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  1. A book review of ‘The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business’

    Author: Werner holzwarth
    Illustrator: Wolf erlbruch
    Publisher: pavilion children’s

    This story is very unusual however hilarious in many ways. The main character is a little mole who sticks his head into other peoples private business. Throughout the story you will find that the mole comes across other different animals such as birds, horses and many more. Each of them are questioned by the mole but he just cant seem to find the right suspect. Will the mole find the ghastly criminal that did his business on his head? Read this book and you’ll find out!

    I really enjoyed reading this because it made me laugh out loud. The illustrations in this book are really humorous and if I could, I would read it every day! Surprisingly my favourite character is the mole even though he can be a little bossy at times. I would recommend this book for children aged 6 and above. In my opinion I would give this book a rating of 93 out of 100 as it is one of my favourites.

    By Tiffany

  2. A Book review of the haunted house

    Author: jan pienkowski

    The haunted house is a pop up book about a monster and a doctor in a haunted house. one of the pages has a wardrobe and when you pull the flap a Skelton comes out of the wardrobe. At the end of the book there’s a bat and a saw when you close the book if you are very quite you might here a creaking sound.

    My favourite part is when there,s a cat in the toilet and a crocodile is in a bath. My favourite character is the doctor because at the end of the book it said doctor where are you. I recommend this book for 4 and over and 5 out of 5 stars. From Aaron

  3. A book review of ‘ The story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business’

    Author- Werner holzwarth
    Illustrator- Wolf Erlbrunch
    Publisher- pavilion children’s

    The story is set is in a muddy field with lots of moles in.This story is humorous in lots of ways and very rude.The main character is a little mole who is very funny indeed. The mole does some funny acts and some very rude one as well. Also the story has some very silly parts in, there is another character which is a very cross mole who is a bit cross to all the animals and birds they meet and the animal show the moles what their private business looks like.

    I really enjoyed the book because it is very funny and the illustrations are really rude. Although this book is rude, it is still likeable and really funny. My favourite character is the nice mole not the cross mole. I would recommend it for boys and girls 6 and over because it is funny and I don’t think it will be good for 6 under. I would give it a score of 98%.

    By Evie.p

  4. My book review of beast quest (the pirate king)

    Tom is an adventurous boy he has met many beasts before. He has tried to defeat Marvel
    the bad wizard but it’s just to hard.Marvel has created beasts to stop Tom, but Tom just won’t give up. This beast has grey feathers and looks like a bird. I would recommend this book aged 7 or above because it might be scary for younger people. I would give this book 98%.

    By Pollyanna

  5. A book review of ‘There’s a spider in the bath’

    Author:Neil Griffiths
    Illustrated:Peggy Collins
    Publisher:Red Robin

    The story is set in a house so it is not that unusual but it is a bit. In the story you will learn a lot about Stanley the main character and that he doesn’t like a lot of things and one thing that it say a lot in the book. The mum and the dad shout a lot but not to give to much away. In the bath there’s something really surprising. Even though it’s a picture book, I do really enjoy it it’s that amazing in fact I think it’s that good it’s really addictive to to not read on. Every body gets really scared at the end.

    I really liked the part where you could see the surprise it’s really exciting so exciting you can’t resist it. My favourite character is Stanley, despite he hates a lot of things like going to the dentist. Even though you would expect a boy to like characters that aren’t scared, he’s really really likeable because well he’s the main character. I recommend that this should be for 3 and above because it’s really enjoyable. My score for this is 97% because it’s really addictive.

    By Ben

  6. A book review of the haunted house

    Author: jan pien’kowski
    Publisher :hieneman

    It is a story where a doctor arrives at this ancient house so he went inside. suddenly some one Else arrived so they went inside and said ” doctor “. There was no reply from the doctor. So he looked all around the house he looked in the kitchen he looked in the living room. He looked everywere again. It has flaps to pull open and it has pictures inside. It has a big frog and as you turn the page it closes its mouth.The clock makes the fire work.
    I really like when the spider pops out at the end of the book.

    In the bedroom the wardrobe there was a skeleton that pops right out of the book. I think it would be 92% I think it would be for girls and Boys age 6 and above.

    By megan

      1. Well done Megan! I love the book Haunted House and I am sure every one loves the book too! From Mercedes πŸ™‚

  7. A book review about scaredy squirrel makes a friend.

    Scaredy squirrel wears some mittens because to hide his sweaty paws I don’t now why? Did you you know, scaredy squirrel can past time, he’s alone in his tree. He doesn’t like a lot, defiantly not walruses, bunnies, piranha, beavers, and not Godzilla no way. I like this book because it’s really funny, my favourite character is scaredy squirrel because he is hilarious.

