun shot you would know,
    A soldier died.

    Suddenly, poppies appeared in battle fields,
    Wear a poppy after all those,
    Who went to war and not many returned,
    So please wear a poppy to show RESPECT,
    For those who gave their lives for the country in the war,
    Over 11 million solders died at war.

    By Michael

  19. Remember the solders who passed away in the war,
    Everyone wears a poppy,
    Men and women went to fight,
    Each year we remember the solders who passed away,
    Many people died in the war,
    Brave people went into the war,
    Red poppies to remember the people who passed away in the war,
    All the people in the war fought for their country,
    Number of people who past away in the war,
    Children have been told about stories in the war,
    Every time we wear a poppy to say thank you.

    By Joseph.B

  20. Poppies poppies Remember the dead poppies poppies remember, them in your head.

    The trenches full with mud as thick as blood they did a job well done for are country,they saved are lives.

    The bullets shooting across the battlefield people dying bombs exploding, blood scattered everywhere the time of year is hear.

    To remember the people who fought for county with bombs booming trenches destroyed, no where to hide to survive.

    We will remember them who fought for us and risked there lives for are country loved ones died with, pain in there hearts.

    loved ones fallen with power in there soul.

    Remember the fallen in the First World War

    Remember remember the 11th of November

    they will still see you up in heaven watching you, every footstep you make.

    By Lewis

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