    I give book 96%

    By Vincent

  8. The three little pigs

    Author: Roald Dahl’s
    Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: picture puffins

    The story is set in the Forrest. The main character is a big bad wolf. Throughout the story you will learn about how the big bad wolf didn’t get any dinner, and as he carries on trying to find some food. In the first part of the story the wolf finds three little pigs!As the story continues, the wolf becomes so angry, that she messes with his plans.

    I really enjoyed this book, because it had hilarious parts in it! It also included lots of humorous parts in it, which made me and my friend laugh. Astonishingly, my favourite character was the big bad wolf, that ate the 2 little pigs, in his ghastly acts.

    By Chloe

  9. A book review on “the three little pigs” by Matthew

    Author: Roald Dahl.
    illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: picture puffins

    The story is taken place in the forest. The main characters are three little pigs who have built there own homes in the forest. Then a wolf comes along and blows two of the houses down but the third house he just couldn’t. Then the wolf said fine then I’ll come back in the middle of the night and blow your house up with dynamite.

    My favourite character is the wolf because he’s always getting his self into trouble like me. My favourite part is when the wolf says I’ll keep the tail till last. I would recommend this book for 4 and over and 5 out of 5 stars.

  10. A book review of the Haunted House

    The book is all about a doctor who visits an old mysterious house. A moves it’s eyes. When you open the hatch you see a cats head. When you open the curtains on the bed there is a ghost.
    By Sophie & William.

  11. A book review about scaredy squirrel makes a friend
    by M. elanie Watt

    Scaredy squirrel is all alone in a tree the reason why he doesn’t come down is because their is some invites he doesn’t like very much. The invites he doesn’t like are walruses bunnies piranhas beavers Godzilla.

    When scaredy squirrel has nothing to do. He does read he whistles he nits he chats he crafts he yawns he counts util one day. He spots a safe friend he likes a gold fish he likes. He thought he would play with every day scaredy squirrel likes his new friend. One day scaredy squirrel will find a proper squirrel friend. I recommend scaredy squirrel 95% out of 100
    By Sam

  12. A book review of Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party

    Author: Francesca Simon
    Publisher: Orion

    Henry can’t wait for his birthday,but his mum and dad do not like it when it is.
    Henry can not wait for his presents,and he can’t wait to go to laser zap.
    Then that day it was henry,s birthday!. All of his friends came but Ralph didn’t.but then, he came! and guess what he brung It was a super soaker 2000!. then they went to laser zap and they were shooting each other with slime.and then…

    I liked it when Henry got a super soaker. And it was funny. I would say 100%

    By Lewis

  13. Title: there’s a spider in the bath
    Author: Neil Griffiths
    Publisher: Peggy Colins

    The story line is set in a normal house where a boy called Stanley with his mum,sister and dad live. It’s bath time and Stanley hates bath time.but he has to or his mum and dad will keep shouting at him. So he go’s up stairs slow so his mum and dad shouts at him. When Stanley gets up stairs and gets undressed and when he go’s in the bath room he’s in for a big surprise.

    I really enjoyed this book,because It’s hilarious everyone on our table laughed. I also like it because everyone doesn’t believe him. I recommend age 4 or over.

    By Joseph.s

  14. A book review based on Haunted House

    Title: The Haunted House
    Author: Jan Pienkowski

    I really like Haunted House because it is pop up and open tabs, it is old and sounds creepy like is like the frog when you close the book it creeks . It is very popular so I would read it if it was your favourite when you were younger (if you still have it). This is based in a old rickety house with skeletons.
    I would recommend this book for 7 or above because it would make them laugh, but younger one’s might like it because, it is quit hilarious and definitely good to read.This would be about 79 out of 100.

    By Evie.l

  15. A book review on ‘TheHauntedHouse’
    Author:Jan pienkowski
    Illustrator:Jane Walmsley

    TheHauntedHouse is a pop up book about a doctor and loads of monsters that live in a HauntedHouse. As you turn the pages they creak and on the next page there might be a little friend waiting to bite. Open flaps to find out what creepy and surprising items are hidden all over the house. As you pull stuff and find ghostly pictures things open and close!

    I’d give it 99%likeable and it is for ages a 4 and up.

    By Jay

  16. Sorry to bother you Mr McCann it’s 25 past 2 on Saturday 15th march
    I cannot post my homework onto the blog as there is no title saying describing a fantasy forest? Please could you put it on so I can post my homework.
    Many thanks Tiffany Williams.

    1. Good afternoon Tiffany! It’s no bother at all. I happened to be on the blog moderating the comments, which is a bit of a coincidence! I’ve added a link to the Walcott Class 3 Tab. From Mr McCann πŸ™‚

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